Spring Salads

Fresh, green salads full of vibrant, seasonal flavours is what we’re enjoying right now. Crisp asparagus, colourful slaws and fragrant herbs – these sastifying salads are anything but boring…

spring salads

Now that spring is officially here, we’re ready to put aside the hearty winter salads that have gotten us through the cold months and move on to something new. Something fresh, crisp and, most importantly, green! We’ve pulled together 20 of our favorite spring salads – recipes to make as soon as you get home from the farmers’ market. Read more: The Kitchn.

The Art of Standing

Can your body language really shape who you are as a person? You betcha. Here’s why you should take two minutes to reconsider how you sit, stand and move – it might just change your life.

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success. Read more: TED body lTalks.

The C-Word

So you may or may not be au fait with the fact that the Oxford English Dictionary has added no less than four variations of the word (ahem…) cunt to its lexicon. How do you feel about the c-word? Is this a feminist victory? Do we need to reclaim the word? Here, feminist blogger Clementine Ford considers why we need to stop being delicate about the word “cunt”.


The ‘c-word’ (as it is so delicately referred to) has long been held in disgrace as ‘the WORST word you can ever say, particularly around a woman. Considered light-years beyond the gutter, it apparently gathers the most hateful aspects of misogyny one could possibly imagine and wields it in an aggressive vocal attack that oppresses women the world over. Read more: Clementine Ford.

Fashion, Fantasy & Reality

Tanya Gold is notoriously outspoken, but it’s commentators like Gold that push the boundaries and make us question what we think – and why we think it. In this powerful and thought-provoking comment piece for The Guardian, Gold takes the fashion industry to task – from size zero and fantasy women to misogyny and sexism.

vogue italia state of emergency

Vogue’s editor says she is bored by questions about thin models. But then, she’s selling clothes for a misogynistic industry. The fashion industry is the most perfect expression of the late capitalist business model. It pretends to sell free choice, but is conventional. It is conservative, racist, misogynist, a terrible polluter, and a fearsome hierarchy. Read more: Comment Is Free.

How to Live: A Reading List

As chosen by none other than Brain Pickings’ Marina Popova, this book list features everything from prose and poetry to politics and physics, with writers including Betty Friedan, Aristotle and Maya Angelou.

book list brain pickings

A selection of thirty-three books to sustain modern civilization and the human spirit — books at the intersection of introspection and outrospection, art and science, self and society. Reading more: Brain Pickings.

Style + Social Media

Thanks to smartphones and social media, reports from the catwalk are virtually live these days. But is the disruptive, disrespectful device actually starting to spoil the show?

social media fashion week

New York, London, Milan, Paris – Fashion Week is all a blur for the iPhone and Android wielding members of the audience. Are cameraphones killing fashion? Read more: Civilian Global.

What You Learn in Your 40s

Life lessons? There are more than a few important takeaways in writer Pamela Druckerman’s brilliant opinion piece – and they’re lessons that make sense whether you’re 24 or 44. 

What You Learn in Your 40s

There are no grown-ups. We suspect this when we are younger, but can confirm it only once we are the ones writing books and attending parent-teacher conferences. Everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently. Read more: New York Times.

Happiness Training

Is it possible to take control of happiness by changing our behaviour? A six-week course in happiness might just be the place to start…

We tend to define our lives by the pursuit of happiness, but happiness is not some nirvana we can only access when all our desires fall into place. Neuroscience dictates that 40% of our personal happiness is absolutely in our control, 10% is due to personal circumstance and 50% is in our genes. Can you train yourself to be happy? Read more: Huffington Post.

Women & Politics: A Global View

A fascinating and really unmissable series of interviews, The Observer’s New Review spoke to female politicians including ’Buddhist-feminist’ Bangkok senator Rosana Tositrakul, Afghan MP and women’s rights acitivist Fawzia Koofi and Brazil’s culture minister Marta Suplicy.

international women in politics

Are the obstacles faced by female politicians unique to British political culture? Or do women around the world experience something similar when they break into male-dominated elites, and might they have useful insights to offer?  The Observer’s New Review set out to talk to women politicians worldwide about their experiences in power, with thought-provoking results. Read more: The Observer.

New Beauty Now

A new season with a whole new host of beauty trends to dip your toe into? From coral lips and bright eye colours to romantic tousled chignons and sideswept waves, we say yes please!

spring 2014 beauty trends

Nothing beats a new beauty look for sheer feel-good factor. Here are 10 new trends that’ll keep you looking fresh all spring. Read more: Get The Gloss.