How To Listen

Hands up if you’re a great listener? We all are, right? How hard can it be anyway? Don’t interrupt, give your friend time to speak, and nod or make responses at the appropriate moments. Turns out, listening is a little more nuanced than that. And being a good listener will actually increase your self-esteem, self-confidence and give you a better understanding of yourself too.

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Chances are you think you’re a good listener. People’s appraisal of their listening ability is much like their assessment of their driving skills, in that the great bulk of adults think they’re above average. Read more:  Harvard Business Review.

Why Your Brain is on Autopilot

How often are you consciously considering things and making decisions? How can we step back, become aware of making choices – whether big or small – and actually make them? Monday is a crucial day to switch your brain off autopilot – here’s why. 


It isn’t that we’re making bad decisions. More often, we aren’t even aware there’s a decision to make. Your Brain Is On Autopilot More Than You Think–Here’s How To Wake It Up. Read more: Fast Company.

Don’t Love Yourself

Know yourself, love yourself – two things we’re sure you’ll have heard a fair few times. But how about if loving yourself is in fact unhelpful – and actually an unhealthy habit? If you want to progress and grow as a person, you need to stop loving yourself.

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The importance of loving yourself is a common catchphrase among feel-good gurus and the subject of countless self-help books. But Harvard University’s Michael Puett argues that loving yourself – and all your flaws – can actually be quite harmful. Read more: Quartz.

Celebrate More

Happiness and success aren’t the key to life. No, no – it’s all about celebration. Sure, birthdays and anniversaries are lovely, but we all need to celebrate a whole lot more – and more of the time. Work, friendships, relationships and motivation – all areas of life where you definitely need a little more celebration. You need to be saying ‘hoorah’ much more. Really.


You don’t celebrate enough. I’m not talking about just having fun for the sake of having fun. Plenty of scientific research shows that celebrating is the key to a better life. We need more high-fives, more parties, more chocolate consumption, and a lot more saying, “Wow, that’s great!” Sound too simple and cheery? Wrong. Here’s why… Read more: Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

Boost Your Productivity

Ah we love a good TED Talk. And we’d dearly like to be more productive – working smarter, getting more done. So this feature on TED Talks to help you become more productive is right up our street. Getting some fresh air, taking time off, banning bad meetings and learning how to fail – these nine talks will help boost your productivity pronto!

Want to reach ultimate productivity? Some of the world’s greatest thought leaders will teach you how. Read more: Business Insider.

Beating Procrastination

Need to get something done? Finding ‘just starting’ your task impossible? Consummate procrastinator? Here’s how to understand – and beat – procrastination and get things done. Hello productivity!

beating procrastination

Sitting down to start a task that requires significant mental energy can often feel like the hardest part of the endeavor. But getting started is about understanding and overcoming the obstacles—be they mental, emotional, or physical—that hold us back from diving right in. Read more: Help Scout.

How To Say No

Do you ever feel like you need to stop saying “yes” to everything? Maybe you’re just a little tired, overwhelmed or stressed out? Don’t get us wrong, it’s GREAT to be a Yes person, but there’s also strength, power – and assertion – in knowing when to say no. After all, saying no frees you up to say yes when it matters most. So how should you been saying “no”? Here’s eight ways to master the skill, and own that “NO”. 

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Sometimes you just need to say “no” to people. Maybe it’s a friend asking for a favour, and you can’t commit. Maybe it’s your boss asking if you have time for another project, and you don’t. Whatever the scenario, here are a few polite ways to turn someone down. Read more: LinkedIn.

Investing In Yourself

Four simple steps that will have a huge impact on your life. Not a lot to ask really. Do you want to “finish school, get a job and then spend 60 or 70 years falling with style?” That’s what most of us do. Jon Westenberg’s four steps might just change your life. You can thank us later…

How To Invest In Yourself

This isn’t a bullshit, head in the clouds, you can do it if you just *believe* post. There’s plenty of those out there. I’m not going to write another one. This post is about how to actually, practically invest in yourself in a way that is going to pay real dividends. A framework for getting places, accomplishing things and living in a way that will make you happy. Read more: Medium.

Magic Mornings

Hands up if you’re not a morning person. Yeah, you’re not the only one! So what if there were seven simple steps you could take to make mornings happier, easier – and keep you smiling all day long. Just seven steps – how hard can that be?

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We read a lot about this or that morning ritual that will make you productive. But what about one that makes you happy? Research shows that being happy actually makes you more productive. So let’s kill two birds with one stone and focus on smiles. What’s the first step? Here’s a little secret: happy mornings don’t start in the morning… Read more: Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Podcast Perfection

One of our go-to blogs for intellectual inspiration, Brain Pickings always serves up interesting fare across literature, science, life and art. This round-up of nine recommended podcasts spans subjects from consciousness to creativity and therapy to thinking will provide hours of stimulating listening.

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A short playlist of intellectual, creative, and spiritual invigoration. Read more: Nine Podcasts for a Fuller Life.