Memory Magic

Find yourself forgetting names and unable to recall small details that you just know that you know? It’s the most infuriating and frustrating thing ever! These three tricks actually work – just try them – and really help you remember those pesky little details. Magic.

remembering details

3 Amazing Mind Tricks That Will Help You Remember Small Details. Read more: The Muse.

Super Fast Fitness

Busy lives and packed schedules – sometimes fitting in exercise in between work, friends and family can feel like a real challenge. How about if we said that all you need is seven minutes? Seven intense minutes, yes – but it’s only seven minutes! And there’s an app to show you exactly what to do too. Based on research showing the benefits of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the Scientific 7-Minute Workout is a quick fix to boost your fitness – and you can do it anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for?

hiit app

Got seven minutes? We’ve got the app. The New York Times is offering a free mobile app for the popular Scientific 7-Minute Workout and the new Advanced 7-Minute Workout. The app offers a step-by-step guide to both 7-minute workouts, offering animated illustrations of the exercises, as well as a timer and audio cues to help you get the most out of your seven minutes. Read more: The New York Times.

Top TED Talks

Motivation and inspiration; from professional challenges to life lessons, we love TED talks. These five have been watched millions of times – and with good reason. 

top ted talks

These inspirational TED talks will challenge how you think and communicate at work and in your everyday life. Read more: The Telegraph.

Beauty On A Budget

Everyone like to splash out from time to time – but let’s face it, sometimes it seems like beauty editors only recommend products costing three figures… If there’s one thing that Ms Sali Hughes knows a fair amount about, it’s beauty. The Guardian’s resident expert on all things beauty, Hughes roadtests one can only imagine hundreds upon thousands of products each year. From skin-brightening treats and super serums to brilliant brushes and bargain spot-busters, her Top 50 Under £20 is essential reading.

sali hughes

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look a million dollars this summer. The Guardian’s beauty editor picks the loveliest, trustiest products on the high street. Read more: The Guardian.


How to Have The Best Holidays

Having the best holidays? Has our addiction to life management and productivity become so important that we now have to ensure even our down time is the best it can be? In a word: yes. This super quick read on having holidays that are really ‘worth it’, will make you rethink what it means to go on holiday – and make the most of your time off. 

best holidays

We must approach our vacations with the same tenacity as we do our vocations, and use them to come back to the office better than before. Read more: Harvard Business Review.

Highly Efficient Napping

Should the words ‘efficient’ and ‘napping’ be in the same title? We’re not entirely sure. One thing that is sure though: we love napping. And napping is really good for you too – science says so. But let us tell you something people – one nap is not just like another, oh no! Different lengths, styles and times; napping like a pro takes some practice…

sleeping well

Not all naps are created equal. Some naps have been shown to rejuvenate where others boost creativity. What’s more, when you nap can be as important as how you nap. Here’s how to nap like a professional, nap-taking machine. Here’s how to nap like you MEAN IT. Read more: io9.

The Mental Rehearsal

Ready to prepare for the worst? We’re told again and again how bad worrying is – but what if you could put that anxiety to positive use? Whatever you’re feeling anxious about facing, the Mental Rehearsal is a sure-fire technique to calm your nerves and help you succeed.


“Mental rehearsal” is a technique athletes, musicians, doctors, soldiers, and astronauts use to prepare for the worst—and perform at their best. Read more: Lifehacker.

Long Term Love

Almost half of marriage end in divorce these days – the odds aren’t stacked in favour of long term relationships, let’s face it. And yet a lasting relationship seems to be what we all yearn for – so what’s the secret to making it work?

lasting relationships

Science says lasting relationships come down to – you guessed it – kindness and generosity. Read more. The Atlantic.

Taking Notes

How does it feel to be you at different times in your life? Of course you’ll remember, won’t you? Keeping a notebook doesn’t have to mean writing a diary, but jotting down thoughts and feelings will help you to get to know yourself a little better.


List the things you think you’ll never forget. List the things you say often. Get to know yourself better. Read more: Psych Central.

Emotional Intelligence 101

Gaining an understanding of emotional intelligence is an often overlooked aspect of career success. Here, nine short steps give you the tools to master emotional intelligence in the workplace.

emotional intelligence

What makes a great leader? Knowledge, smarts and vision, to be sure. To that, Daniel Goleman, author of “Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence,” would add the ability to identify and monitor emotions — your own and others’ — and to manage relationships. Read more: The New York Times.