Boost Your Productivity

Ah we love a good TED Talk. And we’d dearly like to be more productive – working smarter, getting more done. So this feature on TED Talks to help you become more productive is right up our street. Getting some fresh air, taking time off, banning bad meetings and learning how to fail – these nine talks will help boost your productivity pronto!

Want to reach ultimate productivity? Some of the world’s greatest thought leaders will teach you how. Read more: Business Insider.

Beating Procrastination

Need to get something done? Finding ‘just starting’ your task impossible? Consummate procrastinator? Here’s how to understand – and beat – procrastination and get things done. Hello productivity!

beating procrastination

Sitting down to start a task that requires significant mental energy can often feel like the hardest part of the endeavor. But getting started is about understanding and overcoming the obstacles—be they mental, emotional, or physical—that hold us back from diving right in. Read more: Help Scout.


So, let’s talk edging, hinting and rhythm. Confused? If you’ve heard of OMGYES, then this will all make perfect sense. If you haven’t… Well, it’s time to get up close and very personal with OMGYES: a frank, educational and definitely NSFW app dedicated to female pleasure and how to have incredible orgasms. Blushing? You really shouldn’t be. But you probably are; let’s face it, women’s sexual pleasure – much less masturbation – just isn’t something most of us discuss very often. It’s time to change all that.


Over 2,000 women aged 18-95 (yes, really) participated in the large-scale research that informed the creation of OMGYES. The interactive app features real women explaining and demonstrating the specific techniques that make them orgasm. It’s that simple. And yes, there are videos of real women, actually demonstrating their favourite techniques. The videos don’t look like a fashion ad from Vogue and they definitely doesn’t look like porn either – it’s real women just like you showing you what works for them.

omgyes app

And once you’ve watched the videos? Via interactive tutorials, the app invites you to use your mobile’s touchscreen to practice the movements on a virtual vagina, correcting you with real-time feedback until you get them right. OMGYES suggests that “You kind of have to see it to believe it,” and we’d definitely agree. At the moment, there are 50 videos for your viewing (ahem) pleasure, with OMGYES costing a one-off fee of £19. Use it solo. Use it with your significant other. Now Emma Watson’s revealed she’s an OMGYES fan, it can’t be long before more of us start actually talking about female pleasure – and not in hushed voices either… Share this feature with a friend and break the cycle of silence.

You can download OMGYES online here for £19; there are also sample videos and tutorials so that you can ‘try before you buy’ too.

How To Say No

Do you ever feel like you need to stop saying “yes” to everything? Maybe you’re just a little tired, overwhelmed or stressed out? Don’t get us wrong, it’s GREAT to be a Yes person, but there’s also strength, power – and assertion – in knowing when to say no. After all, saying no frees you up to say yes when it matters most. So how should you been saying “no”? Here’s eight ways to master the skill, and own that “NO”. 

saying no

Sometimes you just need to say “no” to people. Maybe it’s a friend asking for a favour, and you can’t commit. Maybe it’s your boss asking if you have time for another project, and you don’t. Whatever the scenario, here are a few polite ways to turn someone down. Read more: LinkedIn.

Investing In Yourself

Four simple steps that will have a huge impact on your life. Not a lot to ask really. Do you want to “finish school, get a job and then spend 60 or 70 years falling with style?” That’s what most of us do. Jon Westenberg’s four steps might just change your life. You can thank us later…

How To Invest In Yourself

This isn’t a bullshit, head in the clouds, you can do it if you just *believe* post. There’s plenty of those out there. I’m not going to write another one. This post is about how to actually, practically invest in yourself in a way that is going to pay real dividends. A framework for getting places, accomplishing things and living in a way that will make you happy. Read more: Medium.

All About Eve

Don’t you just love it when something that you didn’t think could get any better somehow does? Well that’s exactly how we feel about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare (love!) teaming up with skincare guru Caroline Hirons (love!) on a product that helps The Eve Appeal (LOVE!). Yes, this lovely partnership has resulted in a Limited Edition Cell Repair Night Oil, with £10 being donated to the gynaecological cancer research charity with every purchase.

aurelia probiotic skincare Limited Edition Cell Repair Night Oil

La Hironess says:  “I’m thrilled to be able to work with Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and The Eve Appeal to raise much needed awareness and funds for research into gynaecological cancers. Having been touched personally by these cancers, losing my beautiful Grandmother to cervical cancer when I was 16, I know the heartache that comes with losing someone so dear to you. It’s especially hard knowing that with early detection, her death could have been prevented.”

We’ve long been fans of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s Cell Repair Night Oil: an indulgent anti-ageing treatment that works overnight to repair, rejuvenate, firm and tone skin. It’s a consummate multi-tasker supercharged with truly effective ingredients – and it smells divine too. You’ll wake up the next day with skin that feels dewy, fresh, plumped and deeply hydrated. So what are you waiting for? This has to be the easiest donation you’ll make all year.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s Limited Edition Cell Repair Night Oil for The Eve Appeal in collaboration with leading Caroline Hirons is available to buy online here.

365 Positivity

Once upon a time, your friends used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share snaps of their pet or inform the world-at-large that they were making a cup of tea. These days? Social networks seem to be wall-to-wall motivational phrases. It’s like Deepak Chopra’s PR team have contacted everyone you know and asked them to repost their positive quotes. If you’re loving all those uplifiting vibes, you’re going to ADORE 365 Positivity.

365 positivity

The free mobile app serves up one mindful quote each day of the year, designed to be motivational and empowering. “Don’t seize the day, seize every day”, “Time is precious, so love now” and “Health is wealth” are a few of the gems you can expect. Yeah, it might seem trite, but taking just a few moments to be mindful and think about who you are, where you are and how you feel can really have such a positive impact on your everyday life. The app is totally free, so it’s hard to see where you could go wrong really. Do it!

positive quotes

365 Positivity is an entertaining new self-improvement app that pings original empowering quotes to your mobile each day for one year. Available from Androiad and iOS devices, you can download the app for free here.

Magic Mornings

Hands up if you’re not a morning person. Yeah, you’re not the only one! So what if there were seven simple steps you could take to make mornings happier, easier – and keep you smiling all day long. Just seven steps – how hard can that be?

morning tips

We read a lot about this or that morning ritual that will make you productive. But what about one that makes you happy? Research shows that being happy actually makes you more productive. So let’s kill two birds with one stone and focus on smiles. What’s the first step? Here’s a little secret: happy mornings don’t start in the morning… Read more: Barking Up The Wrong Tree

The Fitness Fix

“Hot and not bothered” – yeah, that’s us sweating and loving it at the end of a really, really good workout. As part of its This Girl Can campaign. Sport England has launched a new range of cool gym clothes for women in partnership with Marks & Spencer. Not only does the range of activewear look great, it also supports This Girl Can by raising funds to help women get involved in sport, exercise and getting active. Win!

this girl can marks and spencer

Cotton Rich This Girl Can Logo Hooded Sweat Top

Pure Cotton This Girl Can Vest Top

This Girl Can Performance Leggings

The campaign is all about inspiring women – regardless of age, shape or size – to get active, and actually celebrating women in sport. Whether you love swimming, cycling helps you switch off or feel fantastic at the end of a boxing match/spinning class/game of tennis, This Girl Can! And the campaign has had a real impact too: in December 2015, Sport England’s Active People Survey revealed that the number of women playing sport and getting active once a week, every week, has increased by 148,700.


What’s more, the number of women playing sport is actually increasing faster than the number of men. Result! Of course, we’re not saying that you need a load of snazzy new gym gear if you want to get active, but the range is well-designed and made in performance fabrics – these are pieces that we’d definitely wear. That Hot And Not Bothered Gym Bag is just exactly what we’ve been looking for….

this girl can gym wear

Cotton Rich This Girl Can Cropped Joggers

This Girl Can Slogan Shopper Bag

This Girl Can T-Shirt

The This Girl Can range is available online and in selected Marks & Spencer stores in sizes 6-22. Sport England receives 8% of all sales to support This Girl Can projects which support and celebrate women getting active.

Point of View

I have always found it bizarre that women can be so harsh to other women. Our choices, our lifestyles, how we dress, the new haircut – we are lovers or haters. It is either amazing that someone gives up work to have a baby and stay with them as a mum, or awful – there’s no in-between ground. Everyone talks about “choice” and no judgement but then I always sense that I am being judged all the time. I have a great example of that.


I launched a brand that creates conversations. We have had magazines refuse to take our advertising. We have had journalists who love the idea and products but their editors ‘don’t want to go there’. We have seen people on Twitter suggest that we are the root of all evil and are demonising women. Then we have heard what real women think. The friends who have struggled with thrush. The new-found fans who have tried everything a doctor suggested. Women sensitive about how their vagina feels and want to do something about it. Yes, I did just say vagina.

Sass is a range of products to give women choice. There are some washes to ensure women (who ARE using shower gel) have a healthy and ph-balanced option. There are sport products so that chammy creams and serums can protect and help you to recover after a spin class.The beauty products help prevent ingrown hairs and give you an easier way to shave. Most of these products have been created based on personal experience.

Sass intimate products

Having to shave due to laser treatment, cycling 400km in Kenya and feeling on the brink of thrush every night. My mum had always told me not to use shower gel and to air myself… But I don’t want to be worried about what I wear, what underwear I choose, or if I have had a session in the gym, I don’t want to feel sore or irritated. To me this is all about choice.

Of course we want to understand and engage people but we also know what we stand for. When people question the brand, it’s ethos, or the products I am always open. Some are polite and engage in conversation, others take to an intern who helps us with Twitter, or raise the issue with Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. All great ways to share an opinion but I often feel it is judgement in another way. Trying to make women fit into a ‘feminist box’ – I am not sure why we feel the need to do that when we all set our own path.

sass intimate skincare

It is exactly that which is true for SASS. For me true Sass comes from being who you want to be. It is not about judging anyone. A confidence that shines through. I was recently on a panel with The Guardian and the fellow panelists showed how alluring that can be. The vulnerability of being open and having a confidence that of course no-one has all the answers – that is real confidence.

For me when it comes to looking after our vagina I know some people are happier with just water but I wasn’t. We are all for choice and choice shouldn’t mean compromise, but I will let you make up your own mind!

sass products7

Carrie Osman is the founder of CRUXY&CO and co-founder of MAD Brands. She started both businesses having gained over ten of years of marketing experience, working for entrepreneurs and for Mars Inc. Her passion for business and branding saw her named as one of Marketing Magazine’s 30 under 30. In November 2013, Carrie decided it was time to make her own mark and created CRUXY&CO: a challenging and provocative consultancy that repositions businesses.  Carrie’s latest venture is MAD brands which she co-founded with Mark Curry. The MAD portfolio currently includes intimate skincare brand SASS, with more innovative, inspiring products to launch soon.