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The founder and editor-in-chief of Running In Heels, Alice runs in heels on a regular basis and even manages to cycle in stilettos. She's currently enjoying the quirky charm of East London living, but misses the pavement cafés of Paris and sunny climes of Palermo. Alice sporadically tweets about fashion, the arts, food, and secret and not-so-secret places in London @AliceRevel. » See all articles by Alice Revel
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Pippa is Brit expat in Paris, on a hedonistic adventure to enjoy all the city has to offer. Pippa's specialist topics for RIH include all about Paris (food, spas, beauty, films, books and everything in-between) and international hotels. In a previous life Pippa ran a short film festival and subsequently curated a monthly section of short films for RIH (the Magathèque) and edited the cinema section for over 2 years. Find out more on her website » See all articles by Pippa Rimmer
Despite almost two decades writing about her passion for beauty, from spas to skincare via scent, Caroline Brien can still work up an ‘ooohhh’ for the latest pretty palette or sublime serum texture. An author and former Beauty Features Director at Marie Claire, she also finds time to satisfy her frustrated inner film critic by helping out at the profits-to-charity London cinema The Lexi, which perfectly combines movies and Malbec with a sprinkling of altruism. » See all articles by Caroline Brien
Gabrielle is a Penzance-born, London-based journalist who’s been contributing travel, spa and foodie features for over ten years. Eating chicken feet in the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant (Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong), snorkelling with whale sharks in the Maldives, and quad-biking in Iceland, are among her most memorable assignments to date. Although she’s approaching mid-30s-hood rather too quickly for her liking, a joy of the simple things – Earl Grey, penny sweets and playing pooh sticks – ensures she’s a happy child at heart. Follow her on Instagram: @gabrielle_sander » See all articles by Gabrielle Sander
Plum Woodard is a lifestyle writer covering topics from music through to how to breathe properly, and is currently writing a series of illustrated books on human obstacles. She's based in Brighton having figured out that life without sea in view is untenable to her. Despite her fascination with all things social media, she's recently taken up the challenge of ditching Facebook for a whole year. You can find her on her blogs I Am Electric Plum and Surviving Without Facebook. » See all articles by Plum Woodard
Running in Heels' travel editor, Ruth Styles, is an award-winning travel and lifestyle journalist, who writes for the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard and National Geographic Traveller UK among others. Based in London, she has also lived in Africa and the Middle East, and spends much of the year roaming the globe. Favourite places: Namibia, Oman, Zanzibar and Copenhagen. Follow her on Twitter @ruth_travels. » See all articles by Ruth Styles
Jennifer Lipman is a journalist living in London. She is comment editor of the Jewish Chronicle and also writes about politics and culture. For more of her writing check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @jenlipman. » See all articles by Jennifer Lipman
Irishman John has contributed to publications ranging from The Sunday Times Travel Magazine to Elle to Attitude. Previous assignments have seen him act alongside a Bollywood superstar in Mumbai and dine on freshly boiled dog meat in Vietnam (which tastes even less appetising than you might imagine), but for the time being he is most frequently found in London and Berlin. Follow him on Twitter @johnoceallaigh. » See all articles by John O' Ceallaigh
Viola often identifies with the story of The Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle, whose protagonist would always moan about her lot in life, even after getting whatever it was she thought would make her happy. She is currently trying to carve a writing career, and has been published in GLASS Online and ARISE Magazine. She deals with editors’ rejections by going shopping - her North London flat is full of various vintage bargains she has amassed over the years (and is the reason she can't get a mortgage.) She occasionally thinks it would be nice to move to the country, have an aga and read Nancy Mitford all day, but then realises she would probably miss her beloved London, with its celeb-spotting opportunities, the Tate Modern, designer sample sales and buses that turn up more than once an hour. » See all articles by Viola Levy
Une petite anglaise living in Paris, Joanne is a Co-active coach® life coach, writer, yogi, singer, bookworm, francophile, life-lover, and day seizer. Joanne is dedicated to living life on purpose and helping others do the same - because life is far too important to show up for it anything other than fully awake! For individual face-to-face or telephone coaching sessions in French or English, contact Joanne via her blog. You can also follow Joanne on Twitter @joarchibald. » See all articles by Joanne Archibald
Born and raised in a picturesque town near Rome, Ilaria Parogni left Italy at 19. She is now 22 and has so far lived in London, Brasov (Romania) and Russia. She cannot survive without chocolate, coffee, newspapers, Ben & Jerry's and music. Ilaria loves anything Russian and/or kitsch, Oxford commas and headscarves. She blogs about Russian and international politics at TheBigRussky π. » See all articles by Ilaria Parogni
Polly Allen is a Sussex-based journalist who blogs about travel and culture as The Travelling Calavera, covering everything from weird wax museums to Peru's floating islands. In between bouts of wanderlust she can often be seen rummaging in charity shops, reading fashion magazines or getting lost in an art gallery. » See all articles by Polly Allen
Rebecca Winson is a London based freelance journalist nd has been writing for Running in Heels since its creation. She regularly guest edits sections, and also writes for Se7en magazine. Rebecca keeps a sporadic blog at Her interests include the arts, rock music, literature and politics. Rebecca regularly edits the Culturelle and Social Butterfly sections. » See all articles by Rebecca Winson
Carolyn Heinze is the Paris contributing editor for Running in Heels. She has written about everything from horses to turkeys to drugs…and that’s just counting her celebrity coverage! Right now, she’s running around the City of Light in her second-best pair of heels, because her favourites are at the shoe repair guy’s. (Cobblestones aren’t for the faint of soles…) » See all articles by Carolyn Heinze
Lucie is a French freelance journalist in London with a keen interest in the fashion industry and the challenge of web 2.0 and 3.0 for both journalism and fashion. A recent LSE graduate, she has interned at Drapers magazine, on the fashion and features desk and is now fashion editor for AGENT2 magazine. You can follow her on Twitter on @lucie_m. » See all articles by Lucie Goulet
Ambarina has never been able to decide if she's more addicted to shoes or make-up, so she's spent her life devoted to both. Born and brought up in London of Indian heritage, she's experienced the best of what both continents have to offer and has been writing about make-up, shoes and London's social set from an Asian point of view for over ten years, but her heart belongs to her three children, her husband and her cats. After the shoes and make-up, of course. » See all articles by Ambarina Hasan
Domonique Wilson is a twenty-something born and bred Glasgow girl qualified in make-up artistry. She likes to get creatively sidetracked scouring for vintage finds and following her amateur fashion design/journalist dream. When not preoccupied thinking about fashion she uses her blog ( to share her thoughts and opinions with like-minded people internationally. She likes to think of it as her own little creative outlet. If it were a perfect world she would wear sparkly dresses and spend every day eating cupcakes, reading Marilyn Monroe biographies and decorating her bedroom with David La Chapelle photography. She lives for her dog Lily and the possibilities of one day having a successful fashion career and living in New York. » See all articles by Domonique Wilson
Miss Molly is a stylist. Miss Molly is also a Londoner living in London which is super rare. She is slowly making herself bankrupt with her love of books, films, breton stripes, Diptyque candles and Charles Anastase. Luckily she has large enough handbags to move into if it came to the crunch. She tells people what to wear if they ask, but also uses her library card to continue her education into the history of fashion. You can see more of her work on her website, or follow her on Twitter @missmollystyle. » See all articles by Miss Molly
Julie Vuong is a books journalist, writing reviews and literary articles for a range of online publications. She is also features writer for industry title BookBrunch, interviewing the publishing world’s most influential names, and reporting on literary trends. See her work on her website or follow Julie @julesvuong. » See all articles by Julie Vuong
Although a researcher by day, Ellie loves nothing more than being naughty at night. She writes on food, politics, society, culture and secrets(!) and can usually be found racing through Dalston on an old bike laden with bags, shoes, streamers, and sometimes her sisters! Ellie can hurdle in heels. » See all articles by Ellie Besley
London born Bassma lives and writes in Berlin. Formerly the regional manager for a well known lingerie brand, she claims her first concert was The Ramones at 14 to seem credible (in fact it was New Kids on the Block at 12...Shhhhh don't tell). She has an unhealthy obsession with high-heels and is unimaginably clumsy. She writes a monthly column for RIH as well as commentary on Berlin's fashion, urban culture and music scene. » See all articles by Bassma Fattal
Megan Palmer has a background in travel writing, and her articles have been published in BBC History and Heritage magazines, as well as a number of websites. She is also enrolled on a two-year creative writing course at Oxford University. She writes a range of fiction, drama, poetry and creative non-fiction. Megan has been highly commended in the October 2011 Five Stop Story writing competition and is currently working on a novel. You can see more of her writing on her blog. » See all articles by Megan Palmer
Katie Byrne is 20 and currently studying English Literature at the University of Essex. Her dream is to work in journalism and she loves writing, eating and laughing (mainly at her own jokes). Follow her on Twitter to see just how 'hilarious' she really is @katie_b123. » See all articles by Katie Byrne
Tamara lives in suburban paradise a little north of London. She's a big fan of The Cure, Jane Austen period dramas and currently studies at the University of Birmingham. She particularly likes writing about anything she's interested in and in her spare time evades the credit crunch by lying about her age to the ticket machine at train stations. » See all articles by Tamara Roper
Olivia lives in a wardrobe (aka 'box room') in London where she sleeps on top of an Ikea desk. Currently Features Assistant at the Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine, she is dedicatedly pursuing her career as a journalist and spends much of her free time exploring London's cafes with her laptop and writing about all manner of pan-European happenings. She has been charting the ups, downs, roundabouts and bad poems of life since graduation on her blog. » See all articles by Olivia Parker
Emily Kafka was born in the US but is constantly gallivanting around Europe searching for a way to stay. She's dabbled in a bit of fashion PR and journalism in Paris, roamed the streets of Rome for a bit gorging on coconut gelato whenever possible, and had a brief stint in English academia. In her dreams she'd love to do personal shopping, be Italian, and live at the beach. » See all articles by Emily Kafka
Katie is a freelance copywriter and scribbler of travelling tales. Passionate about natural therapies and all things eco, when she’s not writing she tries (sometimes successfully) to grow vegetables, and organises wellbeing retreats with her company, Urban Witch. » See all articles by Katie Shellard
Lisa Harris is a freelance writer, specialising in food, fashion and culture. She writes for Food & Travel Magazine and keeps the rest of world up to date with her reflections on her blog. After writing and living in northern Spain, southern India and western Canada, Lisa now calls east London her home. She lives in a sunny warehouse with a broken typewriter. » See all articles by Lisa Harris
Amy just graduated with a degree in Fashion Journalism from London College of Fashion and wants to write. She is an obsessive reader and has far too many books to fit on her bookshelves! Amy loves going to museums and art galleries, travelling to new places and rummaging in charity shops. Her favourite activity is sitting down with a stack of magazines or a good book and a big cup of tea. » See all articles by Amy Peck
Joanna is a freelance writer and aspiring journalist based in leafy Hertfordshire. She couldn’t live without cheap pinot grigio, chocolate or her nail varnish collection. Loves writing as she gets to wear her pj’s to the ‘office’ and gets a ton of free stuff. She is also on a never-ending quest to find the perfect fake Chanel 2:55 (until she has saved up enough pennies for a real one). » See all articles by Joanna Crawley
Lucy is a 23-year old journalism graduate living in Surrey. She loves writing, fashion, travel and films. Her ultimate ambitions include writing a best selling novel, opening her own cupcake shop and buying a beach house, not necessarily in that order! » See all articles by Lucy Durnin


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Alexis trained as a magazine journalist at Cardiff University and now resides up north with the Geordies in the city of Newcastle. She loves classy cocktails and would never say no to a cupcake. If Alexis won the lottery, she’d escape to Paris and enjoy a life of chocolate-filled crepes and daily walks along the River Seine. » See all articles by Alexis Forsyth
Living and working in Madrid in an attempt to realise her (futile) dream of becoming more tanned, Jenny can be found blogging about her life in the Spanish capital here - Follow her on twitter @jenzer_irlanda » See all articles by Jenny Armstrong
Amy Ma is an Australian who, after unwittingly finding herself amidst a wonderful real life love story, has ended up in Stockholm, Sweden. With a degree in communication and a little bit of law from her native Newcastle, Australia, she still hasn't used it in exactly the way you're meant to. Amy’s stories aim to be universal in theme, but elements from her personal world usually shine through in the end. She enjoys hanging with friends and family, whether it’s a group screening of a favorite film or hitting the dance floor. Most of all though, a good conversation and being in the ocean. » See all articles by Amy Ma
Sarah grew up in Melbourne , where she worked as the editor of a small newspaper before moving to London last year. She has an Honours Degree in Communications from Monash University where she wrote her dissertation on women and commercial mass media. She is an advocate for women’s rights and enjoys any writing that allows her to raise awareness of gender discrimination. She has published work in sporting magazines and political websites, in addition to a piece on women and the Internet for the British academic journal Feminist Media Studies.. She eventually hopes to return home to obtain her PhD. » See all articles by Sarah Gorman
Mathematician-turned-writer, Aimee Steen loves to put pen to paper and is currently training to be a real journalist at Cardiff Journalism School. She loves eating, making jewellery and wasting time on the internet, and she'd be lost without a good book to read. She lives in Doc Martens and insists she discovered them before they made a comeback. She takes any opportunity to visit the theatre and especially adores musicals. When she’s not writing anywhere else, she sounds off at » See all articles by Aimee Steen
Sandra spends her days working in PR and moonlights as a feature writer and blogger. Follow Sandra on Twitter @sandraqsmiley and don't miss her blog. » See all articles by Sandra Smiley
Leo Bear is an experienced features writer specialising in lifestyle and travel. During her twelve years in the industry she has interviewed a colourful array of characters from Hollywood Oscar-winners to African crocodile farmers. Other publications she writes for include Quintessentially magazine, Sunday Times Travel magazine, CityAM, Brides, House & Garden and Spa Secrets. She lives in West London with her husband and two children. 
You can see more of Leo's work on her website or follow on Twitter @leobear. » See all articles by Leo Bear
Alex is a London-based freelance writer who loves baking, polka dots, flamingos and maths. She writes on food, travel and fashion and can often be found feasting on marshmallows in a vintage frock. Alex hotfoots it in heels on a regular basis. » See all articles by Alex English
Lady P lives in a dark backwater of London with a couple of housemates and an expensive and time consuming nail varnish obsession. A chronic tube rage sufferer, she would one day like to have a house with a garden and a sheepdog called Clive. » See all articles by Lady P
Emma is a freelance writer and University research assistant based in the South East of England. Since completing her BA(Hons) in Fashion Promotion and Communication, her work has focused on sustainable fashion and she is currently involved with a project looking at the carbon footprint of a t-shirt. Glastonbury festival is her happy place. Read her blogs online here and here. » See all articles by Emma Waight
Nicky Branagh is a freelancer currently residing in the UK. She loves nothing more than to travel the world and tends to do so in her very best heels, Crackberry in hand. Follow her on Twitter @Minibran. » See all articles by Nicky Branagh
Isabella Redmond Styles is a lifestyle journalist living in London. A former student of the University of Bristol and LCF, Isabella has gained experience at titles such as Easy Living, the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post. She currently works for SHOP, an international luxury travel magazine. » See all articles by Isabella Redmond-Styles
William is a young freelance journalist. Based in West London, he is a keen sports fan and competitor. William also enjoys dance music and, contrastingly, the fine arts. He tries to remain abreast of what’s going on in and around the world as much as possible. For more about Will see » See all articles by William Mathieson


Amy is an East London-based visual artist, a painter and photographer. » See all articles by Amy
A journo back home in Australia, Lauren quit her day job to spend a year studying, travelling and, most importantly, eating her way across Europe. Based in the student-saturated Dutch border town of Maastricht, Lauren is valiantly attempting to learn the local language while studying history, poetry and all that other ‘liberal artsy stuff’ one does in Europe. Musings on her adaption to the euro-lifestyle can be found on her blog. » See all articles by Lauren Novak
Tara O'Sullivan is a writer and editor for a small publishing house. She grew up in Cornwall, studied in Exeter, and is now based in London. Her passions include reading, writing, bad horror films, punk rock and tea. Tara also keeps a regular blog. » See all articles by Tara O Sullivan
Lucy is a former Fashion Editor from Australia who moved to London to freelance and see more of the world. Her weaknesses are cheese and champagne while her favourite place on Earth is the tiny, Fijian island of Matamanoa. Her goal in life is to eat at every Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe. And after that, join a gym. » See all articles by Lucy Hood
Tiffany currently works in residential property consulting and freelance journalism in London. Her passions range from luxury travel to art, interior design and eating out. She also finds time to take part in international fundraising for the British Red Cross and help out at political awareness events. Tiffany read European and Middle Eastern languages at Oxford. » See all articles by Tiffany Kaba
Brogan lives in London and is doing all she can to break into journalism - writing for various other publications, banging her head against brick walls and smiling sweetly at editors. In her spare time she can be found reading, painting her nails blue and daydreaming about Paris. Follow her on twitter @Brogan_Driscoll » See all articles by Brogan Driscoll
Chloë Butcher is a make up artist who works at the heart of the British fashion, pop and celebrity industries. She has worked with some of the top photographers, directors, designers and celebrities. With her attention to detail, creative style and artistic talent, Chloë has created many stunning looks for the pages of Marie Claire, Elle and Glamour as well as working with stars such as Leighton Meester, Girls Aloud, Usher and Mischa Barton. For more information, see Chloe's blog, Make-Up Madness. » See all articles by Chloe Butcher


SJP is a freelance lifestyle journalist who resides in Bristol and has a passion for pretty much all things art, music and fashion related. She is obsessed with Polaroid photography, vintage clothes (stolen from her grandmother) and baking – but most importantly eating – cakes. When she is not profiling local artists or hunting down real life stories, SJP enjoys musing over style in the South West, with her blog Ship-Shape & Bristol Fashion. Where shoes are concerned SJP can barely stand up, let alone run, in heels… » See all articles by SJP
By day, a proud member of the John Lewis Partnership and by night a fashion writer/blogger/lover, Katie is also Editor of Style and Then Some, a blog focused on fashion and culture. She spends the majority of the year counting down to her biannual pilgrimages to London Fashion Week. » See all articles by Katie Wright
Impractical shoe wearing came to Sophie at an early age when she started her own personal quest for the perfect pair of ruby-red Dorothy shoes. When she's not tottering across London's Dickensian cobbles at an alarming rate in her newest pair, she can be found umbilically attached to her laptop in her role as a freelance journalist. Vertiginous footwear aside, her biggest weaknesses are red lipstick, anything that involves a dressing up box, afternoon tea and Jane Eyre. » See all articles by Sophie Colgate
Lauren Felicity Steventon lives in London and spends her time taking tea, buying shoes and listening to Jeeves and Wooster audio books on cassette tape. Oh, and working as a journalist, which allows her to travel around, eat nice things and play with make-up in the name of research. » See all articles by Lauren Felicity Steventon
Living in a sleepy village somewhere near Cambridge, UK, has made Alex desperate to forge her own exciting way in the big wide world. Armed with a degree in English and absolutely no pennies at all; she’s relying on her big dreams and love of writing for writing’s sake to keep her going. She can’t ever get enough of sunshine, music and dancing and has an inexplicable obsession with cookery programmes. Follow her on Twitter @alexhareand take a peek at her anti-cancer blog. » See all articles by Alex Hare
Dina Patel is a London based freelance journalist whose interests include politics and literature. She is currently fighting against what may become an inevitable dependency on caffeine. » See all articles by Dina Patel
After living in Berkeley, where she first discovered her love for journalism, and Berlin, where she enjoyed the privilege of working as editorial assistant for the Exberliner magazine, Valeria went back home in Italy and is now getting her MA in International Relations. She's into David Bowie's songs, Vincent Price's movies and Neil Gaiman's books. » See all articles by Valeria Calderoni
Emma got her first taste of writing when she spent ten weeks as a reporter and photographer on Central American newspaper Honduras This Week – it was not exactly a conventional gap year. She has since contributed to national newspapers, a range of online blogs and zines and to BBC Radio. She loves music and the arts and is much happier in a pair of muddy wellies at Glastonbury than running in her heels! Follow her on twitter @emmabarlow. Emma has previously edited the RIH Music section. » See all articles by Emma Barlow
Scarlett Russell is a features, entertainment and lifestyle journalist who lives in London. Since going freelance after working as Entertainment Editor at Grazia and staff writer at Glamour and Stylist, Scarlett lived in New York for seven months in 2013 and now writes for a host of women's glossy magazines. » See all articles by Scarlett Russell
Richelle Harrison Plesse is a writer and chanteuse who loves scouring the world's markets for one-of-a-kind pieces, dancing ‘til dawn, eating out, eating in, and maintaining a shoe wardrobe that would render even Imelda Marcos jealous. Following a three year stint in London, this Australian-born globetrotter now calls Paris home, where she has been since 2006 and is happily married to her Monsieur. Follow her on Twitter @RichelleVHP. » See all articles by Richelle H Plesse
Nina resides in London where she can be found imbibing a varied selection of beverages in Dalston nitespots and attending cultural events galore. In a past life she was Liz Taylor and should have guest-starred on Dynasty although unfortunately she was in nappies at the time. Nina's lipstick exploits have inspired a plethora of Nobel prize-winning scientists and she is currently trying to crack the code of calorie-free rosé, without any luck as yet. » See all articles by Nina Smith
Izzy loves English Bull terriers, malt whisky and watching Poirot on TV. She also writes about food, history, society and travel (pretty much anything that catches her attention!). Tweet her @IsobelTroca. » See all articles by Isobel King
A London girl through and through, Charlotte grew up in Camden, and has moved back to the big smoke to work in radio and TV journalism. When not engrossed in books about hacks, documentaries, Russian novels, or a black-and-white film, she can usually be found with her nose in Vogue or working on her shoe collection. » See all articles by Charlotte Briere-Edney
Rebecca is a freelance writer who is also currently studying for her Masters in English Literature between FU Berlin and the University of Edinburgh. She has a penchant for driving around in her Citroen Dyan with the top down and the Stones blaring from its tiny radio. She keeps a pen, a bottle of gin and a little black dress in the glove compartment so that she is ready for all eventualities. Rebecca edited the theatre and literature sections of Running in Heels this month. » See all articles by Rebecca Carey
Anna is a reporter and features writer from London. » See all articles by Anna Parkin
Born in England, Rose has spent the last 5 years in Eastern Europe, initially falling in love with Russia, then trying her luck in Warsaw. Working as a journalist in the latter for the last three years, she has covered a range of topics including travel, culture and politics, getting to grips with Polish culture and meeting some great personalities along the way. Currently preparing for her next adventure in Belarus, she also enjoys running and literature. » See all articles by Rose Griffin
The City Girl left her job as a derivatives trader in the City of London to become an author and financial journalist. Having escaped, she found that while you can take the girl out of the City, you can never take the City out of the girl. She writes a blog about economics, business, culture and, of course, the City's latest gossip. Access her musings at » See all articles by City Girl
Charlotte has written for a bizarre range of titles, from Pharmacy Magazine to The Funday Times to Philosophy Now. She once lived in Thailand where she contributed to the travellers’ magazine, Welcome to Chiangmai & Chiangrai, rode side-saddle on the back of motorcycles and rescued lizards from Siamese cats. She currently resides in Stoke Newington in London where she can be spotted running about in training for a half marathon. You can follow her pain on: She likes cats, books, gin, chocolate and the colour green and is probably the only person in the world who waves at herself in the mirror. » See all articles by Charlotte Rigby
Martha is a London-based magazine journalist who spends her days writing about TV and her evenings trying to avoid it. She loves her vintage dress collection, collecting old Vogues, watching bands, taking photographs and drinking gin tea. She is currently blogging at www.dreamsindresses.blogspot » See all articles by Martha Hayes
Irish born Ruth is a classical musician and writer living in London. A lover of travel, good wine and fine theatre she feels right at home in practically any European city. Educated at the Guildhall and London School of Journalism, Ruth hopes to combine her knowledge and write useful, informative articles about the things she loves. » See all articles by Ruth O Reilly
Marisa Bate is a journalist living in a converted pub in Deptford. Specialist subjects include; Margate, The Wire, Nike Free running shoes and harebrained schemes on how to live in Paris. Find me on Twitter @marisajbate. » See all articles by Marisa Bate
Sian is currently creating web content and managing PR for a luxury British heritage brand in London. She’s an unashamed consumerist who gives in too easily to temptation. Her ambitions in life include owning a Burberry trench coat, having a house rabbit and seeing a mole in real life. Check out Sian's blog and you can follow her on Twitter @sianicles88. » See all articles by Sian Hunter
Christine happily considers herself a Berliner, despite her Ugandan heritage and Australian upbringing. An aspiring writer who has worked in the music industry for longer than she cares to remember, she has an ongoing love affair with Bowie, acid house, vintage frocks, and HBO shows, and remains committed to to traversing Berlin's cobblestones in heels, despite her extreme clumsiness. » See all articles by Christine Kakaire
Jade is a copywriter working in central London. When not in the office, she can be found painting her south London flat in the hope that one day it will turn into a Moroccan riad, hosting noisy dinner parties, and planning her next city break. In between she is usually traversing the escalators of the London underground wearing impractically high-heeled boots and lugging around a weighty handbag full of Russian novels. She enjoys getting lost in big books and big cities, drinking coffee, and people-watching. » See all articles by Jade Wimbledon
Tom Bowen gets far too caught up in old fashioned novels and modern day indie pop. Whether it's selling his possessions to move to Paris or jetting off to China, he is far more a fan of romantic imagery than reality. After a prolonged spell in Beijing he is set to return to Paris next year where he hopes to continue writing for a number of publications, build up his fantastic trilby collection and pursue his dream of becoming Humphrey Bogart. » See all articles by Tom Bowen
Kerry stretches herself between London, Manchester, Derbyshire and Ireland, and considers Barcelona to be among one of her future homes. With an unhealthy addiction to ice-cream, sushi and Pimms (not at the same time), she is obsessed with vintage handbags and has a sixth sense, which enables her to sniff out a vintage shop wherever she is. Kerry has been writing about all things fashion, travel and beauty for the last four years. » See all articles by Kerry Spencer
Lily lives in London and aspires to become a (well-liked) investigative journalist or fashion writer. As a secret nerd, a few of her favourite pastimes include creating weird and wonderful storylines for her Sims characters, watching (and re-watching) the original Star Wars trilogy, and wondering if “The Secret” really works. In particular, she enjoys writing fashion, exotic places, and of course, serious news. » See all articles by Lily Niu
Holly has been writing about her travels ever since setting off on an 'around the world without flying' adventure in 2008. Holly specialises in sustainable travel and alongside writing for The Ecologist, Little London, Mr and Mrs Smith, she works with travel companies and hotels to build their sustainability credentials and communications. Holly is currently setting up, sharing the world’s most beautiful sustainable hotels. Find out more about Holly on her website - you can also follow her on Twitter or Instagram @hollytuppen. » See all articles by Holly Tuppen
Following a 16-year career in marketing and advertising and most recently as a headhunter for that sector, Karen McMillan launched A Work In Progress to pursue her passion for helping people be the best version of themselves that they can be, in and out of the workplace. A Work In Progress offers career advice and guidance to clients, providing support in a variety of areas from career change though to decision making and career progression. Karen works with clients at all stages of their career and from all sorts of backgrounds including communications, the government sector and arts and charities through to those running their own businesses. » See all articles by Karen McMillan
Ella Pocock has worked in book publishing for four years and is currently the Marketing Executive at Quercus Books. Follow her on Twitter @EllaPocock. » See all articles by Ella Pocock
Jo is a fashion, beauty and features writer who has recently swapped London life for the Hertfordshire countryside. She has a penchant for cupcakes, Cobalt blue, natural beauty and cashmere and an irrational fear of space. Her childhood ambition was to be Lois Lane but she’s perfectly happy as a journalist with a man who does not wear his pants on top of his trousers. » See all articles by Jo Oliver
50% Kashmiri, 50% Mallorcan, 100% Londoner. A nomad at heart, Soraya has lived and worked in some of the world's major cities, from Paris to Johannesburg. She works for the political team of a major national newspaper. As well as politics, she writes about current affairs, popular culture and food & drink. You can follow Soraya on Twitter @SorayaKishtwari. » See all articles by Soraya Kishtwari
Emma Silverthorn is a writer and journalist living in London. She is currently working on a biography and a novel. The first thing Emma thinks of in the morning is Earl Grey tea, she prefers stripes over gingham and baths over showers. Follow her at @HouseOf_Gazelle. » See all articles by Emma Silverthorn
Eleni is a writer, editor and blogger living in Athens, Greece. She can't live without: the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Korres Natural Beauty Products, American Television Shows, Google reader and GHD hair straighteners. She drinks Soy Chai Lattes everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. » See all articles by Eleni Papaioannou
For Katie, fashion has always been an obsession. Starting out at six years old sketching dresses and coats for her imaginary clothing label, fast forward eleven years to gaining a diploma in Fashion & Textiles and a Fashion Journalism Degree from Southampton Solent University, there’s no keeping a good woman down. She loves fashion magazines, particularly the ones with naughty ‘high fashion’ nudity like Purple or 10, and is a HUGE thrifter, spending vast amounts in vintage shops, retro retailers and charity shops (think of the children and old biddies that need help!) Read her blog online here. » See all articles by Katie Major
Camilla is 26 and a foreign literature and language graduate. A freelance journalist, she lives in Italy where she works for a PR company. She loves reading, travelling and Paris. » See all articles by Camilla Mastellari
Erin’s days are currently spent in a lecture hall in Sheffield approximately 219 miles from her Sussex home, where she is training to be a journalist and proper adult. She daydreams about being a successful features writer, and believes she is a city girl trapped in a country girl’s body. Erin’s music credentials are damaged by her vocalised love of 80s cheese, and she definitely couldn’t live without red lipstick, roast dinners, the seaside and the possibility that Steven Fry may adopt her one day. Check out Erin's blogs Frocking Hell  and Erin Actually. You can follow her on Twitter @erincardiff. » See all articles by Erin Cardiff
Nicole Rapaport is a born and bred Londoner. Seasoned journalist, traveller, reviewer, property enthusiast and new wife, she is impatiently curious and loves a good old nosey. A stickler for punctuality, she is rarely running in heels, but can often be found dancing all night in them. » See all articles by Nicole Rapaport
In September 2008 Hannah quit her job as a book publicist in London, packed all her belongings into her little orange car and headed to the French Riviera in the hope of landing a wealthy oligarch. Instead she landed a job at The Riviera Times, which she edited for two years. Having now followed her heart, and her boyfriend, back to London, she is a freelance journalist for a variety of UK publications. » See all articles by Hannah Marshall
Lara Bensenia is a freelance writer and translator currently living in Lyon, France. Lara calls both the United States and Tunisia home and hopes to achieve EU citizenship to top it all off. When not running around town in her beloved Frye boots, she can be found testing exotic and spicy recipes or curled up with a good book and her snobby French cat Lolita. » See all articles by Lara Bensenia
Sacha Markin is a thirty-something writer and trained journalist, based just outside of London. She has written for newspapers, magazines, books and the web and, alongside her writing, she has also worked in various areas of the media, TV and events industry. Sacha’s hobbies include compulsive book buying (but never getting around to reading them), marveling at the many interesting blogs online (but never getting around to starting one herself) and, of course, running in heels (but never after Sauvignon Blanc!) » See all articles by Sacha Markin
Lauren is a freelance writer living in Edinburgh. Currently creating content for a new online dating venture, she’s written everything from gig reviews to weight loss guides. Lauren loves butterflies, salami sandwiches and her two pet Fancy Rats, Woody and Marmaduke Duke. » See all articles by Lauren McConnell
By day, Sophie is a PR, Marketing and Copywriting professional for a charity in East London; by night she can be found sampling London’s delicacies and exploring the City’s hidden gems. As a frequent globe trotter, Sophie has an appetite for travel and enjoys devouring local dishes along the way, which so far have included locust, scorpion and, her favourite, kangaroo (sorry Skippy). Sophie can also be found with her head buried in a book, tucked away in her local coffee shop in Bermondsey. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieCHarmes. » See all articles by Sophie Harmes
Born in New York, Kaiti has spent most of her adult life in Athens and London. A banker by day and a writer by night, she is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. On her blog The Ψ Project she discusses anything and everything relating to her studies. She also writes short stories and shares personal anecdotes on her blog Catching Up On Silence. Follow her on Twitter @kaitica83. » See all articles by Kaiti Vartholomaios
Dominie Heald is a penniless waif living a gypsy-like existence, and finds herself in that strange limbo between realities that is familiar to all recent graduates these days. A Brit through and through, Dominie is currently exploring expat life in Arabia; and has an inexplicable (and irritating) tendency of losing her shoes everywhere she goes. » See all articles by Dominie Heald
Josephine is a writer that relishes the freedom of freelancing. She loves to travel and experience new things. Irish by birth, Josephine has just recently moved from Montreal to Edinburgh and is presently busy falling in love with the city. With a BA in English with Psychology, an MA in Film Studies, and a diverse range of interests she is well equipped to write on many subjects including the arts, society, lifestyle, travel and food. For more on Josephine see » See all articles by Josephine Power
Although she can’t quite pinpoint the moment at which she realized it, Petra knows for certain that the world of words and stories is for her. Originally a lawyer in her native Sydney, Petra is now based in Berlin where she writes on international affairs, the arts and travel for several international publications.While she can (sort of) run and even cycle in heels, her tootsies are more attuned to the likes of rubbery havaianas. Follow her updates of life in Berlin at and view her portfolio at » See all articles by Petra Zlatevska
Miss Middleton lives in Paris, but is a true Londoner at heart. She is fanatical about film, both watching and creating, and has an especially overactive imagination! She also enjoys writing about just about anything, and is known for saying the first thing that pops into her head! » See all articles by Emma Middleton
Hailing from a little town in Pennsylvania, Loni grew up on three continents and still strives to expand the grounds covered with every passing year. At present she calls London home and plans to stay at least until she has penned a few scripts and eaten several gourmet meals. To keep up with her travels, follow her on Twitter at @loniklara. » See all articles by Loni Klara
Jo Oughtred lives in Lincoln, and gets to walk past a castle every day, which is really quite exciting. She loves books, and is fond of interesting words (her favourite word is ‘lackadaisical’, but she also likes ‘oak’ and ‘freckle’). She is interested in interior design, unusual art, animals, history and really lovely flowers. Her life ambition is to have a donkey. Also, to be good at swing dancing. Life highlights so far include learning how to use a lasso, spying on badgers, and, once, dressing up as an elephant. » See all articles by Jo Oughtred
Helen is a freelance journalist from London, having previously resided in Madrid and Paris, and is currently studying for a Masters in Magazine Journalism at City University. A fully fledged foodie and fashionista, she also enjoys writing about whatever takes her fancy, be it politics or the latest reality show. Do not trust her youthful appearance; she is 23 going on 80 and spends her time drinking tea, baking cakes and going on day trips to locations featured in Austen adaptations. Helen's blog is Telly and Tea and you can also follow her on Twitter @HelenStuart3. » See all articles by Helen Stuart
As a full time journalist, Lauren covers a range of subjects (some interesting; others less so) with work published in The Times Magazine and BBC’s olive. Any one of her friends will confirm a deep-seated love of food, though she is far more accomplished in eating than cooking. Lauren’s journalistic ideal would involve interviewing as many people in as many different places as possible. Read her blog at » See all articles by Lauren Vanderkar
Alexia is a tequila-drinking, red-lipstick wearing poet that lives on cocktails, cigarettes, ice-cream and inappropriate giggling. She loves shopping in the men’s section, smiling while falling asleep and talking French when she’s drunk. Quelquefois, elle est tres fou comme Holly Golightly. Sometimes Alexia is in her garden talking to the moon and sometimes she is at her local bar talking to a stranger, but she can always be found on her blog Say Another Lexi. » See all articles by Alexia Roumanas
Jenny is a 21-year-old postgraduate student journalist at Cardiff University with an unrelenting enthusiasm for cakes, Motown music and shoes. When not writing fabulous features and perusing glossy magazines, Jenny can be found under the stage name ‘Lady Muck’ as a singer-songwriter or in the middle of a good dance floor in her favourite pair of peep-toe heels. » See all articles by Jenny Williams
Olivia is a London-based lawyer, and a long time lover of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle based. She is never happier than with Prosecco in hand and a holiday on the horizon. She can be found posting about her day to day style and sartorial discoveries over on Instagram at @gonewiththefashion » See all articles by Olivia Bargery
Zoe is an aspiring fashion and lifestyle journalist based in London. She has previously worked at FHM, the Times and Elle and starts at Vogue in April! Zoe loves sports, especially running (in trainers..but occasionally in her Choos/Guccis), along with other activities that most consider punishing such as bootcamp training, triathlons, spinning, and sample sales(!) » See all articles by Zoe Stephens
Alexia Healy grew up in London and a tiny town in France called Roquecor. She is an actress, a writer and believes very much in the power of a story. » See all articles by Alexia Healy
Kirsty is 24, from Brighton, and an English language and media graduate. She is currently trying to embark on a (hopefully successful) writing career, delving into fashion, relationships, films and anything else that grabs her eye. A lover of all things art related, Kirsty spends her time taking photographs, continuing with her attempt to write a novel and feeding her shopping addiction. » See all articles by Kirsty Schofield
Sarah, a recent graduate of English and Latin Literature, is now working as a freelance writer in London. She loves fireworks, Bank Holidays, men in thick rimmed black glasses, India, ye olde English pubs and The L Shaped Room. She can usually be found pounding the mean streets of London, planning her next trip to Europe (top of the list: Croatia) or cutting her own fringe (badly). » See all articles by Sarah Crook
Caitlin Flynn recently graduated in English and Film Studies. Besides fashion and writing, her favourite things are travelling and (golden retriever) puppies. Her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland, she wishes she'd been alive in the 1960s, and she reads TMZ religiously. » See all articles by Caitlin Flynn
Sarah is currently working in advertising having recently graduated from Oxford. Her loves in life include music, art, foreign politics and travelling... but she's always looking for new ones to add to the list. » See all articles by Sarah Spickernell
Heidi Fuller-love is a successful travel, food and lifestyle writer/photographer and professional hotel reviewer, whose features and photographs regularly appear in magazines and newspapers worldwide ranging from The Guardian and The LA Times, to Thomas Cook Travel magazine and Asian Geographic. During the summer months she teaches travel writing workshops in various parts of Greece. » See all articles by Heidi Fuller love
Sophia Sparks is a freelance writer currently based in Oxford. As a native Texan living in England, she enjoys cooking big food in her tiny kitchen. Her other hobbies include searching for the Downton Abbey house by bicycle and clothes shopping for her nonexistent long-haired Chihuahua, Bijoux. » See all articles by Sophia Sparks
Amy Fallon has been a journalist for the past eight years, working across newswires, newspapers and magazines. She is currently working for the UK national papers as well as a string of women's magazines. She has also written features for titles in Australia, South Africa and Canada. She is Australian-born and before leaving Sydney four years ago was a journalist there for four years. » See all articles by Amy Fallon
Vicki is a writer and copywriter who resides in London but dreams of New York. In no particular order she enjoys shoes with a chunky heel, black and white movies, Nora Ephron, making travel plans, scribbling in notebooks and spectacular sunsets. Also blogs about costume, film and fashion at Girls Do Film. Follow her on Twitter @miss_vicki . » See all articles by Vicki Loomes
Victoria Todd is a Lincolnshire-born writer who has spent the last ten years falling in love with the city of London. She enjoys holidaying in the UK, scouring charity shops, spending a small fortune on skincare, reading novels on her Kindle, watching Columbo, frolicking in the sunshine with friends and cooking simple, fresh food. The former Editor of Fashion Monitor is now juggling a freelance career with her new found passions for soap-making and zumba. » See all articles by Victoria Todd
Georgie Lucas is an aspiring fashion writer and stylist from London. Having graduated from Leeds University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, she has interned at Zac Posen, Amanda Wakeley, Style Magazine, Grazia and is now at The Daily Telegraph. She loves skiing, sunshine and all things related to art, fashion and design. She can run in heels, although she doesn’t very often, and is sure it would be much easier if they were Marni... » See all articles by Georgina Lucas
They say once an Essex girl, always an Essex girl but after a year in Japan and three years exploring Aussie and NZ, Emma's roots have become slightly more tangled. She writes about everything she can get her hands on - entertainment, travel, current affairs - and is currently rediscovering the delights of London. Emma has edited the Social Butterfly sections of RIH. » See all articles by Emma Sheppard
Recent UCL graduate taking baby steps into the big bad bankrupt world. An aspiring writer and radio producer, she has most recently called London, Bordeaux and Berlin home and is currently deciding on the next city. She was definitely born in the wrong era and compensates madly with old books and old clothes, though has quite a large space in her heart for new music. » See all articles by Lucy Dearlove
Becky is now London-based having had enough of the sailors in Portsmouth. She has never been able to perfect the art of running in heels, so prefers walking round the house in slippers. » See all articles by Becky Middleton
Jessie is a native Texan living in Munich, Germany. She has a love affair with travel and food, and is always attempting to learn something new. Right now she can't get enough of knitting, hot tea, Euro Indie music, doener kebabs and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". » See all articles by Jessie Smith
Eurocentrique is really Alia Papageorgiou - a Greek Australian who found herself immersed in Belgian waffles, praline chocolates and the EU institutions she studied during her degree in European Law after moving to Brussels. Her writings encompass any connection to Australia, euroskeptics, humanitarian aid and European Affairs in general. » See all articles by Alia Papageorgiou
Sebastian just moved to Munich to a) live with his girlfriend, b) start a journalistic career, and c) observe the Bavarian culture of high-quantity beverage consumption. He enjoys traditional Japanese Karate, a good Rugby game, and books by David Foster Wallace. » See all articles by Sebastian Schoebel
Tommy D Bridge is originally from Yorkshire. Although after spells of exile in Saudi Arabia and Luxembourg, he finds himself living in Shoreditch, London – studying History at Queen Mary University. After varied work experience including The Royal Household, it only took two weeks interning at Tatler Magazine for him to know the world of society and fashion magazine journalism was the one for him. Now he’s just waiting for his lucky break. Read more of Tommy's articles on his blog, and you can also follow him on Twitter @tommydbridge . » See all articles by Tommy D Bridge
Fran Harris is the editor of, online travel magazine, Lady Adventurer and freelance writes across a wide range of subjects including travel, culture and women's issues. She is currently, very badly, learning Arabic whilst being obsessed by Graham Greene, the Marcel Wave and cheese. » See all articles by Fran Harris
Fashion marketing graduate and freelance fashion writer Sascha was born in Moscow, raised in Stockholm and later found herself studying theater in Los Angeles and fashion in Florence. Currently based in Milan, Sascha writes for Cosmopolitan Sweden, Italian online magazine Stylenews and, of course, Running in Heels. She’s passionate about fashion, music, travelling, animal rights, art, books and cinema, and dreams of a life spent writing books on a beach in Southern Italy. Her life and style icon is Audrey Hepburn. » See all articles by Sascha Mejeritcher
Eden is communications manager for Eskimo Creative and deputy editor of online music magazine The 405. She particularly loves chatting to authors and artists. If you like to tweet you can find her @edenkeane. » See all articles by Deirdra Eden Keane
Having graduated from the University of Portsmouth with an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Harri currently works in the Women's Voluntary and Community sector as an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate alongside freelance writing and research. She is interested in politics, media perceptions of violence and terrorism and how policy translates into practice, especially with regard to women in the criminal justice process. Harri particularly likes Sunday papers and science fiction. Follow her on Twitter @HarriKay. » See all articles by Harri Sutherland-Kay
Courtney Smith is a young, Dublin-based fashion stylist and writer with experience spanning across Dublin, London and Miami. Among the celebrities she worked with are award-winning songstress Amy Winehouse, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner Aleisha Dixon and model Katie Price. Check out her website or her new style blog » See all articles by Courtney Smith
George Robertson clearly spent her childhood reading too much Enid Blyton but more recently has spent several years working as a broadcast journalist, making programmes for Al Jazeera and the BBC. However, she is currently based in Paris where she is polishing up her Franglais. » See all articles by George Robertson
Amy is 24 and recently graduated in Magazine Journalism from the University of Sheffield. She has an unhealthy obsession with all things Will Ferrell and Alan Partridge. She likes to think of herself as the modern day Peter Pan and likes all things that are bad for her... » See all articles by Amy Gerami
Rebecca Schoenkopf is the LA contributing editor for Running in Heels and author of Commie Girl in the O.C. from Verso Books and a political columnist, art critic, and top editor at alternative weekly newspapers since 1991. She lives in Los Angeles. » See all articles by Rebecca Schoenkopf
Laura Gutiérrez lives in London and takes care of all things Marketing & Communications for RioBlush. When work permits it, she likes to travel and counts finding the perfect mojito among her many passions. » See all articles by Laura Gutierrez
Francesca is a certified wine sommelier who loves to kick start the day to the sound of AC/DC and the smell of black coffee. A rock journalist for several years, she now dedicates her times to writing about life's finest pleasures: wine and food. When she is not busy in the vineyards, you can find her on the slopes, attempting to improve her snowboarding skills. » See all articles by Francesca Fabi
Journo in training, Sarah Cox, spends most of her time writing for a variety of publications on a variety of subjects. From neorealism to Eastenders, Mills and Boon to Toni Morrison – this is a runner (admittedly often in flats, not heels) who loves to read and watch films more than anything else in the world. Living in, what is essentially a cupboard, in North London and writing from borrowed laptops - the only thing that comes close to cinema and literature for Sarah is a love of talking to strangers in queues. » See all articles by Sarah Cox
The offspring of a Milanese mother and a London cockney father, Abra Dunsby-Sircana spends most of her time daydreaming about setting up Italy’s very first pie and mash shop. An aspiring journalist and travel enthusiast, Abra is happiest when lounging on a blazing and deserted beach or when lying under stars. A self-confessed true romantic at heart, Abra is convinced that Johnny Depp will one day turn up at her door step and confess his undying love. Until that day, she contents herself with regular trips to Paris, where she indulges in blatant people watching and overly extravagant spending sprees in the Marais. » See all articles by Abra Dunsby-Sircana
Freelance writer Beverly Coleman loves nothing better than running... and socialising in a pair of killer heels. Her skills have graced the pages of Red magazine, the deceased Touch magazine and a host of local publications. A city girl at heart she loves to explore the world, bake cakes, hit the shops (for shoes) and is generally a lover of life. » See all articles by Beverly Coleman
When she's not roaming Europe in search of the tastiest foodie hotspots, Mary keeps herself busy enjoying the best of London's cultural offerings - and can often be found wandering along the South Bank or chatting to the Old Vic's finest thespians. » See all articles by Mary Dobson
Isabel Clift likes all things travel and is a writer, editor and blogger for Any She lives in London, and – unfortunately for her finances – combines travelling with shopping whenever humanly possible. » See all articles by Isabel Clift
Hemanth used to be a corporate lawyer but his love of the silver screen forced him to become a cinema and DVD reviewer. Everything creative interests him. » See all articles by Hemanth Kissoon
An Australian lawyer currently residing in Kreuzkölln, Berlin whose main activities currently include furniture building, giving questionable English lessons to housemates, and discovering the world of Berlin minimal-tech. Part-time activities include scheming her way into a small Berlin based group specialised in regulating the revenue transparency of mining companies, and taking language courses. » See all articles by Camille White
Nellie Huang is an independent travel journalist with a fierce passion for life. In her quest for adventure, she has climbed an active volcano in Guatemala, reconstructed a school in rural Tanzania, followed the trails of sea lions on the Galapagos Islands and scuba- dived with turtles in the depths of Borneo, Malaysia. Now based in Spain, she writes regularly for CNN Go, National Geographic Intelligent Traveler, Wend, Women Adventure Magazine, Rough Guides and Lonely Planet. Read about her travels on Wild Junket or follow her on Twitter @WildJunket. » See all articles by Nellie Huang
Alice Vincent is a freelance magazine journalist based in London who writes about the arts, culture and style. She has worked with New York's Nylon magazine and currently co-edits Wannabe Hacks. Her interests include etymology, taxidermy, Twitter (@alice_emily) and trash TV and every now and then she updates her website. » See all articles by Alice Vincent
Charlotte is a freelance journalist living in London. Recently graduation from Northumbria with a journalism degree, she is currently studying at London College of Fashion. With a keen interest in all things fashion, she has interned at both Dubai and London fashion week and currently writes for various magazines. You can follow her on Twitter @CharElizabeth, and read her blog at » See all articles by Charlotte Simpson
Miss Dawes lives in Brixton and likes to walk around the streets of South London thinking and observing people. She loves to cook Italian and West Indian cuisine and these tastes are reflected on her bookshelf. Said bookshelf also includes a number of iconic works such as The Bible and this month's Vogue. » See all articles by Antonia Dawes
Marie Burrows is a twenty-something journalist freshly graduated from University of the Arts London. She has an insatiable appetite to learn and is gradually creeping further and further away from her hometown of Wolverhampton; soon moving from London to Berlin. She believes that you should try everything once, and that yoga, swimming and tea keep her sane - what a hippy. You can follow her on Twitter @marie_j_b or her blog online here. » See all articles by Marie Burrows
Lottie is a London-based freelance writer, on a one-woman mission to prove that sarcasm is not in fact the lowest form of wit. She writes on film, music, TV, culture, current affairs and anything vaguely sublime or ridiculous. Things that make her happy include Nutella, people dressed as giant animals, daydreaming, aimless walking and finding things to add to her fancy dress box. » See all articles by Lottie O'Conor
Tarsha has returned to her native New England after years of gallivanting around Europe as an International Lady of Mystery. She is an avid skier and enjoys sharing stories of her adventures with anyone and everyone, especially over a glass of wine - or several. » See all articles by Tarsha White
Muireann Carey-Campbell is a writer and professional gypsy who has lived in some of the world's most expensive cities, surviving on only raw meat and shoes. She now lives in the north of England and survives on hot chocolates and well, still shoes. Described by some as a 'prissy bitch', she is very particular about her fashion tastes and is on a one-woman mission to eradicate Uggs and leggings from the face of the earth. You can find more of her crazy ramblings on her blog » See all articles by Muireann Carey-Campbell
Originally from Liverpool Camila now lives in London working as a make-up artist. She cannot wear heels / run in them as she is 5"11 and size uk 9 shoe! Last time she attempted wearing 4 inch ones she couldn't stand up properly on the tube and received odd looks off fellow passengers. » See all articles by Camila Fernandez
Originally from Estonia, Eeva has spent the last ten years travelling around the world. Now working as a freelance photographer and journalist, she graduated from Northumbria University specialising in scriptwriting. Eeva has worked for various travelling web sites and magazines. She is currently writing for Wide World Magazine and working on independent film sets as stills photographer. Eeva is interested in a range of topics from travel and lifestyle to culture and film. » See all articles by Eeva Kaun
Natalia is currently taking an MA in International Journalism at Cardiff University. Born in Russia, she grew up in Belgium and technically lives in Luxembourg. She loves travelling and learning about local foods and likes taking photographs. » See all articles by Natalia Popova
Manfie Merrydew is a writer and singer. She enjoys exploring many creative pursuits. She currently resides in London with her boyfriend and enjoys reading an eccentric and eclectic array of literature. She studies Spanish and draws inspiration from almost every aspect of her urban surroundings » See all articles by Manfie Merrydew
Josie is a freelance writer and blogger, whose career highlights include reviewing the St Pancras Oyster Bar and correcting the grammar of the Dragon’s Den dragons. As a Northerner based in South London, a few of Josie’s favourite things include vintage leather boots, her folding bicyle, Brockwell Park, her enormous collection of buttons, a bearded husband, the board game Dixit, oysters and the word ‘apricity'. » See all articles by Josie Robson
Originally from Connecticut, Caitlin has relocated to Europe to pursue her interest in all things journalism. After a year in Spain spent developing a respect for red wines, she’s moved on to Wales to earn her MA in journalism. When she’s not running around Cardiff, she’s mastering the squash courts, the arts scene, and racking up frequent flyer miles. She’s also been known to refer to herself in the third person. » See all articles by Caitlin Ritchie
Jeremy Smith, Brighton born and bred but now exiled to London, wastes most of his time watching sport, comedy and anything HBO has to offer. During breaks, he will write about sport, culture, travel and history. Unless Deal Or No Deal is on. Jeremy regularly edits the Culturelle and Social Butterfly sections. » See all articles by Jeremy Smith
Kay is currently working on a degree in Journalism in Sheffield and also studies German and Dutch. She has had a great deal of experience in writing and has contributed to international, national, local and student media. Her work has been published in the UK, Germany and Russia and counts articles for The Independent, Fault Magazine, The Sheffield Star and many others to her portfolio. She spent a year working as a writer on German-language publications in Dresden and hopes to work in features when she graduates next year and says she would love to one day write for i-D or NYLON. She lists her interests as people watching out the window in Starbucks, Scrabble and anything arty. Kay describes as herself as “creative, individual, fashion-obsessed and always busy” and has wanted to be a writer her entire life “except when I was four and wanted to be a dinosaur.” » See all articles by Kay Weston
Sarah is a 26-year-old editorial assistant who normally works in the background and watches while the journalists she assists take the limelight. She has worked for a diverse range of magazines and newspapers in Glasgow, writing features and news. She spends her free time writing, reading and running. Her ambition is to set up her own magazine. » See all articles by Sarah Beech
Emma has been a journalist for almost eight years and is currently based in the beautiful city of Bath. She spends most of her spare time trying to give up her day job in favour of travelling the world and discovering new and exciting places, preferably with a lot of sunshine. In the past three years she has visited more than 20 different countries, writing about her adventures along the way. Emma's work has appeared in the regional press and on various websites. She is slightly obsessed by cheese, shoes and anything sparkly – especially champagne. Follow Emma on twitter @emmacdance or check out her blog. » See all articles by Emma Dance
Tilly is an English graduate trying to work out how to fit writing around her life, or fit life around her writing. She enjoys all the stereotypical English student hobbies; theatrical exploits; reading the greats and the not-so greats; weekends by the sea and is currently readjusting to the horrors of the daily commute. After bidding a fond farewell to Advertising she is now striking out in Script Development, dabbling in production with new company @More_Films and producing events for the London Comedy Film Festival @Locofilmfest » See all articles by Tilly Coulson
A graduate of Edinburgh University, Marion spent much of her final year hounding writers and directors for interviews for The Journal. It paid off and she received the Best Features Writer Award from The Herald Student Press Awards a few months ago; not her brightest moment as she somehow managed to drop and chip it later on that evening... She has done internships at The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Scotsman and The Herald. By day, Marion interns at Paget Baker PR. By night, she is a freelance journalist and has written for several publications including Noir Magazine and The Skinny. Soon she might not get asked for ID in pubs. » See all articles by Marion Sauvebois
Robyn is a 25-year-old freelance Journalist living in the vibrant metropolis of Surbiton. She spent her younger years in Thailand and as a result enjoys an unhealthy obsession for seriously spicy food. She is also a fan of cats and gin. But not at the same time. » See all articles by Robyn Ashman
Katrina Robinson teeters slightly in heels while working in Oxford academia, and writes freelance on fashion, film, retro beauty, women in the media, and spiritual stuff. » See all articles by Katrina Robinson
Laura is a girl to be found in one of two places; head first in a vintage shop bargain bin or rummaging around a charity shop’s retro rail. An aspiring fashion journalist, she spends most of her days sitting tapping away at her laptop with a cup of tea in her hand. With a love for anything a bit old, especially teacups and worn out books, she would one day adore to have her own little flat in London with a Pashley bicycle parked outside and a Pug for company. » See all articles by Laura Townsend
Craig now lives in Berlin, in cultural rehab after a spell in London and a life sentence in Manchester. His eyes are made of sponge and his memory from Teflon and he curses his luck it isn't the other way around. A musician and a shoe whore, he's not short on sole. » See all articles by Craig White
» See all articles by Philippa Barr
Born in South Africa, raised in Australia and now living in Berlin, Germany, Fiona McGregor doesn't quite know where to call home. A communications professional that loves almond croissants, vintage frocks and chai lattes, she hopes one day to own a sausage dog named Pockets. » See all articles by Fiona McGregor
Becca is a British/Swedish journalist who has spent half her life trying to move back to London. She divides her time between serious news, serious fun and the serious challenge of entertaining a wilful three-year-old. With a weakness for fashion, an infatuation with culture and a serious addiction to shopping – Becca knows what’s what in Stockholm. » See all articles by Rebecca Martin
Freelance Journalist / Writes poetry / Translates French to English / Born in Rome / Not Italian / Lived in Brussels, Paris, Le Mans, Warsaw. Currently in Washington, D.C. / Practices T'ai Chi / Guitar / closely following the collapse of the world as we know it. » See all articles by Nicolas Rudd
Laura is a Hertfordshire- and London-based lifestyle writer who is passionate about wellness, positive body image, personal development, health, beauty, music and entrepreneurship. You can follow her on Twitter @laura_yates82 and read her blog online here. » See all articles by Laura Yates
Part time PR and freelance writer, full time eco-warrior, Ellie can usually be found making heinous decisions in the pursuit of 'excellent stories'. Follow Ellie on Twitter @Ellie_R_Day. » See all articles by Ellie Day
Bernadette Redfern is a freelance journalist, editor and writer and has travelled extensively in order to cover breaking news and research features. She has a particular interest in the Middle East and is a regular contributor to Middle East Economic Digest, covering a range of business sectors from banking & finance, capital markets and real estate, construction and energy. She also writes about women’s issues in the professional sector from empowerment of women in Saudi Arabia to maternity rights in the UK. Her blog: is currently being turned into a book. Bernadette has a Masters degree in Civil Engineering with Environmental Management from Manchester University and a Periodical Training Council professional certificate in journalism. She has also undertaken numerous professional training courses during her five years as an editor at media group Emap. » See all articles by Bernadette Redfern
Hannah lives in the not-so-leafy part of leafy Surrey but soon hopes to fill her lungs with city soot and move to London town. Having spent many years studying Spanish and Italian she lays claim to a vein of latino blood running through her body. As a keen traveller she relishes writing about the worldwide destinations she visits. Closer to home, Hannah enjoys reviewing plays and films and hovering like any other culture vulture. » See all articles by Hannah Nathanson
Brazilian writer and world citizen, Nara has been living in London for the past ten years where she has found the time and necessary inspiration to keep up with her writing. Through frequent trips to Italy and France, she has developed her love for travelling and writing about it. Since arriving in Europe, she has published a book in Brazil and another one might be on its way soon! Nara frquently reports from Europe on the arts for a couple of American and Brazilian publications. She also writes for the British Dance Dynamic magazine and has interviewed world class dancers such as Darcey Bussell and Juan Ogalla. Her passion for the arts and fashion sometimes gets the better of her: she proudly owns a marvellous pair of Louboutins that are so high she cannot walk in them, let alone run! » See all articles by Nara Vidal
Simon's travel writing has been published in ABTA Magazine, the National Geographic Traveller blog, 101 Holidays and TNT. He has a degree in Civil Engineering and has written a book about his experiences living in Grenoble, and is currently in talks with publishing houses. Follow him on Twitter @siwillmore. » See all articles by Simon Willmore
Kirsty Greenwood is a 26 year old writer hailing from the dubious parts of Greater Manchester. She enjoys American telly, photography and playing the guitar (albeit badly). When not receiving therapy for her out of control book addiction, she can be found in her cupboard sized flat – eating hula hoops and writing her novel. Kirsty also edits the food blog Yum Scrumptious. » See all articles by Kirsty Greenwood
Monique looks foward to completing - sooner or later - her undergraduate studies in English Literature and History. Already drawing up travel plans, she's determined to explore a bit before plotting the next phase. She has long been berated for being lazy with her make-up, preferring to start the party earlier, and has only lately managed to wield the mascara wand with any skill. A proud northerner, Monique will sing the praises of her hometown, Manchester, to anyone who'll listen! » See all articles by Monique Rubins
Fashion and beauty writer, blogger at Style Thread and fashion and lifestyle editor of Charbon London, Penny focuses most of her time tracking down the latest street style trends and hunting for amazing beauty products. Obsessed with all things Chanel, she currently juggles freelance projects with spending time with her Schnauzer, Archie. Follow Penny on Twitter @style_thread » See all articles by Penny Lane
Maria is studying English Literature at Birmingham University. She has a passion for all things fashion, is a lover of literature, drama and music and would not be out of place in a Jane Austen novel. As an aspiring journalist, Maria likes to write about anything that inspires her and in her spare time, can often be found curled up with a nice mug of tea and a good book in her lap! » See all articles by Maria Lunn
Jenny Owen is a South Londoner who will happily explain the merits of taking a bus instead of the tube. She enjoys pretty much anything cultural especially theatre, galleries and gigs (if they can be included as cultural). When not doing those things, she's probably drinking tea somewhere. » See all articles by Jenny Owen
Bianca Bass is a freelance journalist and blogger based in London but forever dreaming of New York. Being half Brazilian her passions lie not only in travel but style, culture, crafting and.. business! She secretly wishes she was born in the 1700's, during the era of Marie Antoinette. Since moving to London from a sleepy town in Dorset she has had many an adventure which are often the inspiration behind her work. Read her blog online here. » See all articles by Bianca Bass
Jo Rourke is a freelance writer and translator. Fascinated by most things, expert at few - her passions include languages, travel, reading and all things art and crafty. She lives with her husband and baby daughter in Northern Ireland. Follow Jo on Twitter @jo_rourke. » See all articles by Jo Rourke
Sarah is a crafty soul who would happily spend her whole life making things and wandering the globe. Until her lottery win comes in, she works as an Event Manager and shoehorns as many hobbies into the rest of her waking hours as possible. Sarah co-founded Pinned it! Made it!, a monthly craft + cocktails party in Shoreditch and is in the process of setting up her own furniture / homewares brand. She writes lists, makes puns, loves proper gravy, learns neon and upholstery and never misses a Corrie. » See all articles by Sarah Waldie
Student of French and Dutch at UCL, Bobbie is presently living in Provence for a year. Relinquishing all responsibility each summer, she absconds to faraway corners of the earth, and hopefully one day the moon, then reports back to whoever is listening. More responsible activities and interests include translating EU documentation, fighting for Minority Languages, Balzac, boating and Jefferson Airplane. » See all articles by Bobbie Mellor
James Lohan is one half of the couple behind Mr & Mrs Smith. Since Mr & Mrs Smith’s first guidebook was published under the Spy Publishing imprint in 2003, Smith has grown under James’ entrepreneurial eye from a labour of love to a multi-faceted boutique travel provider. An online booking service in was introduced 2005 and an in-house reservations team in 2006. The company has developed a three-tiered membership programme which includes a full travel and lifestyle concierge service, and has attracted more than half a million members. In the last two years, the Smith brand has launched in the Asia-Pacific region and North America from offices in Melbourne and New York. James' latest projects include the introduction of a 24-hour worldwide telephone-booking service, making a series of online travel videos and developing Smith apps on mobile platforms. » See all articles by James Lohan
Naomi Leach is a London based magazine journalist. She mostly writes about film and travel and has worked on current affairs documentaries too. When she’s not pretending she can surf in foreign seas, she can be found skipping in her heels through the streets of central London. » See all articles by Naomi Leach
Thomas is an English Literature and Creative Writing graduate, currently living in Oxford. One of his main interests is in how alternative music and fashion have worked together throughout the decades; whether it’s the Teddy Boy culture of the 1950s, the punk world of the 1970s or the Two Tone era of the early 1980s, Thomas likes the idea of a movement that can define a generation, and more importantly, influence how we think today. He also likes a variety of films (strictly no sci-fi), a few light ales on a Saturday night, and a few embarrassing recollections on a Sunday morning. In more dignified moments, Thomas likes a wander round a ruined manor, a good documentary and a trip to an exotic location. » See all articles by Thomas Hadfield

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Catriona McGale is at her happiest with either a cocktail or a cup of tea in her hand. 22 years old, she is currently completing a degree in journalism studies while doing freelance writing. Always looking for a new adventure Catriona wants to travel the world, and so far has explored the streets of Paris, Prague, Venice, Rome, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Madrid and Barcelona-to name just a few of her favourites. She has also spent a summer living in Berlin where she produced a travel guide of the city. Catriona is the Features Editor of Brig newspaper, has previously worked at Pink Paper and also has her own blog. » See all articles by Catriona McGale
Camilla is currently in her final year of a BA in Fashion History and Theory at Central St Martins and is a freelance writer for a range of publications and websites, writing about fashion, arts and culture. She is currently assisting in the archiving of one of the UK's major fashion designers and is also a keen musician in her spare time. Camilla lives in North London; has a healthy obsession with Morrissey, drinks far too much tea and is rarely seen without her faithful companion, Pablo the pug. » See all articles by Camilla Harrison
Georgie is a fledgling fashion and beauty writer who moved from her spiritual homeland of Manchester to London straight after graduating with an English degree to embark on her path to live the proverbial 'dream'. She's enjoying every second of the epic adventure, whilst exploring London's late-night parties, Primrose Hill pubs and culinary institutions on the way. A keen advocator of studs, fringing and all things denim, Georgie is partial to a full-bodied red and a classic novel. » See all articles by Georgie Travis
Training to be a journalist, Natasha's ambition is to be a health writer. You can read her blog on mental health, Mindful Mentality online here. » See all articles by Natasha Roberts
Josie is a dip-dye enthusiast who spends too much of her time trying to be funny on the Internet. She relates to most creatures (including humans) as if they were cats. She writes about music, travel and whatever else she can shoehorn cheap jokes into. Her hobbies include: dancing inappropriately to disco music, drinking really good coffee and doing yoga in confined spaces. Follow her on Twitter @josiet_j and read more on her website » See all articles by Josie Thaddeus-Johns
Half pizza baker, half football writer, 100% editor at Unlike City Guides, Mark Thompson lives in Berlin and is trying to get by like everybody else and is lucky enough to do that by doing what he enjoys: writing about amazing places. He hopes you enjoy them through his words. He most definitely did not write this himself. » See all articles by Mark Thompson
Daria is a Russian-born, Western-European-bred young lady with a striking resemblance to her cartoon namesake. Aside from university studies, she dedicates her time to cinematography, photography, plane hopping, street roaming and dreaming of a pet dog. » See all articles by Daria Kyrilova
Miss Kimbell has recently moved to Manchester in search of furthering her design career. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, she has worked in the design industry for the past 2 years. She likes to read about fashion, trends and current affairs. With a passion for keeping fit, she is often seen pounding the treadmill at her local gym. » See all articles by Lauren Kimbell
Julie Tomlin is a freelance journalist based in London. She is interested in stories about women and the media and among other things writes about journalism, and how social media is used to tell stories around the world. You can read more about Julie on her blog and follow her on Twitter @JulieTomlin. » See all articles by Julie Tomlin
Jess is a southerner at heart and in voice, but currently loves living in the North of England. She is a freelance writer as well as studying History. She loves the world; learning about the past and travelling to many places in the present. Unsurprisingly then, she enjoys writing about lots of different things! » See all articles by Jess Hill
Alice Neal is a journalist from Somerset. Despite listing her interests as tea, charity shops, Radio 4, gin, grammar, maps and flasks, she was born in 1984, not 1894. She can be found on Twitter @Alice_Neal. » See all articles by Alice Neal
Alice Stride is a freelance writer with aspirations to publish naughty novels using her ‘sex fiction’ alias, Jennifer Rose. She currently writes for Eat Me magazine,, Exposed magazine,, and She has interned at the Daily Telegraph and is a cheese enthusiast, with a love of reading, creative writing and Mike Leigh. She thinks that everyone in the world should watch ‘Human Remains’ and ‘Nighty Night’. » See all articles by Alice Stride
Alice is a freelance writer who has followed her heart to Cornwall, and is hoping the work follows too. When she’s not writing she enjoys sewing, rummaging in charity shops and sitting in pubs putting the world to rights. She dreams of one day having a garden where she can grow her own vegetables. » See all articles by Alice Wright
Dominique is an aspiring journalist who is currently writing as much as she can in order to make her mark on the world of journalism. Despite doing an extensive amount of travelling she has lived in London her whole life, but hopes to change this one day with her ultimate dream being moving to New York and having a house bunny. Her favourite things are buying notebooks and various other stationary she doesn’t need, baking and eating cakes, reading a good book and a nice floral print. » See all articles by Dominique Major
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Harry Stopes lives in fashionable North London and is definitely going places, such as the Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park, the greengrocers on Green Lanes, and the Londis across the road. He goes to these places on his Brompton. » See all articles by Harry Stopes
Nicola is a freelance writer currently living in Cambridge. She writes for fashion websites and style & lifestyle magazines regularly. Nicola lived in Norway for four years so she loves the cold and snow! She also loves everything retro and vintage and has a mild obsession with old LPs. When she's not writing she likes to read a classic book with a glass of wine. » See all articles by Nicola Lombardi
After living in Edinburgh for three years, Storm relocated to London in 2011 and is just starting out in her writing career. She lives with seven other housemates, all of which are men. She may not be able to find a second opinion on shoes when she needs one, but if you need a quick poll on twenty-something males, she's your girl. » See all articles by Storm Woodroffe
Jourdana is a London-based fashion, beauty and style writer. Mesmerised by fashion photography, endlessly seeking the perfect pink lipstick, currently flirting with Buenos Aires whilst in the throes of a love affair with New York and super fickle with her girl-crushes, Jourdana believes all a girl needs is love, a pair of f***-me heels and a great gig. » See all articles by Jourdana Abrahams
Kirsty McCormack is a London-born Freelance Journalist who has been feature writing for a bridal supplement for the past year. A huge fan of Twilight, cocktails and skinny jeans, she hopes to live and write in the Big Apple one day but for now, being a Bridal Expert will just have to do. Follow her weird yet wonderful blog at: » See all articles by Kirsty McCormack
Lives in the suburbs by choice; lives on cigrarettes and baguette by choice; lives under a potential authoritarian dictatorship... » See all articles by Paris Correspondent
Obsessed with writing about all things sartorial, Stephanie lives in London where she has most recently worked for Grazia, including a year and a half stint at Grazia’s sister mag in Dubai. She has finally returned to the city she loves, with a rather more glamorous wardrobe and lots and lots of heels to run around in. » See all articles by Stephanie Holding
Jodi has just graduated from the University of Birmingham studying History and Media, Culture and Society and she's currently (im)patiently waiting for her big break to get into the world of fashion journalism. The dream would be to travel the world, settling in Paris with a dog and cats and starting up her own magazine. She buys every fashion magazine going and she love scouring vintage shops (though she has more than a slight penchant for Topshop!). What really inspires her is street style; she could spend all day long looking at pictures of Tokyo street style and The Sartorialist. Her ultimate style icons are Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton and Nicole Richie and she’d describe her own style as undefinable. Jodi also has a blog: » See all articles by Jodi Lawler
Chloe is a freelance author and journalist with a BSc in Psychology and a masters in Magazine Journalism. She specialises in satire and humour, yet her most recent assignments have contained a satisfying element of risk! » See all articles by Chloe Govan
Katrina Olivier is a London-based aspiring fashion writer with a penchant for impractical shoes and silk blouses. Currently a business student and a mum to baby Sophie, she fills her free time with visiting bookshops and food markets, dancing with her daughter and drinking endless coffees. Katrina is known for claiming to be a natural blonde and never turning down a slice of chocolate cheescake or a blackberry martini. » See all articles by Katrina Olivier
Sarah Gibbons is a London-based travel and lifestyle journalist, who has been published in a number of digital and print publications, including Conde Nast Traveller, GraziaDaily, TNT Magazine and The National, among others. Sarah is also co-founder of the lifestyle blog and loves nothing more than exploring the world and seeking out new experiences. Find her tweeting at @SarahGibbons_ » See all articles by Sarah Gibbons
Emma Daly is a 2009 graduate from The University of Reading. She studied English and American Literature and graduated with a First with Hons. Emma has been published in The University of Reading’s newspaper Spark* and she will continue to write for the travel section throughout her upcoming gap year. She has completed placements with The Times and The Telegraph on their fashion desks and she will be joining the fashion team at The Daily Mail in August before travelling in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and LA as a freelance journalist. » See all articles by Emma Daly
Sophie is 27 and works for a financial online publication in central London. Although she’s French, she is passionate about Italy and prefers East London to Paris. Her goal is to become a full-time freelance journalist, contributing to Italian, French and Anglo-Saxon media. In her next life, she would like to be a DJ. » See all articles by Sophie Sassard
Michelle is a writer, musician and all round artist living in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Everyone in Spain assumes she is French given her name but actually is from Melbourne, Australia. Her interests are wide ranging but predominant is travel and getting to know foreign peoples and cultures...Michelle edited this month's literature section. » See all articles by Michelle Taffe
Charlie Watson runs to eat. Based in London, she’ll try any new fitness craze, has run 2 marathons, London and New York, and is now on the hunt for a sub 4 finish time. She writes about her fitness adventures on her blog when she’s not doing her full time job, writing recipes for a well known mums' mag! Follow her on twitter @charliedwatson. » See all articles by Charlie Watson
Claire lives in London but would like to emigrate to Paris. Her favourite things are champagne, Leonard Cohen and laughing. » See all articles by Claire Bonham
Londoner Rebecca has been working as an editor and journalist for the last five years, but has abandoned doing any real work in favour of daytime TV, obsessive Twittering and the occasional spot of celeb and fashion writing. However, if she's trying to make herself sound cool she's happy to still cash in on the story of how she once interviewed Uri Gellar for a bingo magazine four years ago. » See all articles by Rebecca Holman
Rosy is a massive fan (and resident) of South London - but loves the seaside more. She is writing as much as she can, mostly for fun and the experience, but also to justify reading music blogs until the early hours instead of studying. If the writing career doesn't work out she's going to move to Bristol and run a small cider farm. To date she still can't play the ukulele very well. » See all articles by Rosy Ross
Janie is a freelance journalist from London. She completed her training in technology reporting, and is now branching out in general business and consumer journalism. Janie specialises in social care and social politics, as well as education. In her spare time she enjoys fashion studies and travelling - particularly around Asia - and hopes to report back to Running in Heels from lots of exciting places. » See all articles by Janie Davies
Sarah Kemp is a London based lifestyle blogger and freelance journalist who currently works as PR and Social Engagement Manager at Gorkana. When she is not writing or out and about with her camera, she is playing netball, training for the next fitness challenge, at home cooking or trying one of the best new restaurants that London has to offer. Follow her on Twitter @foodforthink. » See all articles by Sarah Kemp
John is an English Literature graduate from Durham University and currently doing an MA in Journalism at Goldsmiths' College in London. he can't get enough of the arts, especially the old music - from Hip-Hop to Patagonian pan-pipe music, if it's got a good tune, he'll enjoy it. Also a big fan of books, films, theatre, sport, socialising, skittles, nesquik cereal, pop tarts and Sailor Jerry's rum. Check out his blog at » See all articles by John Elmes
Being blessed with the gift of the gab and not shying away from uncomfortable statements or questions, it was only natural for Roxanne to pursue a career in Journalism. After having lived in the heart of Bavaria, Germany for most of her childhood she went on to live in the flatlands of Holland, and for the last two years has been living on the Costa del Sol aka Costa del Crime, slurping alcohol-free Mojitos and writing the occasional article here and there. And now, ladies and gentlemen: All jokes aside. Roxanne was rewarded with the Honours Diploma for Freelance Music and the Arts Journalism by the London School of Journalism and have since been working as a Freelance Journalist in the area Music and the Arts. » See all articles by Roxanne Sancto
A New York girl, born and bred, and currently hitting the pavements in bawdy Berlin, Kate is a culture vulture. Her writing focuses on contemporary art, film and gastronomical delights. Interests include dead poets, notorious beheadings, feasts and merrymaking, and women of history who wrought destruction…fashionably of course. Kathleen edited this month's art section. » See all articles by Kathleen White
Sacha is a travel writer and tropics lover. She has lived in Singapore for 16 years, Taiwan for two, and Hong Kong for two, and has the warm Indian Ocean in her veins (she's tried to love skiing, but invariably ends up in a heap of skis, boots, goggles and gloves, wishing she was in a bikini in Thailand). Now London-based, she contributes to publications like the Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Wanderlust and Conde Nast Traveller. » See all articles by Sacha Smith Laing
A New York girl at heart, Jonatta packed her bags one day in search of adventure, and ended up in Edinburgh. She daydreams of German boys and Berlin. Jonatta's passions are writing, politics, films, fashion, humanitarian issues and food. If she had superpowers, she would end world hunger. Jonatta edited this month's Politics section. » See all articles by Jonatta Moore
Jen is a student in London. She aspires to be a singer/songwriter but her obsession with looking good has lead her to doing part-time work as a beauty consultant. Can usually be found in altered states of consciousness, attempting to wow people with her music whilst appearing effortlessly stylish by somehow managing to keep on top of her makeup re-applications. » See all articles by Jen Greenwood
Writer and Presenter, Bethanie Lunn is best described as the epitome of the new contemporary business woman. She has literally trade marked ‘Fabulousness’ and specialises in ‘The Modern Girl’s Guide’ - securing a following through her glossy magazine columns, TV and radio appearances, popular video blogs and blog entries that have formed the basis of her first book, The Modern Girls Guide to Fabulousness. » See all articles by Bethanie Lunn
Lucinda is a lover of life, a freelance writer, and all round creative. She sings, plays harp and writes songs. She is due to release her first album in September 2009. She has a passion for bushcraft and survival skills, eating cheap chocolate, Brazil, twittering, and pole dancing. She currently lives in Nottinghill and can be found perusing Portobello market at irregular hours in high heels. » See all articles by Lucinda Belle
A dual-national from Brazil and the USA, Melissa studied political science and works as a freelance journalist in Europe. She loves Italian literature, Brazilian food, Bohemian wine and still cannot quite grasp the idea of snow on a beach. She has lived in Rio, Boston, Cambridge, Florence and Prague? » See all articles by Melissa Rossi
Elisa Barnard found out she had a 'passion for fashion' not long after completing a three year film degree - so did the sensible thing and enrolled in a fashion journalism postgrad at LCF. Now almost three years later, with stints at Elle, the Guardian and Time Out under her belt as well as a year-long grind at Net-a-Porter she's decided to break free and try to give this freelance writing lark a go. Her main interests are all things populist and fashion of the people with a little bit of vintage thrown in and very much hopes that she'll win you over with her quirky charm and excellent wit. Follow her on Twitter @SmellieB and don't miss her blog Notes on the Highstreet. » See all articles by Elisa Barnard
Meredith Berman is a born and bred Baltimorean. Having been raised in the States and then moved to England at the age of eighteen, her peculiar accent raises eyebrows. Her passions, in order of importance are as follows: travel, food (particularly anything fried) and amusing friends to occupy her. After travelling the world for a year and a half, Meredith decided the city was for her, and so has settled in London to occupy her busy-little-brain, for the meantime. » See all articles by Meredith Berman
Hannah is a full time communications officer and part time journalist, who writes about everything from food, to fashion, to travel, with lots of random stuff in between. She studied history at The University of Edinburgh and Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University. » See all articles by Hannah Carr
Alexandra doesn't like writing auto-biographies much. Instead, she prefers reading or hearing the words of men (not very many female writers have yet to move her equally (don't think that's a bad thing); although she will whole-heartedly accept recommendations!) who, both living and deceased, have set their thoughts, observations, experiences and various fantasies exquisitely alight. Born to Romanian parents and Francophile by fate (concluded she must have been Gallic in a former life) a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) ‘test’ reveals her to be a ENFP type. Enjoys native frolicking people and those with equally inquisitive, unconventional tendencies. Young at heart. Ancient in spirit. Cliché. Love. Sarcasm. Hug. Wink. Music. » See all articles by Alexandra Moga
Tonisha Robinson is a communications manager on a corporate hamster wheel. She left Jamaica at age 24 to create havoc in Bern, Toronto, Rome and London before falling deeply in love with Berlin, where she now lives with her boyfriend and as-yet-imaginary dog, George. Head to her blog to see more of Tonisha's writing. » See all articles by Tonisha Robinson
Nicola is a journalist living in London who specialises in fashion and lifestyle writing. When she's not researching articles she likes mixing cocktails, watching movies and throwing shapes in her hiphop class at the local YMCA. » See all articles by Nicola Ashwell

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Alexandra earned her training wheels at the London School of Journalism, before embarking on a series of writing gigs that flung her towards different corners of Europe; namely, Romania, Moldova, Germany and Spain. Now settled back in London, she keeps her pencil sharp by writing travel copy and the odd review. An avid foodie and cocktail connoisseur, she loves scouting out the city’s culinary landscape for great places to eat. » See all articles by Alexandra Szydlowska
24-year-old Candice Brown Brathwaite is a freelance writer and baker. When not knee deep in fondant and icing sugar, she can be found training for a marathon or another physically demanding running trail. With an interest in all avenues of journalism, she truly excels at sex writing. Deciding to run a half marathon on every continent to raise money for HIV/Aids has allowed her to combine her three loves. You can follow Candice on Twitter @CBB. » See all articles by Candice Brown Brathwaite

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Angela is a blogger and freelance journalist from NYC who came to London to pursue a career in fashion journalism. She has written for numerous websites including HerHattan NYC and Madame Noire. The self-professed foodie loves to spend her weekends at Borough Market sampling copious amounts of dishes or digging into a huge plate of pasta. An avid traveller, her dream vacation is to go on an African safari. For more of her sartorial musings, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @estilonyc. » See all articles by Angela Thomas
Lynne is an award winning producer and entrepreneur. In 2002 she created Funny Women, now the UK’s leading community for female comedy helping women to perform, write and do business with humour. The Funny Women Awards are in their 12th year and Lynne has produced shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, arts festivals and all over the UK. Lynne also runs workshops and coaches people in business and public life under the banner of ‘Stand Up to Stand Out’. She bases her techniques on stand-up comedy skills which help to improve self-confidence and presentation skills both professionally and personally. » See all articles by Lynne Parker
Rachel has been a freelance celebrity, lifestyle and travel writer for papers, supplements, weekly mags and glossies in the UK and abroad for 15 years. Based in London, she’s interviewed stars around the globe and travels around it frequently too – whether it’s to trek with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, compete in the World Series of Poker in Vegas, report on British heart surgeons in Sri Lanka, scuba-yoga in Grenada, or bounce off Total Wipeout’s red balls in Buenos Aires. With a love of fitness, food and festivity, she savours a quiet cup of good coffee too. For more information, see her website or follow her on twitter @rachelcorc. » See all articles by Rachel Corcoran
Split between the bohemian hills of Hebden Bridge and city lights of Manchester, Susannah writes mostly about food and drink. Mainly because that’s what her life revolves around. But if something gets her back up, she’ll write about that too. Having worked for various charities and educational organisations over the years, she’s now open for business as a freelance copywriter at CopyCat. Feast on her musings @copycatcontent. » See all articles by Susannah Crossland
Gemma is an avid film-watcher who has recently graduated from a degree in Film Studies. While she enjoys keeping up-to-date with new film releases she loves re-discovering old classics as well. » See all articles by Gemma Collier
Amy is a proud Irish girl having fashion adventures in London town. Her obsessions include shopping, eating, horse racing and reading anything she can get her hands on. She has worked in various roles in the fashion industry and currently works as Fashion Assistant at 1883 magazine. Not exactly known for her silence, you can read more of Amy's musings on her blog. » See all articles by Amy Lynam
Dedicated skincare expert Teresa Tarmey is behind many of London's most flawless faces. Having suffered with adult acne herself, she is knowledgeable and passionate about skincare for any age. Having trialled the world's most progressive procedures, diets and formulas in search of the perfect complexion, Tarmey's experience of 20 years is both academic and hands-on. For more information on Teresa, see her website. » See all articles by Teresa Tarmey
Planning her next meal is a full-time job, but freelance journalist Olivia somehow manages to find time to write on the side. After nearly 5 years chatting London and international lifestyle at BA High Life and as Features Editor of The London Magazine, she’s an expert on the new and the next at home and abroad, writing for the likes of Marie Claire and Grazia. » See all articles by Olivia Palamountain
Helen is a London-based travel journalist specialising in the UK, USA and Australia. She has been published in the Times, the Guardian and Rough Guides among many others and works tirelessly to convince Brits that they can have a lovely holiday right here in the UK - while simultaneously attempting to eradicate all mentions of the word "staycation". Follow her on Twitter @helenochyra. » See all articles by Helen Ochyra
Laura is aspiring magazine journalist from Birmingham looking to break into the wonderful world of women’s lifestyle journalism. She has a passion for all sorts of things, including fashion, beauty, health, fitness, travel, women’s issues, films, entertainment, relationships and food. Laura read English and American Literature at Loughborough University and volunteers for Women’s Aid in her free time. » See all articles by Laura Francis
Lauren Trouten is a communications officer from Edinburgh. She also writes content for a dating website, but will never reveal which one. She enjoys long walks and large glasses of wine. Follow her on Twitter @LaTrouten. » See all articles by Lauren Trouten
Nina is a freelance fashion, food and lifestyle writer, originally from the suburban North West London world with a penchant for Prada, Tatty Devine jewellery, children’s literature and Sipsmith gin. A literature graduate,she contributes to various magazines and online publications and you can check out her blog online here. » See all articles by Nina Koo-Seen-Lin
With 10 years’ experience in travel PR working for destinations around the world, Rebecca has finally embraced her inner Anglophile to focus on the good and great of England. » See all articles by Rebecca Holloway
Beatrice initially started writing film reviews and coverage of film festivals while in University, including travelling to work on a New York independent film festival two years in a row. After finishing education, she did a stint in Film Ireland as an assistant editor and went on to become a festival correspondant for them, fondly covering the Berlinale for three years. Beatric now predominately works in film and video production, writing occasionally on film and often interviewing directors and actors. For more, see her blog online here. » See all articles by Beatrice Ni Bhroin
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London-based Sharon is a freelance writer and journalist who has been published in The Guardian and The Sunday Times magazine amongst others, and has also conducted live studio interviews for Sky News and ITN radio. She follows politics closely, especially in these turbulent times, and much of her writing focuses on health and disability issues. Sharon is a keen blogger and a real lover of culture from classic books, to new music to art exhibitions. Follow her @Sharonbrennan. » See all articles by Sharon Brennan
Kate lives in the wet city of Glasgow where she is currently studying for an M.A. in Multimedia Journalism at Glasgow Caledonian University. She have previously been nominated for Herald Student Journalist of the Year. Her dream fashion item would be a Chanel 2.55. » See all articles by Kate Maclennan
Maggie Hitchins is a freelance journalist living in North London. She writes about food, fashion and popular culture. She can also be found at » See all articles by Maggie Hitchins
Francine is a freelance fashion writer who spends most of her time with her head stuck in a book, or trying to write one. Love affairs include Woody Allen movies, Federico García Lorca and cups of tea. Follow her on Twitter @Francine_Lou » See all articles by Francine Heath
Anita Kaushal is the author of the FamilyLifeStyle series for Thames & Hudson and a lifestyle journalist. Anita’s design consultancy handles products, interiors and brand development, always with the aim of keeping happiness and wellbeing at the forefront of every project. For further information visit » See all articles by Anita Kaushal
Jen Carswell has just finished her Master’s degree in journalism in Paris, where she has been living for the past four years. She has worked for various media including the Agence France-Presse, CNN and France 24. She loves Paris for everything cultural – cinema, art, theatre, opera, music – but wishes that Parisians could be as nice as people in Canada (her country of origin). » See all articles by Jen Carswell
London-born Jodie can often be found nestled in a leather armchair, her nose deep in a fashion magazine, or trawling the shops of Carnaby Street in search of that simply divine playsuit she just has to have. Her growing collection of luxe skyscraper heels are housed ever so cautiously in clear boxes and her wardrobes (plural!) are painstakingly colour coordinated. Writing is her first love, before any man in her life, and she hopes her words are appreciated. » See all articles by Jodie Hart
Chris Hanretty is an academic at the European University Institute in Florence. He has previously lived and worked in Sweden and Japan. Last year, he fought David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest -- and lost. Read his blog here. » See all articles by Chris Hanretty
Natalie Fox is a journalist who has recently moved to London to study for an MA in Print and Online Journalism. She was originally living in Beirut, Lebanon which is where her mother is from, and was an editor for Time Out Beirut magazine. She is passionate about social and women's issues and loves literature, arts and culture, whether it is writing about them or going to galleries, plays and exhibitions. » See all articles by Natalie Fox
Freelance writer Sonia is now writing a non-fiction travelogue, having spent twenty one months in South America, Apart from travel, she also writes on past lives, and quirky and quaint places to enjoy in London. » See all articles by Sonia Shah
Penny calls Warwickshire in England home, though she loves to explore the world and is away writing travel features as often as she can wangle it. As well as freelancing as a writer and editor she enjoys dreaming up crazy knits for the home, testing new beauty products and chilling out with chocolate and a good book. » See all articles by Penny Batchelor
Zoë enjoys living her life in a haze of English, Spanish and French, daydreaming herself away to countries near and far. She appreciates interesting company, all things retro and enjoys words, believing once written down they become truth. Documenting her days through photography, she could waste hours in a café people-watching and putting the world to rights, preferably with a cappuccino in hand. » See all articles by Zoe Leno
A traveller from an early age, Michelle now loves to explore the intriguing backwaters of cities and infiltrate local culture. Having spent six months abroad, unintentionally making a tour of countries beginning with the letter I (Italy, Ireland and Israel), Michelle spent the rest of the year living a life-less-ordinary in the city of chic fashion, avant-garde art and gourmet food - Paris. She now divides her time between exploring luxury hotels across Europe and pottering around her vegetable patch in Ireland. » See all articles by Michelle Brister
Based in Cambridge and London, Ruthie is a visual writer working across mediums and creative communications to explore different narrative languages. Her work is inspired by interdisciplinary legends Luca Orta, Yoko Ono, and Laurence Weiner and often has a social or text-based message. Passionate about an inclusive artworld, in 2008 she helped friend and artist Freya Zinovieff co-found Cambridge Open Art Space and is currently studying with the London School for Social Entrepreneurs to grow a network and platform for creatives from all backgrounds. Ruthie is also a Women's Enterprise Ambassador and is working on a book called The Hip Girl's Guide to Being an Entrepreneur for creative, entrepreneurial women. She teaches English language and coaches a limited number of clients on creative projects. / » See all articles by Ruthie Collins
Michelle is 31 and lives in Belfast. She works as a PA which involves running round all day in heels trying to be Wonder Woman. Would love to livein New York. Loves retail therapy, enjoys a good book and secretly want to have Jason (Take That) Orange's Babies (don't tell her boyfriend!) » See all articles by Michelle Carson
Something of an amateur photographer, a natural born worrier and an enemy of mispaced commas, Tiina comes from eastern Finland and spends her time on the many exhibitions, talks and independent films on offer in London. After two years of Excel sheets, deadlines and a litre of coffee a day, she's now doing an MA in film. » See all articles by Tiina Heinonen
Malena Harbers is a beauty, health, fashion and lifestyle writer who’s contributed to magazines the world around: From Harper’s Bazaar UK to Glamour UK online to Elle Canada, to Hello!. She is currently a beauty writer for The Toronto Star newspaper in the Great White North. She spent two years living in London where she learned her SPF’s from her EPA’s from the best of the beauty pack and was previously an Assistant Beauty Editor for a weekly celebrity magazine. She’s currently jet setting back and forth between Hamburg, London and Toronto, in a flower topped Alice Band and Chanel’s Le Vernis in Impérial. » See all articles by Malena Harbers
Kate Hill is a Nottingham based writer who has been scribbling her thoughts down online for a year now, covering subjects as diverse as men’s grooming to maternity. Kate loves cinema, laughing and eating popcorn. If she can find the perfect 50s heels to go with her perfect 50s prom dress she’ll be happy! » See all articles by Kate Hill
Natalia is a restless writer born in Warsaw, currently living in Stockholm. She has a thing for street art and salutes out-of-the-box-thinking. She’s a bit addicted to soya latte, sushi and cookies. She will probably turn into a chocolate-chip-cookie any day now. » See all articles by Natalia Urbanska
Alya lives in Tunis and thinks people should try jumping for joy. She is into underwater conversations and would like to write a paper on the possibilities of solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a Shesh Besh game (backgammon in Hebrew). » See all articles by Alya Kebiri
Nirit is the only South African living in Paris and is a wanna-be burlesque star. An international journalist and TV presenter who loves to report on pop-culture and talk to strangers. She wants to be BFF with Karl Lagerfeld and share a beer with Oprah Winfrey one day. Read Nirit's blog on and for a new way of thinking, behaving and originating, look at » See all articles by Nirit Sumeruk
Unconventional photographer/writer/artist based in Milan, addicted to ageless fashion form, in every shape, loves to catch it and express it on camera. A trendsetter and party hopper who spends hours in front of the mirror just to make sure she will look unique at the next fashion show. Loves art, fashion designers in general, movies, Keanu Reeves, and her very stylish, distinguished cat Smokey » See all articles by Lyn G. Jegher
Katie feels like she spends half of her life in airports, mostly waiting on planes to take her between Belfast and Manchester – the two places she likes to call home. Despite just finishing a Law degree, Katie’s loyalty lies with traveling and writing, so it made sense to combine the two and head to Hg2. An abbreviation for A Hedonist’s Guide to... A luxury city guide series for travellers looking for style and substance. » See all articles by Katie Brown
Carys is a trainee reporter having completed a Print Journalism postgraduate diploma at Sheffield University. She studied French and German at Lancaster University and loves croissants and French wine, and hates finding herself without chocolate. Her passions include writing, talking and anything penguin-related. » See all articles by Carys Hepworth

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Juliet is a freelance PR consultant, features writer, copywriter and wannabe columnist. Her speciality is the world of luxury lifestyle, with a focus on jewellery, accessories, fashion, travel, and general zeitgeist. » See all articles by Juliet Rowe
Rachel moved to Munich four years ago, after completing her studies in the UK. She now runs her own culture blog Arts in Munich and contributes to Electronic Beats and the Huffington Post, among others. In her free time, she loves to travel, ride horses and eat cheese. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Munich. » See all articles by Rachel Preece
Michelle is a freelance journalist who specialises in personal finance. Practising what she preaches, Michelle loves to make the most of her money - not the easiest thing to do when you live in London! » See all articles by Michelle McGagh
Amy is a broadcast journalist working mainly in financial and business news. She's interested in stories about women’s inclusion, or more often exclusion, from the workplace – and how economics can help drive equality. You can follow her on Twitter @amyjgardner. » See all articles by Amy Gardner
Eóin Murray is the first male employee of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, Ireland’s largest national representative body for women. He coordinates the campaign to get more women involved in politics. Learn more at » See all articles by Eoin Murray
Jean Lambert is a member of the Green/European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament and rapporteur (author) of the parliamentary report on proposed changes to European Asylum legislation (the recast Qualifications Directive). More information is available on Jean on her website . » See all articles by Jean Lambert
After completing her degree in Communications and Information Studies, Jem left the bright lights of London for the middle earth of Oxfordshire. Writing has been a growing passion for her, as through work and play she has gained experience with both online and print media. You can see more of Jem's work on her blog, Creative Tendency. » See all articles by Jem McCarron
Emine Dilek is a freelance journalist, radio host, women’s rights activist, author and poet. Currently, she works as a columnist for PALM BEACH woman, a business magazine for women. She has two blogs where she writes about women’s issues and translates poetry. » See all articles by Emine Dilek
Jennifer O'Shea is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer and illustrator originally from the north of England, now living in the heart of London's East End. With a degree in Fashion Journalism, Jennifer has worked on the style team for television programmes such as The Clothes Show and Gok's Fashion Fix and currently illustrates and writes full time for many print and online publications, whilst managing a beauty product collection to rival Boots'. » See all articles by Jennifer O'Shea
Reena Patel is a self-confessed hair and beauty obsessive who lives in London. As an award winning lifestyle PR consultant, blogger and beauty writer, she’s always on the hunt for the finest things in total beauty indulgence. Also a bride-to-be, Reena can’t live without under-eye concealer and a slice of sweet carrot cake with a cup of tea! » See all articles by Reena Patel
Vanessa loves to give her opinion. Whether it's on food or a movie, relationships or charities, she always has something to say. Her favourite colour is ... leopard print. Not really a colour, but nothing about Vanessa is simple. She is the ultimate wedding geek and just loves love and rom coms. You can spot her at a farmer's market or wandering around vintage shops. You'll find Vanessa in parks with a gelato and Greek sandals during summer, a chai latte for winter with comfy boots, but with a summer read all year long. Her workout includes samba and badly-performed pilates and she hails from the French Caribbean. » See all articles by Vanessa Bolosier
Francesca is an ex-Geordie now residing in South London. She works in fashion and spends nearly all of her spare time at the movies or "investigating" the teen television genre. Not wanting to seem fickle, she sometimes reads The Economist too. » See all articles by Francesca Robson
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Abi Millar is a journalist from London, who writes about everything from psychology to psychedelic posters. Her past articles are archived here. » See all articles by Abi Millar
Mark C.O’Flaherty writes about design and travel for the Financial Times, Sunday Times and Elle in the UK and shoots architecture, interiors and menswear for a variety of international design and fashion titles. He has worked with some of the biggest names in design, including Anna Sui, Zac Posen and Yohji Yamamoto. Before writing about fashion he produced catwalk shows at London Fashion Week with globally renowned art director Simon Costin. » See all articles by Mark C. O Flaherty
Ben Whitelaw is a freelance journalist who writes about everything from local government to sport. He co-founded Wannabe Hacks, dabbles in a bit of bad birdwatching and tweets @benwhitelaw. » See all articles by Ben Whitelaw
Donata writes financial features for London’s business newspaper City A.M. She recently graduated from the London School of Oriental and African Studies with a degree in Mandarin and History, spending a year in Beijing along the way. She’s a fully paid up politics and economics geek and would rather quite like to run the world in heels. Aside from that, she enjoys eating sushi, pretending she knows about wine and dancing like a loon to Motown music. In an ideal world, she thinks, people would more regularly wear hats. » See all articles by Donata Huggins
Shelly's love life is a constant source of amusement to her friends. With an uncanny ability to attract London's weird and wacky menfolk, she deals with her affliction in the only way she knows how... writing about it. For more stories of dating nightmares, see » See all articles by Shelly
Born in Cork, raised in London and now resident in Barcelona, Yvonne feels like she’s finally found the right city for her. As a DJ booking agent and club promoter she lives, eats and breathes music but has also been known to spend quite a bit of time shopping and obsessing over fashion, as you can see on her blog at She fights an on-going daily battle with her unruly wavy hair, and has an unhealthy attachment to her Kindle. » See all articles by Yvonne Duffield