Well will you look at that? Only a couple of weeks ago it was World Cocktail Day and now there’s another reason to restock your bar and get creating yet another tipple or four as it’s World Gin Day! Once the preserve of misled mothers, we’d go so far as to say that these days, we may be dangerously near to Peak Gin. Gin festivals, gin bars, DIY gin – it seems that the British people are quite partial to a bit of gin. So how to celebrate World Gin Day in appropriate style? Well a plain old G&T would be far too simple, so we’ve gone for something which we think you’ll absolutely love. Meet the Gin & Ginger.

Honestly? We’re a little bored of the super trad G&T, which can become a little cloying on the palate if you have a few of them… What’s special about the Gin & Ginger? Well this is a cocktail with lots of added extras to give a really deliciously (and very moreish) summery flavour. Fresh lemongrass, ginger and mint plus a hint of pink grapefruit really give this a slightly exotic edge – it’s the perfect summer day-to-night drink. Not forgetting – of course – strawberries!

As we’re making this cocktail with Bloom Gin, strawberries are an absolute must. Bloom Gin has a slightly floral finish to it, and it’s actually designed to be served with strawberries. Chamomile from France, juniper berries from Tuscany and Chinese pomelo are the botanicals which give Bloom its distinctive flavour. This is a very easy, relaxed cocktail to make so we’re leaving quantities up to you – if you’re expecting friends, make a big jug or punchbowl as it’s sure to disappear quickly!

Strawberries // Pink Grapefruit
Lemongrass // Ginger
Mint // Ginger Beer
Bloom Gin // Ice 

Muddle three to four ripe strawberries in the bottle of your glasses and add lots of ice before pouring over Bloom Gin. Take the sliced lemongrass and mint, then give them a bit of a bash between your palms to start to release the flavours. Add them to the glass, along with slices of pink grapefruit and slivers of fresh ginger then pour over ginger beer to finish. We like ‘artisan’ style ginger beer with this cocktail – traditional ‘fiery’ ones are a little overpowering for the delicate flavours. If you prefer, you can also use a light ginger beer – we like Fevertree’s.

And the Gin & Ginger is best savoured? Somewhere outdoors – perhaps in the garden or park on a sunny day. And if you’re feeling extra naughty, you can go half-half ginger beer and fizz – whether that’s prosecco or Champagne… We think World Gin Day is worth celebrating, after all – cheers!