We’ve all been there. You’re in a fitness rut and you’re just bored bored bored of exercise of any kind. Can’t be bothered. Don’t want to do it. Not interested. So what can you do to get out of a workout rut, banish the boredom, break up the routine and fall (back) in love with exercise?

stuck in a fitness rut

Do Something New

Someone who swims every week? Try dancing. Is running your jam? What about a reformer pilates class? The fastest way to beat exercise boredom is by trying out something new – and reintroducing some excitement into your fitness routine. Even if you love running, it’s easy to become bored with those familiar routes and favourite playlists, so challenge yourself to test out something new and different once or twice a week. Kickboxing, hot yoga, pole dancing, climbing or aqua aerobics – one useful consequence of the current wellness boom is that there’s never been more choice when it comes to fun, new and interesting forms of exercise to keep you on your toes!

fitness rut

Use Your Friends

Peer pressure. There’s no better way to ensure that you stay on track with fitness goals than teaming up with a pal. After all, you might cancel on the gym, but you’re not going to flake on your friend and that dance class you’ve booked to do together, now are you? Fitness with friends is more fun, whether you’re catching up as you jog round the park, gossiping in the sauna post-swim or enjoying brunch after your Sunday morning HIIT class. Friends – adding fun and keeping you exercise accountable. What’s not to like?

exercise with friends

Keep Track

If you’ve ever checked a running app on your phone or worn an exercise tracker, you’ll know that there are few things quite so addictive as keeping tabs on your fitness. If you’re feeling like you’ve got into a bit of a rut with exercise, keeping track of things is a fantastic way of challenging yourself and staying motivated. We use (and love) the Misfit Shine, but there are loads of fitness tracking watches, bands and apps out there, so check reviews online and ask around for fitness tracker recommendations.

exercise motivation

Take On A Challenge

You can happily tackle the 5k around the park, so perhaps it’s time to take things up a notch. Fancy a charity 10K or even a half-marathon maybe? Pushing yourself and finding a goal to aim towards works wonders in keeping you motivated and engaged. For those after something even more challenging, how about a duathlon or triathlon? Or you could always go all-out and consider something which is not only a fitness challenge but a bit of a life goal too – climbing Kilimanjaro, cycling to Paris or walking the Great Wall of China, for example. What are you waiting for?

fitness challenge

Playlist Perfection

You know that feeling when your favourite track comes on and you just start running faster because it’s SO GOOD? If you’re someone who runs or uses the gym and would be lost without their music, it’s time to switch things up and reboot your playlist. Ask your friends what they’re listening to, check Spotify, or just Google ‘best playlists for running,’ and get going. And we all know, there’s nothing better than that truly euphoric, endorphin-boosting moment when that amazing song comes on.

best running playlists

Use Your Friends (Again)

We’ve all got that exercise-mad pal who’s been in love with fitness since forever – you know, the one with the ridiculous body? Her. Well, time to put her to some use and ask her advice. What’s she loving right now? Any amazing classes or teachers she recommends? A running playlist or route she swears by? What does she do when she feels like she’s in a bit of a rut fitness-wise?

exercise rut

And if all else fails…

Yeah, it’s time for some new workout wear. No, shopping isn’t going to make you fall back in love with exercise, but the chance to show off some slick new workout kit just might. We’re big fans of Sweaty Betty’s snazzy leggings, Lorna Jane’s cool girl activewear designs, beautifully designed yoga clothes from Lululemon and Fabletics’ super bargain workoutwear. Shop yourself fit!

cool gym clothes