For the past 20 years, Women for Women International has been working with female survivors of conflict across the globe. From Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the organisation’s vital work supports women who have survived war and all the horrors it brings with it. Now, through a new campaign Women for Women International is asking for your support. Ahead of International Women’s Day, you can ‘join the sisterhood’ and celebrate women by sharing who inspires you on social media. #SheInspiresMe is about taking a moment to add your voice and share your inspiration.  Together we will use the power of our collective voice to support women in war-torn countries. Let’s tell them, ‘we are with you.’

Women for Women International has enlisted a host of famous names to share who inspires them – from fields as diverse as food, fashion, architecture, music and media. Thomasina Miers’ take on #SheInspiresMe? “I grew up idolising my grandmother, who was from Tennessee. She ended up with no money but was indefatigable in the face of life’s knocks, always up for fun, up for a party. I inherited her wardrobe from her modelling days and still wear it today. I loved her zest for life.”


And Zaha Hadid: “The headmistress of the nun’s school I attended as a young girl in Baghdad was deeply committed to the education of women. We were all these girls from different religions – Muslim, Christian, Jewish – it made no difference to her. She understood the importance of supporting every young girl; to give her the confidence to conquer the next step.”

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“This campaign makes life-changing differences to women around the world whose situation is often unimaginable to the Western world,” explains Alice Temperley, Mary Katrantzou adds “It is one thing to give someone in need what they are lacking, but to give them the ability to get it for themselves is the most valuable gift. Women for Women International allows those seeking guidance to connect with women who can mentor and guide them, acting as a catalyst for progress and change.”

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So how can you get involved? First of all by sharing your own #SheInspiresMe story on social media – or by sharing the powerful campaign video. “There’s never been a greater need for Women for Women International’s work to support women survivors of conflict, and celebrate the vital contributions that all women make,” says the organisation. “Not just because women’s voices and achievements are so often unheard and overlooked – but because elevating women strengthens the social fabric of societies everywhere. Ultimately stronger women build stronger, more stable nations.”