The Running in Heels journalists are an eclectic bunch, with eclectic tastes in the websites they peruse. For the first time, we’d like to share the strange, funny, amazing, inspirational sites we’re loving on the web this month.

Oh dear...

The Daily Bunny

I’ve got stupidly and rather pathetically obsessed with The Daily Bunny – a picture blog that more or less explains itself. It’s ridiculously cutesy but it does cheer me up down here in London, where the only animals I tend to see are one-legged pigeons and harassed looking, balding foxes.

Chosen by Rebecca.

Love Harder

The Love Harder project highlights the power, sense of community and love among bloggers. A well known blogger in the 20 Something Bloggers community fell in love with her Hot Awesome Dude (as she refers to him) and he was then diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma – an incurable cancer. Her blogging friends (people she has never met before) all rallied and set up Love Harder to raise money and awareness for the Multiple Myeloma Research Fund. Within the first six hours of their launch , they had already hit their goal of raising $3000. The next target has been set for $5000. In less than a week, there is a blog, a shop for all things with the logo Love Harder and a new video project that asks bloggers to send videos with what inspires them to love harder. A very inspirational blogging movement! Read the full story here, or you can also follow the project on Twitter.

Chosen by Eleni.

Kanal5 – Natalie Karlsson

The past few days I have totally fallen in love with a website which is basically a Swedish TV station, Kanal5. However, the site also hosts three amazing blogs which are full of inspirational food, fashion and culture. My favourite blogger has to be the uber-fashionable and really amazing  Natalie Karlsson who is based in Gothenburg.

Chosen by Domonique.


Wahanda is a great website I’ve discovered recently offering brilliant deals on spa, health and beauty treatments, as well as info and reviews on different wellbeing and spa centres. It also runs a daily mob deal, where if enough people sign up to a particular offer (half-price haircuts for example), then everyone gets the deal for that price. What’s not to love?

Chosen by Hannah.

Just what you've always needed!


I love this website. Toy-A-Day has been around since 2008 and its creator, Joe Chiang, initially planned to make and post a paper toy every day for a year. However, two and a half years on he’s still working away on the site so whilst it may have not gone according to plan, that’s definitely a good thing!   Toys featured range from The Beatles, to Jay and Silent Bob to Barack Obama and everything in between. The toy is designed on a PDF which you print out and construct. Even if you haven’t got the patience to make one (and I admit I’ve only tried once) it’s still adorable to look at!

Chosen by Jenny.

Trivial Pursuit Experiment

If you’re looking to spend five minutes challenging your neurones on the net and contributing to the battle of the sexes, head to the Trivial Pursuit Experiment. The site pits girls against guys in a web-wide version of everyone’s favourite after dinner game – personally there’s nothing I like better than proving I’m brainier than the boys…  Is it cheating that I never pick the Sport and Leisure questions in case I’m asked about football/darts/other extremely tedious and incomprehensible pastimes? I don’t think so! As of right now, the women are way ahead. Let’s make sure it stays that way!

Chosen by Alice.