The pitfalls of running in heels seem very much a first world problem in the context of CARE International’s Walk In Her Shoes campaign. The global event invites women across the world to undertake a week-long challenge in solidarity with the developing world’s women and girls. 70% of the world’s poorest billion people are female, and for many of them, the simple task of fetching water takes up much of their day. In third world countries, women walk an average of six kilometres every day, just to ensure that they have adequate water to drink, wash and cook with.

And so CARE is asking women around the world to commit to walking 10,000 steps (which equates to around five miles) every day for one week. Can you imagine what life would be like if you had to spend hours each day fetching water? Forget about catching up with friends or managing to get to that exhibition before it closes. The glass ceiling doesn’t mean much when you haven’t time to think about education, never mind a career. Taking up the challenge isn’t a lot to ask, now is it?

CARE is committed to creating access to sustainable water facilities so that women in developing countries can start to think about their future. Empowering women is a step towards changing the world.

The Walk In Her Shoes Week is from 4th – 10th March 2013. Get involved. Tell all your friends. Do walk in comfortable shoes please. Need more reasons to motivate you to walk? Read some of the stories of real women whom CARE has helped.

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