As a general rule, I’m not one for half measures: no thanks to fleeting fads or inbetweeny hybrids. They’re interesting in a passing way, but I can’t really say I’m fascinated by the croissant-doughnut crossbreed. So when I heard about Voga –  a new exercise class in London fusing yogic poses with Vogueing moves – I was definitely intrigued, albeit unconvinced of the concept’s longevity.

However, this is January: the month in which we try out new things. And so last Tuesday I found myself at my first Voga class. Unfortunately I’d also chosen that week to try out a juice cleanse, green algae supplements, early nights and zero gin. Result? A less than fantastic mood as I approached Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Could London’s latest fitness fad possibly cheer me up?


You bet. Voga has a lot going for it; it’s high-energy, it’s fun, there’s a (hot, male) DJ playing great disco and house music, and the founder and teacher Juliet Murrell is all the body inspiration you’ll ever need. Throw in spandex leggings, a disco ball and yoga-esque poses with attitude, and you’ve got an expressive, pumping, full-body workout that beats a soulless treadmill session any day. Following an hour-long class, you’ll leave feeling stretched out, energised, focused and empowered.

After a successful summer of classes in Ibiza (naturally), Juliet has brought her unique spin on yoga to London, with regular classes at BGWMC, Old Finsbury Town Hall and London Fields Yoga. Voga is set to be huge so cancel your gym membership, grab a space on the dancefloor while you can and STRIKE A POSE.

For more information and to book, see the Voga website.