We’ve got a lot of love for the wry and very entertaining¬†Unhappy Hipsters, which pokes fun at the individuals we should probably be feeling a little jealous of. In their domestic temples of sleek, modern design, they’re feeling smug in the knowledge that they reside in an IKEA-free space. But the anonymous folk behind Unhappy Hipsters add their own snide comment to each magazine-style image – and it makes for rather amusing reading.

unhappy hipsters 1

“Slight emaciation was really a small price to pay for limiting his foodstuffs to the bowl of Granny Smith apples that so perfectly played off the clustered-bulb light fixture.”

unhappy hipsters 2

“Letting her choose between the red and white quinoa was the first phase of her home-school lessons in self-construction, liberty, and spontaneous activity.”

unhappy hipsters 3
“As Week One of her cleanse came to a close, Margot felt the energy for a new year of stone-throwing slowly return.”

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