“Hello, my name’s Alice and I’m afraid of fake tan.”

While I’ve been applying false tan fairly regularly for over half my lifetime, even tanning pros get it wrong sometimes. I can completely understand why some choose to steer clear of fake tan altogether. The potential pitfalls are numerous – skin not properly hydrated or exfoliated, getting dressed too quickly or applying too much product. The resulting streaked effect or tell-tale orange palms are pretty off-putting.

st tropez instant tan

I’ve made my share of mistakes and had to rethink outfits. I would also not advise anyone to apply tanning products after consuming wine. And so my current Beauty Fix is the Instant Tan Lotion from the original – and the best – purveyors of the faux glow, St Tropez. Available in two shades, this will give you a natural tan sans streaks, which will last all day or all night – up to 24 hours in fact. Plus it’s completely water and transfer resistant, which means it’ll survive summer showers or even a sweaty dance floor.

The Instant Tan Lotion does exactly what it says on the tin, and even if you’re not someone who uses tanning products, you’ll be able to master this one.  It’s best to use a tanning mitt for an even natural finish, but aside from that no specialist skills are needed. It takes a couple of minutes to dry fully, then you’re good to go. As used on supermodels at London Fashion Week, people who like to drink wine before tanning, etc etc…

St Tropez Instant Tan Lotion is available to buy online here, or more information, see the St Tropez website.