mineral foundationIn terms of fashion and design, the Danes certainly know where its at. But what about beauty? Well it turns out that when it comes to cosmetics, there’s a Danish brand that is of the same top notch pedigree. Tromborg is the creation of Marianne Tromborg, a make-up artist with almost twenty years experience in the business. She believes that “looking beautiful should be easy and obtainable, and at the same time make-up users should feel comfortable with the products they use”. This isn’t about bright gaudy colours, or looking too “done”, instead Marianne subscribes to the edict that “less is more”.

Thus it should come as no surprise thjat Tromborg’s make-up range is chic, simply designed and very functional, with professional quality products that mean that you won’t have to carry around a cosmetics bag weighing two tonnes. Tromborg’s customers are modern, busy women that want to look polished and elegant without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. This is the cashmere sweater of the make-up market; an understated, high-quality essential that will always stay in fashion, unlike the trendy pieces that are in one season and out the next. The products use clear packaging, so its easy to grab the colours you want to use and the days of rifling through your handbag trying to find the make-up you’re looking for are over.

The brand may believe that “less is more”, but that certainly doesn’t mean that this is a range with only the most basic products, oh no! For a perfect base on the run, start with Tromborg’s mineral foundation; created with natural face and body shineingredients, it’s feather light on your skin and won’t give the dreaded caked-on look. Plus it contains SPF15 to ensure you’re protected on sunny days. To brighten your complexion, add a touch of blush; Tromborg offer four colours to suit everyone, with one designed specifically to accentuate cheekbones.

We absolutely love the brand’s Face and Body Shine, a multi-functional product which will look as fabulous on your dressing table as your face! The sleek glass bottle is filled with decorative micropearls which dispense a hint of shimmer onto the browbone, decolleté or anywhere else you choose to highlight. You can also use the product as a brightening eye base and it’s made with moisturising vitamin E and macadamia nut too.

If you like your make-up functional, we suggest popping one of Tromborg’s creams for eyes, cheeks and lips into your handbag. Peachpuff is an especially pretty and flattering shade which looks great on tanned skin. For lighter complexions, Mistyrose is a perfect pink colour. The creams are quite shimmery, so don’t expect strong, matte colour coverage.

Accentuate eyes with one of the range’s sixteen elegant and natural-toned shadows; these blend easily and are highly-pigmented meaning that once applied, you won’t have to think about reapplication. For a more dramatic look, opt for Tromborg’s Eyegrease palette. Containing all the shades you need for a smoky-eyed look, the eyegreases can be applied with a slim brush as eyeliner or all over the eyelid. You can even use your fingers to apply these for a more natural effect. For something different, the Northern Lights palette contains a range of colours inspired by Scandinavian summer nights.

If you like your makeup light, easy and elegant, you’re sure to be a fan of Tromborg. Less isn’t always more, but in this case it just might be.

You can purchase the Tromborg range online here. The brand also offers a range of skincare and bodycare products, for more details check out the website: www.tromborg.com