As a designer with the Midas touch, it seems fitting that Tom Ford has chosen London – a city where the streets are reputedly paved with gold – for his latest standalone store. Newly opened in Knightsbridge, it’s sleek, elegant and futuristic, and boasts an opulent white cosmetics room to showcase Ford’s ever-expanding beauty and fragrance collection.

Tom Ford Private Blend London

And occupying pride of place is Tom Ford Private Blend London, a covetable new fragrance inspired by and dedicated to the city. A follow-up to Private Blend Milan, his interpretation of London is based around oud wood, the rich and warm extract from the Middle East (and a Ford favourite), which may seem misplaced but according to the designer, perfectly captures the city’s ‘elegance with a feral character’.

The fragrance opens with a blend of aromatic spices including saffron, cardamom and black pepper oil as well as coffee oil, then works its way through to geranium and jasmine mixed with honey and incense. The grand finale is precious oud wood, fused with notes including sensuous Tonkin musk, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood and a suede accord for an extra hit of smooth creaminess. Exotic though the notes are, the resulting scent is surprisingly – and cleverly – London-esque. It’s sexy, edgy, complex and slightly dirty – the ideal nocturnal companion – and brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘destination perfume’.

Tom Ford London store

Private Blend London is available exclusively from the new Sloane Street store for six months, before going on sale internationally. See the Tom Ford website for more details.