It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one does sexy quite like Mr Tom Ford. He’s the designer who makes style sexy, and sexy stylish. The sexiest thing to hit the shelves this summer? Ford’s Neroli Portofino Private Blend Collection.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Collection

Inspired by the designer’s favourite holiday destination, the collection “explores the seductive atmosphere of the Mediterranean – a place where whitewashed villas, effervescent waters and secret grottos take hold of the imagination and beguile the senses.” We’re booking our plane tickets now, Mr Ford.

tom ford perfume

Two new scents have been created to accompany the original – and highly successful – Neroli Portofino fragrance. With notes of citrus, amber and rosemary, Ford’s original summer scent is a little like spending an afternoon on the Italian Riviera. So what’s new? The sparkling, effervescent Mandarino di Amalfi: all fresh, citrusy notes underscored with floral touches of  jasmine and orange blossom, along with a herbaceous twist of coriander and basil. It’s subtle yet complex, and a little like wandering through olive groves in the morning sunshine before setting sail along the Mediterranean coast. Perhaps on Mr Ford’s private yacht.

tom ford new perfume 2014

And then there’s Costa Azzurra, which is Tom Ford at his absolute sexiest. With woody notes, smoky amber, sweet vanilla, spicy incense and vetiver oil, this is one sensual, seductive scent. It’s musky, rich and what we’d definitely wear to watch the sunset with a special someone. Tom?

 For more information, see the Tom Ford website.