It is possible you may not be looking or feeling your freshest in the morning. In fact, although awake, you may be feeling anything but. If you’ve slept badly, been burning the candle at both ends or haven’t got those elusive eight hours, chances are it’ll be showing in your skin. Puffy, dehydrated and dull – sound familiar? From always-effective natural skincare brand This Works, the Light Time range is designed to give tired skin a boost and banish those tell-tale signs of fatigue.

light time skincare

The three step Light Time skincare routine includes three clever products to cleanse, moisturise, finishing up with tackling the number one area for tiredness – your eyes. It’s rapid, simple and best of all… it works! First up is Cleanse & Glow: a deliciously-scented, velvety-smooth cleansing balm supercharged with Vitamin C to really wake up skin and brighten the complexion. Massaged into dry skin, the Vitamin C in the cleanser is activated by adding water and continuing to massage for a further minute. You can leave the cleanser on for ten minutes to give the Vitamin C chance to really work its magic if you like. Just the right amount of time to check your emails/make a cup of tea/do your nails/read the headlines.

this works light time

Skin refreshed, next up is the Light Time Skin Plumper: a silky-soft moisturiser rich in Hyaluronic Acid to smooth skin and get rid of those pesky wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains Vitamin C plus a host of ingredients to hydrate, revive and really plump skin. Follow with This Works Open Eyes – which has to be our favourite step in the morning skincare routine. Featuring a rather clever rounded metal applicator, the targeted eye treatment feels fresh and like you’re actually waking up those peepers. Designed to brighten and de-puff, this final step helps to tighten up the delicate skin around your eyes – and it feels fantastic, particularly if you’re wishing you could press snooze and just get back into bed.

light time this works

Instant rejuvenation and energising radiance aside, the Light Time range also works to deliver anti-ageing benefits long-term. A positive step for your skin – even if you don’t quite manage to make it to bed on time anytime soon… There’s even a handy Light Time starter kit so you can test out the collection. Who needs eight hours anyway?

The Light Time skincare range from This Works is available to buy online here.