tdn20pic201In Amsterdam, looking for the perfect pair of jeans? No? Well you should be. In fact you ought to be heading to Tenue de Nîmes right now.

Co founder Menno Van Meurs had a vision that one day, people would be able to visit a jeans haven and find their one true pair. Well his dream came true, except this denim sanctuary offers more than 2,000 pairs of jeans, increasing the odds considerably in your favour in the quest to find that elusive match. Sourced globally from denim pioneering countries like Sweden, Japan, Denmark and the Netherlands you’re sure to find more than one pair that suits amongst the ultimate selection.
So what’s on the menu at this raw, unprocessed store right in the centre of Amsterdam? Well denim and….ok more denim but this is for the jean connoisseurs who can congregate and discuss thread counts over their favourite brands.

Tenue de Nîmes presents the largest and most diverse range of denim in Amsterdam, on a huge wall made out of French beams you’ll find the Japanese label Momotaro and Swedish brands Denim Demon and Acne alongside staples such as Nudie and Levi’s red.

You may have already heard of the legend of Japanese denim, what I can tell you is, all that you’ve heard is true; Momotaro jeans are that evolved species of denim. Absolutely no machinery has tugged on these advanced strides. The fabric is hand dyed in a biological indigo bath, the denim and even the logo patch is hand woven and they used three colours to give it that characteristic true hue. Silk touch on the inside anyone, Silver buttons? Yes please!

tdn20pic204Another winner is Denim Demon, inspired by the Sámi people; a nation that has its roots in Northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia and who have lived a life based around rearing reindeer, this label is a new phenomenon on the Scandinavian jeans market. Produced with the working ethos of the Sámi culture in mind they have an authentic work wear feel and are very popular at the store.

IJIN Material is an Italian based, freethinking label that specializes in single run denim craftsmanship. Known for their fanatical attention to detail they apply techniques that respect the heritage of handmade detailing, such as minimizing pattern pieces by cutting on the fold. The jeans also retain your personal shape and wear marks after only two washes.

So now you want to compliment your new found jeans, preferably with a vintage style tee. Worn By is a T-shirt label dedicated in recreating garments once worn by icons such as Blondie and Keith Richards and they are particularly good at finding images that really capture the zeitgeist for now and of the past.

The heritage of denim is interconnected between the walls of jeans at TDN; Nîmes in the southern part of Provence near Marseille and is the place where denim has its origin and was also known for its exquisite fabrics and silk shawls in the eighteenth century. It is this paradox between the rawness of denim and the elegance of silk and patterns that became the basic principle for Tenue de Nîmes.

Several unique items from vintage glasses and watches to photography and design are also available alongside some impressive women’s wear from Camilla Norrback, Elvine, Cheap Monday’s new up-market line Sundaysun and the hand made Tenue de Nîmes private label.

And just so you know how important denim is at, (in case you haven’t guessed already) the store also sells this special Japanese washing-powder. Good news for the Jeans enthusiast who often forbids washing their denim due to the bleaching agents found in detergents. This powder is made with Sake and Green tea and will take excellent care of you raw denim. It’s also good to remember that a sign of high quality denim will only fade where it should be fading, i.e., the places it touches your body.

Tenue de Nîmes
Elandsgracht 60
1016 TX Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 3204012