A row of stocky skyscrapers huddled along the Israel’s Mediterranean coastline, bookended with farmland to the north and the ancient port of Jaffa to the south, Tel Aviv might be a financial hub but there’s more to it than banks. Jaffa aside, the city is a youthful one and it has a population to match.

By day, locals flood the beaches before heading out to play, whether at a Kosher nightclub, a beach bar or one of the many establishments set up by incoming Georgians, Russians or Poles, by night. And it’s not just the party scene that gets visitors talking – it’s the city’s burgeoning cultural life, dominated by fashion and a healthy contingent of resident artists. One woman who knows both well is former fashion buyer Galit Reismann, owner of boutique Tel Aviv Style. She explains why it’s worth splashing out on a weekend break in Israel’s second city.

Tel Aviv

You should visit Tel Aviv because… it’s a youthful, modern vibrant city with a diverse population. And it’s one of the few cities in the world to offer 24/7 action, creativity and culture. No matter what you are looking to get out of your trip, whether it be visiting museums, bartering in the bustling Carmel market or simply some lively nightlife, Tel Aviv has it all.

The best thing about Tel Aviv is… The cosmopolitan, open and friendly vibe. A city that is easy to walk, explore and experience. The beach can be reached from any part of the city within ten minutes but there’s plenty of culture and style to be found in the centre. On top of this, there are quirky cafes and open bars dotted around the city – they’re one of the reasons that everyone loves Tel Aviv.

The worst thing about Tel Aviv is… I don’t know if it’s the worst thing about the city, but perhaps the hectic lifestyle!

Tel Aviv’s residents are… Open, warm and young.

My favourite district is… Rothschild Boulevard, which runs from downtown Tel Aviv to Jaffa.



My favourite shop is… I prefer places that are unique and special, such as Maskit – Israel’s only couture house which has now been revived by a former Alexander McQueen designer. Tesler + Mendelovich make amazing wood and leather clutch bags while the cool homewares at Studio Sfog is not to be missed.

Start your night out at… anywhere around the Rothschild Boulevard area – it’s packed with great bars.

The best parties take place at… The Block

Tel Aviv’s fashion scene is… varied. The emerging creative talent that Tel Aviv has to offer is still relatively undiscovered.

Carmel MarketCarmel Market

Dan Hotel

The most overrated sight in the city is… The Dizengoff Centre. Due to the poor layout of the building (it wasn’t designed to be a mall), you are left feeling disoriented and frustrated. Although it sells just about everything you could think of, the shops are very commercial.

To experience Tel Aviv like a local… Immerse yourself in the culture. Instead of visiting the tourist attractions, find the hidden treasures the locals visit such as vintage stores, small cafés and galleries. Make new friends who will help you become an insider.

Something you won’t find anywhere else is… A city that combines the ancient (Old Jaffa) with the buzzing cosmopolitan scene of the rest of Tel Aviv.

Take home… Happy memories of the warm and friendly people plus some of the unique pieces created by local designers.