Do you fancy some tea in your G&T? We’re very partial to a good cup of tea, and we’ve never been known to say no to cocktails, so spirits made with the finest blends of tea sound like a truly magnificent idea. Meet T.E.A. – short for Tea Enriched Alcohol. Offering something just a little different, T.E.A. is an award-winning British spirits brand using premium loose leaf tea and a melange of botanicals to add an unusual – and delicious – edge to cocktails. Do Earl Grey and Jasmine teas sourced from Sri Lanka and Assam pair beautifully with botanicals including rose petals, coriander, bay leaf and orange zest? Certainly. Do they work in vodka and gin? Of course.


The artisan spirits brand produces just 120 bottles per batch in special copper stills, and – just to make things even more premium – removes the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ every time. The result? Each bottle contains only the ‘purest heart’ of the batch, meaning a really smooth superior spirit. All of T.E.A.’s spirits have won awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition – so the industry insiders think they’re pretty darn good too!


So, how to drink T.E.A.? To really taste the complex flavours, we’d recommend trying them with soda, tonic or just ice. Even better? In cocktails, of course! The brand actually has a rather intimate little bar tucked down a side street in London’s Soho where you can try a selection of cocktails created by T.E.A.’s resident mixologists – and with a concise menu of bar snacks on offer too. Alternatively? Get your shaker on and mix up a few pre-dinner drinks or host your own little cocktail party chez vous. What do you fancy? How about a twist on everyone’s favourite classic Italian cocktail: the Negroni?


You can make this cocktail with either vodka or gin – the latter is used traditionally, but actually either works well shaken with the bittersweet flavour of Campari and a hint of aromatic elderflower. T.E.A.’s Earl Grey Vodka is what we’ve used here – and it makes for a very, very moreish cocktail, garnished with a few fresh berries and served extra chilled over lots of ice.


30ml T.E.A. Earl Grey Vodka or Gin
20ml Campari
20ml Belvoir Elderflower
Berries to garnish

Fill the shaker with ice and all the ingredients, then shake. Serve over ice. We can tell you now, you’ll probably want to make more than one!

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For more information on Tea Enriched Alcohol including cocktail recipes and stockists, see the brand’s website. You can also find T.E.A. cocktails at the Urban Tea Rooms, 19 Kingly St, London W1B 5PY.