As I have become older, and my career demands quite frankly inordinate amounts of my time I have found myself appreciating time spent on, and also by myself more and more. During autumn as the days are getting shorter and the weather remarkably more dreary by the minute, there is no better time to treat yourself to a quick fix. Just one hour, that’s all you need.

blo by realhair

A treat-yourself-trend hot on the heels of the increasingly popular walk-in manicure (my nails literally repel varnish, chipped before I even get out of the door), is the walk-in blow dry. Should you find yourself in chichi Belgravia with half an hour for yourself and twenty five quid may I suggest hitting up blo by real hair on Elizabeth Street? Responsibly using products developed specifically to protect hair from heat treatments to banish any fears of split ends, in just thirty New York minutes you can have supremely glossy locks to swish all the cold air and impending darkness away with.

peggy porschen

Celebrate the bounce in your barnet afterwards over the road with one of Peggy Porschen‘s Salted Caramel cupcakes and a pot of tea for the ultimate indulgence. Or a glass of fizz should you fancy. Cake and a blowdry; there’s no easier way to banish the post summertime blues – book yourself in for some me-time.