Baby, it’s cold outside, and – combined with the dark mornings and evenings – you’d be forgiven for wanting to do anything other than slip on the lycra and work out. And even though we all know that a burst of fitness is the best thing to do when we’re feeling mentally and physically sluggish. A cup of tea and something cosy on the TV is, on the other hand… Australian tea specialist, T2 Tea, has come up with a solution to our lack of time/motivation/love of tea, with a series of workouts designed to fit into the time it takes to boil the kettle and make a brew.

No specialist equipment required, just a couple of minutes and a space around the size of a yoga mat. A five-part programme featuring a mix of heart-thumping, sweat-inducing HIIT and calming, limb-lengthening yoga, created to target five moments during the day, when you most need a bit of a kick start: Waking up, “Elevenses”, The Mid-Afternoon Slump, Post-work and Pre-bed. The moves are all easy to follow – burpees, lunges, side planks, and the like – but, carried out in short, sharp succession, remarkably exhausting.

The workouts were created in collaboration with Another_Space: a sleek fitness studio in Covent Garden – think, fluffy white towels, Cowshed products in the showers, thumping soundtracks and smoothies-to-go. Each session is complemented by one of T2’s range of loose leaf teas: Get Up & Glow, a fruity blend containing yerba mate and guarana, both known for packing a high caffeine punch, without the jitters or sharp slump that coffee can give, plus calcium and vitamin C-rich dandelion root for bone and liver support. Great post morning yoga workout or pre-HIIT.

Blueberry Blaze is a sweet, herby tea – good for mid-morning or mid-afternoon – when you need a little boost to get you through to lunch break or the final stretch, and thoughts of chocolate hobnobs creep in. Ingredients include the toasty-tasting gen mai cha (roasted rice, green tea, popped rice); rosehip seeds (known for their high vitamin A content and essential fatty acids), sage, with its anti-inflammatory qualities, and oft-championed ‘superfood’, spirulina. Fresh Start is a crisp, delicious mélange of peppermint, eucalyptus, fennel, rosemary, sage, blackberry, raspberry and dandelion leaves, chamomile, sunflower petals, and cinnamon. A comforting mix that feels like it’s doing wonders for your whole body, and likely is – and a lovely one to drink before bed.

In an ideal world, you’d step away from your computer, stick the kettle on and launch into one of these workouts at your desk… But, let’s not pretend we’re actually going to do that. Unless you’re blessed with a level of nonchalance that enables you to crack into squats at the office printer, or can round up enough colleagues for a flash dance-HIIT session, then, you’ll realistically be doing these at home. They’re so short – with two to three moves – fitting one in before you get dressed for work, or in the evening, pre-dinner or before bed is very doable. And as we often hear that short, sharp workouts can be just as effective (if not more so) than longer, less intensive workouts, then it’s a win-win. When you have more time, all five sessions fit together to make a great all-round workout: 30 seconds for each move, with a 10 second break in between, equals around seven minutes. Even the busiest bee can make time for that.

To demonstrate some of the moves from the videos, Another_Space is hosting a one-hour, free to all on a first-come, first-served fitness class on 29th January. To book, call +44 20 7534 2999. For more information on T2 Tea, see the company’s website.