Chocolate. Culture. Can there be some way that we can combine two of our favourite leisure pursuits? It seems unlikely. But wait! Meet Sweet Theatre: a company making sublime chocolate bars inspired by none other than Mr William Shakespeare. Created to celebrate The Bard’s 450th anniversary, the chocolates are based on Shakespeare’s best-loved leading ladies.

Sweet Theatre Chocolates

Fancy the dark chocolate and mint? That’ll be Twelfth Night’s Viola. Or perhaps you’re more of a milk chocolate fan? Go for Hamlet’s tragic lady love Ophelia or either Beatrice (milk with honeycomb), Miranda (milk with sea salt).

Sweet Theatre Chocolate

Of course, there are appearances from all your Shakespeare favourites – Lady Macbeth is a dramatic, seductive dark chocolate with orange accents, while Romeo’s heartbroken sweetheart Juliet is a sweetly simple white chocolate. Once you’ve done the really big names, you should really make time for Rosalind and Katherina too… Heavenly flavours, high quality artisan chocolates and exquisite illustrations inspired by our greatest playwright – we’ve never found it so easy to convince ourselves of our need for chocolates….

For more information, see the Sweet Theatre website. You can also buy online at Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason