When it comes to gym wear, most people divide broadly into two categories. There are those who think of the treadmill as their catwalk, choosing fitness clothes that they know looks good – we see you flaunting it in your midriff-baring sports bra and miniature shorts. And then there are those who really couldn’t care less – are they your ex-ex-ex-boyfriend’s rather faded tee and track pants? Sweaty Betty’s Zero Gravity leggings are what you need to add to your workout wardrobe, whether you look good to work out or work out to look good!

So why should you invest in one truly amazing pair of leggings? Made with clever matte-finish Italian fabric, these beauties give your bum a serious lift, while slimming, smoothing and sculpting legs. Unless your name’s Gisele, we think this may be of interest. Fitness Fashionista or Team Scruffy Tee, who doesn’t want their bum to look good? Yes. In the gym wear stakes, these are the business. They won’t make you hit your fitness goals or push yourself that little bit harder, and they certainly won’t prevent you from pressing snooze and cancelling your exercise class, but Zero Gravity leggings will make you look good – and maybe even make you feel a little more self-confident.

sweaty betty gym wear

Released twice a year in seasonal prints plus a staple matte black colourway, there’s something to satisfy all tastes, while two lengths ensure that there’s a fit to perfectly suit you – whatever your height. High stretch quality fabric ensures that there’s absolutely no chance of a see-through finish (seriously, can there be anything worse?!) and sweat-wicking properties mean that you’ll stay cool and comfortable as the ultra-light design is totally breathable.

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Leggings

Classic Black Zero Gravity Tights

Concreteprint Zero Gravity Pinnacle Tights

Black Midnight Purple Print Zero Gravity Tights

“Every fitness fan needs to try the Zero Gravity leggings – they’re our brand hero,” says Sweaty Betty’s founder – and Tamara knows her sportswear. Just try a pair and let us know if you look back. These might just be the leggings that change how you work out.