The term ‘anti-ageing make-up’ tends to be a bit of a misnomer, indicating that a formula might have a few protective antioxidants or radiance-boosting particles added to qualify the description. Rarely however does the make-up itself do the actual anti-ageing work, which is what makes the innovative new Studio 10 range so special.

Studio 10 makeup

Created by beauty industry businesswoman Grace Fodor (who co-founded Jemma Kidd’s make-up line), the clever capsule collection of just eight products and five brushes. Its aim? To give women over 35 the tools and techniques to help the face fight gravity by adding definition and contouring in places where they are waning.

Fodor describes Studio 10 as “scaffolding for the face” – designed to work with its changing architecture. So the range isn’t about adding colour, but rather about perfecting and shaping your way to a more youthful-looking version of yourself. Case in point: the Visible Lift Face Definer palette was conceived as a ‘make-up facelift’, combining a pretty rose cream-gel blusher to give cheeks a fresh flush without sitting in the pores, sculpting powder to define the contours of the cheeks, temples and chin, plus a highlighter that has an instant lifting effect on the tops of the cheekbones. Or for plumper lips that wont allow lipstick to feather, the Age Reverse Perfecting Pencil is a universal-toned, double-ended stick with a natural pink tone to give a sharper outline while the neutral flesh shade creates highlights to make lips look fuller.


It’s obvious that Studio 10 has been a labour of love for Grace, born out of need as much as the desire to innovate. Nothing is the range is there without a purpose, nothing passes the £34 price mark. Every palette and pencil has been carefully and painstakingly been thought through to give maximum effect as simply as possible. Even the formulas themselves have been blended with the help of dermatologists to include skincare benefits: plumping with hyaluronic acid, smoothing with an organic almond extract and ‘tensing’ with a patented botanical ingredient. In short? Anti-ageing make-up just turned age appropriate.

For more information, see the Studio 10 website. You can also find the brand on Facebook and follow on Twitter @Studio10Beauty.