Most people under 25 probably wouldn’t have the confidence to run a business – never mind launch their own beauty brand amidst today’s highly competitive market. But then, Alina Milos isn’t most people. And so 2016 saw the launch of Lin & Lo: the brainchild of two young make-up artists – Alina Milos and Laura Bouillard –  both women with the same entrepreneurial spirit. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, Milos is what you might call a ‘second generation beauty expert’, with a family already involved in the industry. Several years of research and development have resulted in a beautifully packaged, high performance cosmetics range, enriched with natural ingredients and skin-loving minerals – and in a fantastically racially-inclusive colour palette. Here’s how you launch your own beauty brand – aged just 24…

Why did you launch your own business?

Because in the world of beauty, in which my family and I have been involved for a while, there is always more to create. We had the brilliant idea of producing a professional line with mineral formulations and a minimal design that would also a reflect my own professional expectations, lifestyle and aesthetics.

Who helped you out?

My family, our business partners and the team we built in the UK were a great support to me.

Best business advice you’ve been given?

Some very simple but meaningful advice I received from my tutor at the London College of Fashion: “Always do your best and never stop”.

What problems have you faced along the way?

It is always difficult to launch a new brand and at first, we were only selling Lin&Lo online. That was not straightforward as people wanted to try the products before purchasing and it took time to grow our social media channels and gain customer’ trust.

How do you feel about women in business today?

It does inspire me to see and know many women of different industries leading very successful careers and to learn how they became business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and so on – the world is so open to it now and it really motivates me to keep moving forward.

Favourite startups?

Deliveroo, Shazam and TransferWise.

Tell us about your work life balance?

I schedule my days and write ‘to do’ lists but also try to make myself flexible. Apart from that, the good thing about what I do now is that it includes both creative and operational activities that always balance each other out, and help to make my working routine more enjoyable and interesting.

Women in business who truly inspire you?

Anna Wintour and Jo Malone.

What do you do to relax/when you’re stressed?

I either dance jazz, or play the piano. Long walks help a lot as well.

What are you proudest of?

It was not easy take the risk and to start developing this project three years ago. It has required a lot of patience and a full dedication from the team and this is the first thing I am proud of.

Can you run in heels?

Something that I do often, so yes!

Lin&Lo is available to buy at and in the Lin&Lo Studio by Alina Milos at Duck&Dry in London. Follow the brand on Instagram @linandlomakeup, get the latest news on Twitter @linandlo  and like them on Facebook @linandlomak.