Once the clocks have gone forward and the central heating been switched off, it would seem to signal that it’s time for lighter make-up and a more luminous complexion. If, however, your face still looks dull, feels tight and seems a little irritated, a face oil that will aid the trans-seasonal adjustment could be the winning ticket. Far from the heavy formulations of the past, these are light, absorb easily and leave skin looking fresh and matte even when you apply them in the morning. Think of them as face oils 2.0. Simply identify your skin foe and get oiled up.

To fight fatigue & boost radiance: UMA Ultimate Brightening Face Oil

You’ve probably never heard of the House of Uma, but they’ve been creating luxury oils on their own farms using traditional Indian Ayurvedic methods for five generations and supply some of the world’s leading prestige companies including Estee Lauder and Tom Ford. UMA’s first eponymous collection of face and body oils includes the hero Ultimate Brightening Face Oil, designed to boost cell regeneration and luminosity in lacklustre complexions. The star ingredient is rose, well known for its anti-ageing properties, as well sandalwood that together form a hydrating powerhouse.

The brightening element comes from orange and neroli oils, rich in vitamin C which tackles pigmentation problems, while frankincense oil also helps boost skin cell turnover to slough away dead, dull cells sitting on the skin’s surface. At £115, Ultimate Brightening Face Oil swings a heft price tag, but you’ll only need four drops to cover your entire face, neck and décolletage. The texture is silky, leaves the skin matte and feeling plump, plus despite being such a rich concoction of essential oils, doesn’t have an overwhelming scent. Buy online here.

To combat irritation & dehydration: This Works Stress Check Face Oil

Did you know that skin is actually at its most dehydrated when you wake up? Surprisingly, as its water content has crashed, skin is at its most thirsty first thing in the morning which exacerbates lines and wrinkles as well as encouraging sensitivities to erupt. Added to that, your skin cells’ internal DNA are also at their lowest meaning that your face needs protection before the sun and air pollution get anywhere near it.

Enter Stress Check Face Oil from This Works, cleverly formulated to calm irritation, rehydrate the surface and kickstart a first line of defence using a botanical superblend of natural oils. Think nourishing omega 3 and linseed oil, anti-inflammatory tumeric, plus antioxidant vitamins C and E. There’s also a powerhouse of calming essential oils including lavender, camomile and neroli so your mind as well as your skin feel rebalanced enough to face the day. Buy online here.

To tackle lines & skin tone: Vanderohe No.1 Nourishing Face Serum

Don’t let the word serum fool you: this amazing organic multi-tasker is a deliciously rich blend of ultra-effective oils that packs enough punch to instantly plump out lines, make skin glow and give a velvety finish. New skincare brand Vanderohe’s founder Olivia Thorpe has carefully selected the ingredients in No.1 Nourishing Face Serum not only for their efficacy but also sourced them from the country where they are grown to be their most potent. For example, rosehip oil from Chile, improves pigmentation and scarring as it protects from sun damage, while the rose geranium included to help naturally detox pores and balance out sebum production comes from Egypt.

The nourishing organic oil also includes a blend anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial lavender from Bulgaria and hydrating, antioxidant apricot kernal oil sourced from Pakistan. Blended in small batches, each bottle is hand-filled, dated and signed, while the glass was specially chosen to protect and enhance the ingredients. Use morning and night or add a couple of drops to boost your favourite moisturiser. Buy online here.