spiezia tonerRecent times have seen an explosion of organic skincare products onto the market and the beauty junkies amongst you will know that we certainly aren’t talking about anything hemp-scented that you might find in a health food store! You may not think that organic carrots taste different from the regular variety, but you really should be interested in what you’re putting on your skin. Do you really want to slather your face in nasty chemicals and additives with unpronounceable names?

The philosophy behind Spiezia Organics is that their products are “Made for Life”. And what does this introspective reflection actually mean, you ask? Well according to the lovely people at Spiezia “it’s about making choices that not only contribute to our own well-being and make us feel good about life, but that also contribute to the well-being of the world we live in”. Sounds good to us!

But what about their carbon footprint? And recycling? And where do they source their ingredients? The products are prettily packaged in fuschia and jade-coloured recycled glass bottles and jars, and all of them (and the ingredients they contain) are made on Spiezia’s workshop at Gear Farm in Cornwall. Plus every single one of them is 100% certified by the Soil Association, so there!

The brand’s range is, of course, free of parabens and other chemical substances, and contains flower and herb extracts and essential oils. Even the processes they use to create the products are kind to the environment – they use solar and lunar energy to extract the flower and herb extracts. You can read more about the ingredients in their lotions and potions here and see exactly what the products contain.

Spiezia has everything you could desire to beautify your body, care for your complexion, relax in the bath and there are even organic offerings for men and babies. We were itching to try out some of Spiezia’s skincare products – their Facial Cleanser has had rave reviews from the British press. But can you trust what you read?

spiezia cleanserIn this case, you most certainly can!  The cleanser removes all traces of make-up – even waterproof mascara – and is made from a blend of essential oils (eucalyptus, clove and clary sage) which promise to decongest pores and gently soften skin. The product is massaged into the skin and then removed using toner. For a luxe spa experience at home, you can even use the cleanser as a mask and remove with a hot washcloth. The cleanser’s aroma is as natural as you might expect; a light, pleasant floral scent that doesn’t smell too “health shop”, but does assure you that it’s free of noxious nasties! A little goes a long way, particularly if you have combination skin, and it’s important to ensure that you remove all traces of the cleanser – Spiezia recommend their Floral Skin Toner to do this.

Lots of toners are very drying on the skin, often because they contain alcohol. The Floral Skin Toner, however, is alcohol-free and made with pure floral waters and essential oils. Again there’s a light floral perfume with hints of lavender, but it isn’t overpowering and smells fresh. This is an ideal toner for winter months as it will freshen skin without drying it out.  Another great product for winter is Spiezia’s Nourishing Moisturiser. The rich cream melts on your fingers and melts into your skin. It seems slightly oily at first but then your skin just soaks it up and as with the cleanser, a little goes a long way. The moisturiser might be a little too intensive for some as a day cream, but as a night cream, or in the colder months, it’s ideal.  (Spiezia suggest their Rose and Vanilla Face Oil for a lighter moisturiser). The product won’t clog your pores though, as it contains jojoba oil which decongests as well as carrot oil, (designed to rebalance) and ylang-ylang essential oil (this increases blood circulation and will bring a healthy colour to your skin).

Spiezia also offer some handy starter sets – we tried out their Body Starter Set which would be ideal for a weekend away, or as a gift. The set contains some of the brand’s best-selling body products, including their Organic Body Softening Oil which smells fabulous and locks in moisture after showering. For a more intensive body moisturiser, Spiezia’s Organic Restorative Body Balm is ideal; it restores elasticity to the skin and fades stretch marks. Like the Cleanser and Moisturiser, these products melt into your skin and won’t leave it feeling greasy. The kit also contains other essential bodycare items; lip balm, moisturising hand balm and soap. All of them are lightly perfumed and nicely natural – we can whole-heartedly agree that using Spiezia products contributes to our own well-being and make us feel good about life!

To shop the collection online, head to Spiezia’s website.