Find the stress slipping away as you hear the reassuring sound of wine plinking into the glass? Let’s not count how many times you’ve had a glass or two this week, shall we – you’re busy, working too hard and this helps you unwind. Perhaps you’ve had yet another heavy weekend, and Monday’s muddled head is making you feel all fuzzy-brained. Or maybe the drink-hangover-drink-hangover cycle is getting a bit too much of late.  Is it time to take a break from booze?


A cliché though it may be, Sober October provides you with the perfect opportunity to take time off and stay booze-free for one month. If you’re thinking about quitting alcohol for October, you need to know about Club Soda’s support program: The MOB (Month Off Booze, of course!). It’s a 40 day online course – split between emails and live content – designed to support people just like you through Sober October.

“We start a week before October with a series of emails and exercises to help you plan for your month off,” explains the organisation’s founder, Laura Willoughby. “This culminates with a webinar with our psychologist on September 30th to answer any questions. She will run a webinar every Wednesday throughout the programme. We also have online video check-ins every Monday. Everyone on The Mob can chat in your community room on the Club Soda website. So you know you are not doing it alone!”


The psychologist-designed course includes an online dashboard for participants, where you can set goals and track progress, while daily emails and weekly webinars ensure you stay motivated and won’t fall off the wagon. Sober October (or Go Sober as they’re calling it now) is actually a Macmillan Cancer initiative, so if you need an added incentive, you could always raise some cash for charity too. For the rest of us, October’s not a bad time to be off the booze, is it? “After a boozy summer and before the Christmas Party season I think many people consider this a good month to take it easy,” explains Willoughby.

Whether you’re considering drinking less, changing your drinking patterns or stopping drinking for a while, one month off – plus lots of support and help – is a great place to start. Paying for a programme to support you through this may seem like an unnecessary expense, but just think how much you’ll be saving by not spending on booze! Is it time you cut back? Now’s the perfect time.

month off booze

The MOB costs £50 for Club Soda members (and membership is free) and also gives you money off other Club Soda events and workshops happening over the next few months too, such as workshops on Dealing With Stress Without Alcohol, and booze-free pub socials. For more information, see Club Soda’s website.