Who are they?

Behind Shore Projects are Jono, James and Neil: three friends who met whilst living in London and working at various design and advertising companies. The idea for the brand came about in a rather unlikely fashion – at the pub! Noticing that none of them wore watches and realising they they all grew up by the seaside, they set themselves the task of creating a watch brand inspired by the British seaside that they would all be proud to wear.

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“When we created Shore Projects we wanted to celebrate the beauty and fun of the British coastline – from the people of Cornwall to the funfair at Margate and everything in between. The British coast is full of character.”  Et voila: in February 2014, Shore Projects was born. Affordable, super stylish watches with a timeless, wear-forever look – the brand’s stratospheric rise comes as no surprise. And checking your phone all the time is so old-fashioned, don’t you know?

The Look?

Simple, classic, elegant – and unisex. Thanks to a range of stylish interchangeable straps and a sleek, minimal watchface, the unisex look of Shore Projects’ timepieces totally works.  “We all love the simplicity and beauty of vintage and classic design whether that be clothing, cars, watches or just kettles! We felt that the modern day watch market lacked a certain style of product that we all felt would be great to wear,” say the trio.

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The changeable straps aspect could seem like a bit of a gimmick, but once you’ve seen the brand’s selection of colours and finishes, it’s very tempting to buy a few to fit with different occasions and outfits.  “We found a watch a strap mechanism that allowed you to swap the straps of a watch in seconds but was still secure. As soon as we all saw it we all decided we wanted to use it. It means you can change the look of the watch everyday with different straps depending on what you’re doing, what you’re wearing or just how you’re feeling.”

The Buzz?

Have a feeling you’ve seen Shore Projects somewhere before? You probably have – the brand has been championed by many a fashion blogger shooting their #OOTD on Instagram, where SP has no less than 21,000 followers. Not too shabby.

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Where to Buy?

Aside from their online store, Shore Projects are available to buy exclusively at Liberty, Net-a-Porter and Dezeen’s Watch Store. For more information on Shore Projects, see the brand’s website. You can also find Shore Projects on Facebook or follow on Twitter @shore_projects.