Whether you’re hosting a holiday gathering or attempting to entice a Scrooge into some Christmas cheer, a seasonally scented candle is a fast and effective way to create instant atmosphere. But not all candles are created equal. To avoid a bathroom-style pine fresh perfume or cheap mulled wine aroma wafting around your home, we’ve chose five festively-scented delights and gleaned insider advice to ensure you make the most of their burning time – and can keep the vessel they arrived in pristine afterwards too.

christmas candles

Neom Perfect Peace

A whopping 25 premium quality essential oils go into this candle, including lime peel, pine and myrrh. Softer and more soothing that traditional Christmas scents, it brings a sense of calm and warmth to the air, while the glass holder is sprinkled with shimmering flecks of silver for an elegant finish.

neom perfect peace candle

Origins Feel Good Candle

Chicly presented in the base of recycled wine bottles, Origins have created a Scandi-style blend of pine, spruce and orange that’s fresh and sharp but still uplifting and bright. Plus, working with the Global ReLeaf organization, Origins will plant a tree for every candle sold in the UK, which in turn benefits environmental projects worldwide.

origins feel good candles
Cire Trudon Gaspard

Inspired by the shimmering orange robes of Gasper, the Indian Magi in the Nativity celebrations, Cire Trudon’s latest festive offering is a beautiful blend of fruit and floral notes such as mandarin, geranium, rose and blackcurrant, made warmer and richer thanks to orange tree, Mysore sandalwood and bourbon vanilla.

Cire Trudon Gaspard

Rathbones Cedar, Clove And Ambergris

As you would expect from the oldest candle-making company, this blend from Rathbones is as traditional as they come. A blend of woody, spicy notes with hints of orange and smoke, the scent is rich, warm and smooth and will have you reaching for the mulled wine.

rathbones candles

Ancienne Ambiance Sandalum Sandalwood Candle

If you love the crackle of warm, woody notes, then Sandalum, in limted edition smoked glass, is the candle for you. The blend – inspired by ancient aromas – is based around rich, musky sandalwood and gives off creamy elements too, channelling a grounded feeling that will help keep the peace over the holidays.

ancienne ambiance Sandalum Sandalwood Candle

Burn, baby, burn…

The experts share their tips on effective candle burning etiquette, plus how to keep the beautiful containers they come in. After all, a candle is not just for Christmas!

neom candles

Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom Organics

“Trim the candle wick before every other burn to prevent it from smoking and ensure the wick is kept fresh.”

“We always suggest leaving the candle to burn for a minimum of two hours and maximum of four. This will ensure the wax burns evenly. After 20 minutes, the essential oils will fill the room with scent helping to create a relaxing sense of calm.”

candles for christmas

Adriana Carlucci, Director at Ancienne Ambiance

“To make candles last longer and burn evenly so you waste less, keep them in a cool place prior to lighting and away from draughts while burning.”

“ I don’t recommend dipping the wick into the melted wax to put it out. Doing so makes it more likely to be difficult for you to relight it, as the wick may need to be picked out and gets messy. For ease, a candle snuffer is the best tool.”


Rachel Vosper, artisan candle maker

“To protect your candle vessel, do not burn right down to the bottom.”

“To remove excess wax, leave your vessel in a freezer overnight to allow the wax to shrink. Remove the wax, rinse the vessel with hot (not boiling) water and polish with a soft cloth.”