Soap that costs over £100. Yep, most of you are probably thinking that we’re completely and utterly mad. WHO in their right mind would spend that much on a bar of soap – apart from maybe J.Lo and the Kardashians? And isn’t soap meant to totally dry out your skin anyway? But what if this soap was the key to luminous, hydrated, blemish-free skin? No, Le Savon Lune is not just any old bar of soap.

From Argentum Apothecary, Le Savon Lune is the latest in the luxury skincare brand’s tightly-edited collection of just five beauty products. If you’ve tried Argentum Apothecary’s multi-award-winning (and equally luxe) serum La Potion Infinie, you’ll know what we’re talking about. So what’s the big deal about Le Savon Lune?

First of all, soap is a misnomer – this might look like a bar of soap but it’s actually a soap-free cleanser designed to remove make-up and clean skin. What’s different about Le Savon Lune is that it contains Argentum Apothecary’s patented blend of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP (a natural marine sourced ingredient): two powerful anti-ageing actives designed to clear skin and banish wrinkles and oxidative stress. This combination of ingredients is the culmination of many years of research into anti-ageing. This specific type of colloidal silver has been shown to be supremely effective in tissue regeneration, skin repair and tackling the principal causes of ageing, while DNA HP boosts collagen and elastin, while hydrating deeply.

Add in Bentonite clay to the mix – an ingredient traditionally used to cleanse and purify, and you’ve got one seriously powerful bar of soap. Used twice daily, skin feel clean and refreshed, blemishes disappear and we’ve even found that acne scars start to fade. While some clay-based cleansers can feel drying, this leaves the complexion feeling hydrated, comfortable and soft – it’s suitable even if you’re sensitive. Glowing, radiant skin that’s healthy and hydrated? We told you Le Savon Lune wasn’t just any old bar of soap. And that price tag? Based on the fact that this is a massive 150g bar – the price per use is actually pretty good value. And – after all – can you put a price on beautiful skin?

For more information on Le Savon Lune, see Argentum Apothecary’s website.