Over the past few years, natural beauty brands have moved mainstream; you’ll find them in department stores, chemists and even supermarkets – as well as your local health food store. But when you buy a natural beauty product, are you buying it because it’s free from nasty unpronounceables or because it’s effective? Yep, most organic or natural products promise to be kind to the environment or to your skin, but you’re probably not counting on them to be backed up by scientific research or have any kind of real impact or long-term benefit.

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So where should you be shopping when it comes to natural brands that live up to their eco-credentials as well as being friendly to the planet? Obviously the fingers-permanently-on-the-pulse team behind the super-curated range of products at BeautyMART can be relied on to keep you up to speed about the latest and greatest… BeautyMART co-founder Anna-Marie Solowij’s most exciting recent find? New Zealand’s ‘new generation’ beauty range Sans [Ceuticals]. “It isn’t just a natural brand, the formulae are active too – if I’m going to use body products, I want them to do more than just moisturise,” explains Anna.

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And her favourites from the range? “Activator 7 Body+Hair+Face Oil is a great all rounder with vitamin A to stimulate cell repair, antioxidant vitamin E plus Omega 3, 6 and 9-rich Baobab Oil to nourish and hydrate skin.” This consummate multi-tasker ticks a whole load of boxes – it’s the kind of product you really get more bang for your buck from. The Omegas ensure that skin/hair is deeply moisturised, while vitamins protect and repair – it’s a product that works just that little bit harder.

sans ceuticals review

Quite frankly, we’re pretty much ADDICTED to the crazy sexy scent of Sans [Ceuticals]’ pH Perfect Body Wash. In addition to its sensual, decadent fragrance, it’s rich in vitamins A, E and B5 plus ageing protection thanks to Lychee Extract. The Baobab Regenerative Body Cream has the same delicious fragrance while providing anti-ageing benefits and long-lasting hydration. The acid test? Skin feels just as smooth, soft and happy at the end of the day as when moisturised post-morning-shower. Our favourite has to be the powerful Bio Active Body Exfoliant: containing finely-milled bamboo and circulation-boosting ginseng, this exfoliates gently but effectively, plus the gel-oil formula leaves skin glowing, hydrated and silky soft. An effective beauty brand that’s as good for the environment as it is for your skin? No wonder there’s a buzz about Sans [Ceuticals].

For more information and to shop the Sans [Ceuticals] range, see the BeautyMART website.