For those willing to sniff past the pervasive clouds of inoffensive but bland celebrity scents and endless spin-offs of successful fragrance franchises, the perfume world can yield some truly beautiful blends. Often delivered by niche brands, they are intriguing, inspired and bursting with character, frequently thanks to the perfumer’s freedom to express a genuine story that inspired their creation.

rodin bis

Rodin Bis is one such scent. Created by Linda Rodin, the former Mod-era model whose facial oil has had a cult following since launching her skincare line in 2008, this second scent in the collection is an ode to her elegant mother Beatrice and an invocation of personal childhood memories. Indeed, it smells classic in the truest sense of the word, harking back to a mid-20th century era when women wore gloves, set their hair and Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ was at the vanguard of fashion.

rodin bis perfume

Dry and powdery, Bis opens with a burst of heady white flowers including jasmine and bergamot, tempered with notes of cool lavender and violet. This crisp but creamy blend dries down to a warm, mossy mix of ambergris and musk that gives the scent serious staying power and a lingering air of elegance. For sophisticated mothers and their equally refined retro-chic daughters, Rodin Bis is a fragrance bound to conjure up some stylish shared memories while creating some more. And isn’t that one of the delightful qualities that perfume is all about?

Rodin Bis is available to buy from Goodhood, or see the Rodin website for more information.