Cosmetic curb appeal is nothing new. From Max Factor’s ornamental powder compacts to Chanel’s iconic No.5, pretty packaging for prettifying products has been around since companies had packaging designers and marketing budgets. But with the rise of social media and everyone from Basingstoke to Bel Air sharing the contents of their makeup bag online, it’s almost a given these days that – if you want the most discerning of influencers to feature your products, you’d better make them look insta-worthy. Good ol’ Sudocrem may be found in many a bathroom cabinet, but how often have you seen it on Insta? Exactly.

Some recent beauty launches seem almost conceived packaging-first, product-second, so apposite are they for the flattering, filtered flat lays and what’s-in-my-handbag close-ups…

Fonts and branding must be chic and minimal Powder pink works well, likewise black-and-white or rose gold. Setting the standard? The design heritage of brands such as Diptyque and Aesop is now as well-known and well-loved as the products themselves. Continuing in the same vein, Verso, Ouai, Disciple and Byredo have all adopted an understated, minimal look – proof that covetable packaging doesn’t have to be ornamental to impress.  Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury’s glossy, glamorous packaging surely goes some way to convincing customers that their elevated price tags are worth the spend – ditto Estée Lauder’s successful Victoria Beckham collections. So here’s a closer look at the brands taking over Insta RN…

Fenty Beauty

Sitting pretty with 31.5 thousand followers, there’s no doubt that Rihanna knows the power of Instagram. No surprise then that her debut beauty collection – Fenty Beauty – is similarly photogenic, in soft pink and white, with unusual hexagonal shapes to catch the eye and add interest. The latest release, the limited edition Galaxy collection brightens up the brand’s feed, with otherworldly, oil slick-style rainbow colours.

Most Insta-Worthy: The Match Stix Trio, with monochromatic packing and pale pink hexagonal tubes housing chunky smudge-on sticks of contour, conceal and highlight.

Our Favourite: We like our highlighter subtle – and as suitable for daywear as after dark. The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter features two tones designed to work together – accenting different areas of the face to give you an understated, elegant glow.


French doctor Colette Haydon might know her stuff when it comes to skincare, but its her brand’s Millenial pink packaging that has taken Insta by storm. Less than a month after Lixir launched, it’s gained an army of dedicated fans and become the blogosphere’s latest must-have. Don’t get us wrong, the products themselves are excellent – Haydon’s developed skincare for the likes of REN, Lâncome and Aromatherapy Associates – but they’re also the perfect addition to your flatlay or shelfie.

Most Insta-Worthy: Choosing one products is tough. There’s little variation in packaging – and both the everyday skincare staples and the powerful nighttime boosters will add a little chic to your feed.

Our Favourite: Definitely the Vitamin C Paste, which brightens, tones and smooths skin while banishing free radicals.

Løre Originals

Stepping away from the never-ending pink theme for just a moment, Løre Originals is a beautifully-designed capsule collection of haircare products from boutique London hairdressers Taylor Taylor. Just five products comprise the considered debut range, all of which is paraben and sulfate-free. Launched in Liberty London in November 2017, it can only be a matter of time before the unisex range’s packaging is all over the ‘gram. Dove grey bottles accented with marble and gold labels?  Løre Originals might be the “intelligent way to look after your hair,” but it’s the sure-fire way to aesthetically improve your bathroom shelves too. And the products certainly get our vote of confidence too. They’ve been created by a team of respected, experienced hairdressers – what else would you expect?

Most Insta-Worthy: Undoubtedly the shampoo and conditioner duo. They look pretty, but with flip-top openings they’re super practical too.

Our Favourite: The ultra-hydrating Legend dry mask treatment. It might seem totally counterintuitive to put a mask on dry hair and leave it to harden, but trust us on this one. Packed with hair-loving ingredients, this will leave your tresses soft, silky and shiny – we love it.


Before Glossier had even launched into the UK, it had gained a cult following. Created by blogger and Into The Gloss founder, Emily Weiss, the beauty brand was born online – for those Millenial consumers who more or less exist online. The packaging? Pink. White. Simple black fonts. Even the pink bubblewrap bags that orders are delivered in have become cult. Pretty impressive for a brand that only came into existence in 2014. The products? As effortless and understated as the packaging – no full coverage foundation or  brightly-coloured eyeshadows here.

Most Insta-Worthy: The Milky Jelly Cleanser is to be found in many a beauty editor’s bathroom cabinet. The lightweight, refreshing pH-balanced cleanser was actually inspired by crowdsourced feedback from In The Gloss readers. Could this be  any more Millenial?!

Our Favourite: Cloud Paint for sure. You’ll need to try two or three shades to find the one to suit your skintone, without a doubt but once you have? This really does wake up skin and brighten your complexion instantly. We like Haze.

Clean Beauty Co.

While clean eating may have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, there’s a new trend out there for the vegan Millennials putting their hard-living Gen X counterparts to shame. Ready to detox your skincare regime? Meet Clean Beauty Co. What started off as a blog, then a book, has led to the launch of Clean Beauty Co’s own skincare brand: BYBI (By Beauty Insiders). With names like Babe Balm, Mega Mist and Detox Dust, no prizes for guessing who they’re targeting here. Pink packaging with rose gold lettering seals the deal.

Most Insta-Worthy: Expect to see the Mega Mist Hyaluronic Acid Toner in the handbag of any blogger conscious that the contents of her makeup bag might be snapped (by someone) at any moment…

Our Favourite: With kaolin clay and charcoal plus papaya enzymes, Detox Dust deep is a brilliant multi-tasking mask. Deep cleansing, brightening and calming, it’s a one-size-fits-all rescue remedy for you skin – whatever its immediate needs might be.