How often do you really step out of your comfort zone and do things differently? What about opening your mind to ridiculous possibilities? And what does it take to inspire you to do that? Sometimes it can be as simple as doing something mindfully and not on autopilot… Yes, we can find inspiration everywhere – even shopping!


We all have such inflexible ideas about exactly what we want and when these days. TK Maxx is one of our favourite shopping destinations in that it really IS about ridiculous possibilities – you never know quite what you might find in-store, it’s all about browsing and coming across those amazing finds. You know, the ones that are often total bargains…


And so, while shopping for stationery – which is a department in which you’ll see that TK Maxx totally excels – this might be the moment where you suddenly feel an urge to get creative. To put the laptop away and stop scrolling endlessly on your phone and actually pick up a pen and write something. Maybe you’ll pen a short story – or even some poetry. Or it could be the start of That Novel You Always Said You’d Write. Who knows what purchasing stationery and a lazy breakfast in bed might lead to…


You could even end up booking onto a course to learn all about How To Be Creative. After all, as children, we’re all creative aren’t we? “Einstein said we’re all born geniuses. So why do we still let ourselves be inhibited by that old myth that creativity is a rare gift? How can we reclaim our creative potential instead?”  Can you re-learn the forgotten art of how to be creative in one afternoon at the School of Life? Yes, you can!


Whether creativity means thinking, writing, drawing or music (or something else completely), as adults we forget to make time to be creative. We’re all so busy with work, with duties and obligations and with ‘shoulds’. How often do you have free time just to do nothing at all – to take your mind to new places and allow yourself to be inspired? Even inspiration seems to be something we have to have on-demand these days. Sure, an inspiring quote on Instagram might momentarily lift your spirits or cheer you up on a Monday morning, but will it be the starting point for finally sitting down and writing your novel? Probably not.


Being creative means being open to ridiculous possibilities. It means making time to daydream, allowing your mind to wander – and perhaps even being bored. Instead of assessing creativity based on logic, time and money, it’s all about passion and intuition. Where will ridiculous possibilities take you next?

All items featured in this post were sourced via TK Maxx, yes – really, every single one. Pop in-store and see where Ridiculous Possibilities might take you! This feature was created in collaboration with…. 

TK Maxx