makeup-alleyImagine having a friend who had tried practically every beauty product known to man. That would be pretty useful when you needed advice on which mascara would make your eyelashes look unfeasibly long and luscious or which red lipstick would really stay on. Well Makeup Alley is a whole social network of trustworthy pals who are addicted to makeup.

Logging on to the site you can see reviews of almost any cosmetics you would ever care to purchase. Products are helpfully divided into categories and subcategories (lipstick, lipgloss, lip treatments, lip liners etc.) which makes searching the ratings really simple. You can also see products by brand or search for keywords if there’s something in particular you’re looking for. Users can see which cosmetics have been written about the most, as well as reviewer’s scores out of five, and of course the all important question when it comes to makeup – “would you buy it again?”

The site also throws up some unusual findings – a face mask made from aspirins and honey comes highly recommended, for example! If you have more questions or want to chat about makeup, there’s a  labyrinth of forums with discussions about products and trends, as well as the Makeup Alley Swap – a part of the site where you can trade products with other makeup fans.

Before you buy your next tube of mascara, make sure you check what the girls on Makeup Alley have to say!