When something’s a big deal on Instagram, we’d usually like to say we’re the first to raise an eyebrow. Fashion blogger style? Not really our thing. Style rules aside, there’s something that will always, always get our attention: the perfect summer dress. And that, dear friends, is something that Instagram’s hottest label of the moment – Réalisation Par – excels at.

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Realisation Par Valentina Ozzie

A summer dress needs that whimsically nonchalant feel that says “Oh this old thing? I just threw it on.” Because you really did. That’s all you need to do with a sundress; throw it on, add shoes, perhaps a little jewellery and maybe a spritz of SPF and you’re good to go wherever the sunshine takes you.

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Réalisation Par is the brainchild of Australian blogger slash model Alexandra Spencer and fellow Aussie and NYC resident Teale Taylor. Of course, both are pretty darned gorgeous – in that glowy, golden, sunkissed way that Aussies wear so well. But they’re also pretty decent designers, delivering clothing collections that have got all Instagram talking – and snapping/sharing pics, of course.

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Their dresses are just the right length to have that perfectly beachy, summery feel. And necklines to show of a hint of sexy, suntanned decolletage – perhaps accessorised with a necklace or two. There’s pretty, tea dress-inspired prints aplenty, as well as coquettish shoestring straps, senorita-style ruffles and gorgeous backless details. Of course, it can’t hurt that their pieces are all over everyone from Alexa Chung and Emily Ratajkowski to fashion bloggers Lucy Williams and Pandora Sykes. Réalisation Par‘s sexy summer dress style? You can count us in.

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The Diane in Navy Star        The Ozzie in Pansy

The Goldie in Star Struck

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The Valentina Dress in Daisy        The Kate Dress in Rust Spot

The Christy Dress in Black

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The Diane in Red Star        The Ozzie in Navy Star

The Goldie in Cherry