Are you sitting comfortably? Because we’re about to present you with some earth-shattering, life-changing news. Ready? We’ve discovered a new kind of chocolate which is actually good for you. OK, we may be exaggerating ever so slightly, but it’s 100% natural, organic and completely free from refined sugars. And Raw Halo chocolate is absolutely delicious too. Creamy, rich, sweet and indulgent – it’s hard to believe that chocolate that tastes so good can be quite so saintly. There’s no skimping on flavour here either; the 14 Raw Halo varieties include dark chocolate with sweet orange or sour cherry and almonds, and mylk with salted caramel or crispies. It’s enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

raw halo

We’re not the only fans of the artisan raw chocolate either – Raw Halo was awarded a Great Taste Award in 2015, so the experts are impressed with its gastronomic prowess too. Raw Halo’s founder Meg Haggar explains: “Although there were a few raw chocolate brands on the market, they didn’t have the taste and texture I craved. I wanted to really push raw chocolate to a new level in terms of taste, quality and clean eating.”

raw halo chocolate

“We stone grind our chocolate to give the smoothest of textures, and use a blend of premium organic Peruvian raw cacao and organic coconut sugar as well as cashew butter, lucuma powder and pure vanilla for our ‘Pure Mylk’ varieties for a delicious caramel taste. I hope Raw Halo proves that you don’t need to sacrifice life’s little luxuries to eat clean!” Research shows that raw cacao is packed with vitamins and essential minerals, and rich in antioxidants, with associated benefits including boosting energy and mood, improving heart health and longevity and even helping memory and immunity. We’ll take some of that.

raw halo raw chocolate

Chocolate that’s 100% compatible with clean eating and totally improves your health? Now there’s a wellbeing kick we can definitely get on board with.

For more information and to find stockists, see the Raw Halo website.