Ah summer, the season of sun-kissed locks, softly tousled by salt water. Those relaxed, carefree days sans hairbrush – where a quick flick of your hand is all you need to style your tresses. Too eager to enjoy summer mornings breakfasting al fresco – there are more important things in life than drying your hair – never mind using styling tools. And who wants to wait around for a deep conditioner to do its work when you could be sipping chilled cocktails or dancing til’ dawn?


But here we are, and summer has gone. And really, your hair looks like it needs a little some serious TLC, doesn’t it? Rather than heading to the hairdressers to let them take care of things, we’ve got the best at-home conditioning treatment that will restore your tresses to their former soft, silky glory in next to no time. (If you only go on holiday to rainy places, or are currently reading this in the depths of winter, never fear, this pot of magic indulgence is probably just what you need too!) The Rahua Detox & Renewal Treatment promises “a fresh start for hair and scalp” – meaning nourishing hydration to repair damaged hair, while removing product build-up and residue, giving your locks a real deep-cleanse.


Rahua Amazon Beauty is all about 100% natural, organic ingredients, and this masque uses a unique blend of essential oils to transform and detox your hair. And it’s not only rich in fortifying, shine-inducing ingredients, it also smells dreamy – always a bonus. You mix up the Rahua Detox & Renewal Treatment yourself, and each pack contains two servings – which somewhat offsets the treat-yourself pricetag. Apply to dry hair, comb through, leave for half an hour, go about your business (we probably wouldn’t go out of the house at this point though, depending on how well you know your neighbours) and then shampoo and condition to complete the treatment. No waiting around in the bath for five hours/silly processes with cling film = good. And the result?


Well it really does work. Hair feels clean and refreshed,as well as wonderfully soft and moisturised – and looks shiny, shiny, shiny. If your tresses look and feel like they need a bit of a boost – whether that’s due to colouring, summer holidays, over-styling or too many products – you’re going to love Rahua Detox & Renewal Treatment. We don’t often advocate detoxing, but this time? Where do we sign up?

The Rahua Detox & Renewal Treatment is available to buy online via Panache Cosmetics.