“Try the optimism of yellow. The passion of red. the harmony of green. The zen of indigo. The purity of white. The comfort of pink. We believe colour makes the world a brighter place.” Welcome to Prismologie: a new luxury bodycare range designed to inspire, uplift and enchant the senses through colour.


Whether you’re looking to start your day feeling energised and uplifted, or relax and unwind come evening, each of Prismologie’s thoughtfully-created holistic and natural products offers something different. The concept might sound a little out there and ever-so-slightly hippy-dippy, but these are actually really lovely bodycare products – made with luxurious ingredients – and they all feel indulgent and quite special. Perfect for a gift for someone deserving – or simply a gift for you, of course!

Prismologie Yellow

With zingy citrine and bergamot plus brightening mineral and botanical extracts, these good morning bodycare treats will leave you feeling glowing, confident and ready to take on the world. Yes, a shower can be that amazing!

Prismologie Pink

Sensual and soft, pink is for soothing tenderness – taking a moment to enjoy me-time with rose quartz micro-crystals and a pretty petal light scent.

Prismologie BLue

Sapphire micro-crystals and a calming oud fragrance to help soothe tired spirits, both the massage candle and the sensual foot cream are perfect for a little PM indulgence.

For more information see the Prismologie website. The luxury bodycare range is exclusively available at SpaceNK.