Beauty isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling good too. Can a duo of rose quartz products really “stir the senses and inspire the mood”? If you’re feeling in need of a little boost, Prismologie’s Rose Quartz and Rose Body Balm plus their Rose Quartz and Rose Hand and Cuticle Cream are just what you need. Beautifully packaged, the bodycare duo are perhaps some of the prettiest products we’ve come across in some time – and they’re effective too. Crystals have been used in beauty products for centuries – but what’s so special about rose quartz?

Prismologie’s co-founder Fatima Al-sabah explains: “Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love because of its beautiful soft pink colour. It is very much a hug in a stone. When you are feeling overwhelmed, use the Rose Quartz & Rose Hand and Cuticle Cream to not only moisturise and soften your hands but also because it can calm you and center you. When you feel sad or just down and need a hug, apply the Rose Quartz & Rose Body Balm generously all over your body and you will feel like you have been wrapped in a cocoon of love and comforting care.”

In elegant pink packaging, Prismologie’s hand cream is a delicately-scented dream of a treat for hands, nails and cuticles, nourishing deeply thanks to shea butter and baobab oil – which is rich in omegas and Vitamins A and E. It also contains softening marshmallow extract and an alpine plant complex to even skin tone, brighten and banish age spots. Pretty – and potent too. The feminine scent isn’t too overpowering either, which can be a rather undesirable in hand creams, and it’s definitely what we’d characterise as a modern rose – no old lady florals here, thanks!

The Rose Quartz & Rose Body Balm has to be one of the most boudoir-esque items money can buy. If you don’t already own a dressing table, you’ll need to get one if you’re using this. Imparting a subtle glowy shimmer while moisturising, this is a treat to smooth onto skin from top to toe before a special night out – you’ll feel like a glamorous starlet from Hollywood’s golden era. Just using the velvet body puff feels a little more decadent than slathering on a regular body cream. Illuminating skin with a satiny sheen while hydrating (thanks to rosehip and passionflower oils), this is a real sensual, sophisticated treat for skin.

The best bit of both products? Arctic rose; it’s an active ingredient which actually stimulates the release of endorphins in you skin. Can beauty products make you feel happier? The science says so!