popocafepetlPopo Café Petl is a chain of down to earth bars that tend to attract a very cool, mellow crowd of students and young professionals. Popo’s is so good at serving modestly priced cocktails, and spinning the kind of tunes that will get even the most reluctant dancer cutting shapes on its well-worn wooden dance floors, that one almost forgets that it is a chain, and therefore capitalist and evil.

Putting politics aside, these off-beaten track establishments do offer consistently great nights out. Two of the most central Popo’s bars are located in the Old Town and in the Mala Strana. The one in the Old Town is easy to miss, being at the end of a dodgy dark alley off Melántrichova. It has a dj (usually one of the bar staff playing tunes off a laptop) every night, playing everything from Duran Duran to Bob Dylan until the early hours of the morning.

The other branch is on Uvoz, easily found on one of the main streets in the Mala Strana, and features regular theme parties ranging from the Sunday Gypsy nights, Monday Havana nights, with Friday night’s Dance Fever and even has Ska, Reggae and Dub nights too. It also hosts gigs by local bands and offers comfortable seats, an attractive wine bar, and those all-important English speaking bar staff.

Melántrichova, Prague 1
Ujezd 19, Prague 1