We don’t need to tell you that professional development is important. But quite honestly, between replying to emails, tackling the To-Do List, fitting in the gym and seeing friends and family, it’s not really a top priority.¬†But what if there was a simple, quick and cost-effective way of improving your professional skills?


There is, and it’s called¬†Popforms. Simple, no-BS bitesize email-based courses which take as little as five minutes a day over a two-week period. Maybe the first course you might want to try is ‘Getting Stuff Done,’ which costs $12 (about the price of a bottle of plonk) and requires an investment of exactly 15 minutes a day. Or if you’ve been having communication issues at work, there’s ‘Managing Your Manager’. Ahem. And before we get back to answering emails and blasting the inbox, we’re going to sign up for ‘Taming Your Email – 2 Weeks to Inbox Zero’.