In a age in which influencers are the new celebrities, a beauty brand collaborating with beauty bloggers is really nothing new. But Pixi is a beauty brand that does things differently, so it’s no surprise that when they announced #PixiPretties: a collection created with beauty bloggers, it blew everything else out of the water. Why focus on one product created with one beauty blogger, when you could work with four different bloggers on four different collections? Oh yes. Here’s all you need to know about Pixi’s latest launches…

The Absolute Must-Have

Almost 15,000 #carolinehironsmademedoit hashtags later, Caroline Hirons is probably the world’s leading skincare blogger. And why is this our must-have from the Pixi blogger collections? Because it’s the first time anything like this has hit the market. And secondly, when pretty much every major media outlet covers a new product, raves about it and discussion of ‘double cleansing’ goes mainstream, you know it’s not just the launch hype. The Pixi Double Cleanse is a dedicated two-part product which contains a solid cleansing oil and a cleansing cream – 50ml of each. Something you may not realise: taking your makeup off and cleansing are two different things. Yes, really! The solid cleansing oil takes off all makeup, SPF and anything else – it just dissolves off. Next up, the cleansing cream which is just bliss for skin at the end of a long day – it feels velvety smooth and leaves skin so soft and feeling cleaner and more comfortable than you might have thought possible. Pixi’s Double Cleanse is a true game-changer, bravo Ms Hirons! Buy Pixi Double Cleanse here.

The Instant Glow

From lifestyle and beauty blogger Aspyn Ovard, this collection of complexion-brightening treats is your quick-fix route to a radiant complexion. Named after three of Ovard’s favourite destinations – Rome, London and Santorini – the Glow-y Powder blush and two gold-toned Glow-y Powder highlighters instantly awaken the complexion and add definition. They’re all highly-pigmented, long-lasting and – at this price point – dupes for much more expensive products. Buy the Glow-y Powder highlighters here.

The Perfect Palettes

Palettes featuring essential lipcolours and eyeshadows are what beauty vlogger It’s Judy Time has created as part of her collaboration with Pixi – and unless you’re a pro makeup artist, these two products will probably provide you with just about every colour you’ll ever need. From flattering natural tones to shimmery gold and all you need to create a sexy, smoky eye, the eyeshadow palette ticks a lot of boxes – plus all 1212  colours are soft for easy application and super pigmented too. The lip palette has shades from the palest nudes to deep berry tones, plus a bright, true red to suit all complexions. They’re both perfectly sized to pop into your handbag or suitcase too. Buy the Pixi + ItsJudyTime palettes here.

The Contour Kit

Honestly? We’re a little over contouring, truth be told. Daylight is not always kind when it comes to contouring, and we’ve seen too many people who look are channeling ‘Might Need A Wash’ rather than chiselled. Beauty blogger Maryam has created two palettes both dedicated to creating a contoured, highlighted look. For the contour pros, there’s Strobe & Sculpt (highlighting and contouring powders), while for everyone else, we’d recommend the Strobe & Bronze palette – which essentially achieves the same effect, albeit with a more natural finish. Both deliver flattering, buildable coverage – in surprisingly universal shades, whatever your skintone. And again, these are sensibly sized for people who might want to use these places other than at their dressing table. Pixi’s modern, practical approach to makeup that works for women on the go wins again! Buy the Pixi + Maryam palettes here.