For most of us ladies, preparation for summer, including The Bikini (!), involves more than the odd jog round the park and slap of fake tan before we board the plane. Luckily for girls in the know, Rodial are on hand to save the day, with a range of dermatologically tested products that knock off the inches and pile on the confidence…Rodial Tummy Tuck

Trim Your Tummy

If your abs are flab not fab, and the mere thought of a sit-up sends shivers down your spine, then a daily dose of Tummy Tuck may be just the medicine required. By stimulating a cell reaction similar to the body’s natural response to exercising, this best-selling miracle in a bottle can reduce your midriff by an inch in just eight weeks. A firm favourite with Madonna, need I say more?!

Get Luscious Legs

Whilst Giselle’s perfect pins are in most cases a mere dream, fortunately they may be one step closer. Rodial’s anti-cellulite formulation, Body Sculpture, is fortified with bio marine active and wheat protein clinically proven to trim and tone hips and thighs in just 30 days, and get rid of that less fruity kind of orange peel.Rodial Body Sculpture

Beautify Your Bosom

Experienced one too many nights of bra-less partying? Rodial’s gravity defying Boob Job is just the lift needed. Used by Scarlett Johansson, this miracle firming gel derived from an Asian root extract, works to block fat cells travelling around the body in the area of application only. Smother this on your décolleté and you can expect an increase of up to half a cup size, as well as a noticeably lifted bosom suitable for a cameo role in Baywatch.


Derriere in need of definition? Look out for Bum Lift, available April 09. For information on all products visit