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This month’s Running in Heels cover story was shot by Joanna Zielinska. We found out a bit more about the people involved…

Joanna Zielinska – Photographer

lc-joJoanna Zielinska was born in Poland, raised in Los Angeles and now is living the dream in Paris. Photography was always one of her passions, which goes hand in hand with her love of shopping! Her favorite store is forever21, an american brand. In Paris she settles for high street faves, Etam, Zara and H&M. For this particular project Joanna was in charge of locations, styling, hair and make up. In the future she hopes to have a team to collaborate and be able to spend more time concentrating on the actual shoot! She loves flip flops because of her Californian culture but can run in heels too, of course.  Have a look at more of Joanna’s work on www.joasiaphoto.com

For this project Joanna hired her boyfriend Louis-Christian to assist. He is a musician and journalist but ever since he discovered Joanna he also discovered photography! He is more focused on gallery work with an emphasis on architecture and landscape. He takes every opportunity to learn more about this art. www.myspace.com/veracruz

Magda Kulpinska – Model

magdaMagda started modelling in 2006 in Warsaw and Berlin and won the Fashion Model Directory “Model of the Month” award after Adriana Lima and Kate Moss! After a break from the business, Magda is continuing her career – this time in Paris. The last time Magda was being chased by a wild bear she was not wearing heels, but she certainly could run in them if the circumstances arose. Actually in one of her latest shootings Magda was jumping on a rope with 12cm high heels… http://magda-kulpinska.blog.com/