From now onwards, there’s only one way we want to test out new perfumes. Trying scent at the beauty counter is all well and good, but the Hotel Café Royal has come up with something really rather special. The decadent London hotel has partnered with Parfums Givenchy to create a capsule collection of cocktails – inspired by the iconic French brand’s super luxe L’Atelier de Givenchy scents. Do we love perfume? Bien sur. Are we partial to cocktails? Do you really need to ask…

cocktails givenchy

Served in the Hotel Café Royal’s sophisticated Green Bar – all marble tables and glossy deep emerald tiles – the collection of cocktails includes ten creations inspired by Givenchy’s chicest fine fragrances. It’s a unique adventure, a different way of experiencing cocktails and perfume – and a must-try for scent aficionados and mixology enthusiasts alike.

hotel cafe royal green bar

Of course, we’re aware of the connection between the senses, but the magical link between how we experience aromas and flavours is really brought to life in this unusual experience. It’s all thanks to Derren King – the Hotel Café Royal’s resident Bar Manager – and a man who’s truly passionate about mixology. Working closely with Givenchy, King has poured hours of research, expertise and creativity into replicating the French label’s luxurious fine fragrances in beautifully-crafted, thoughtfully-prepared cocktails.

Parfums Givenchy Cocktails

Don’t expect to look through a menu, you’ll choose your cocktail once you’ve explored the ten glass jars placed in front of you – all filled with brightly-coloured scented buttons. Nope, this isn’t your average cocktail bar! Will you choose a woody, oriental-inspired Gaiac Mystique – with rich notes of amaretto and almond contrasting with a sharp-sour hit of pomegranate and lime? Or perhaps a light, floral Chypre Caresse; light, bright citrus scents blending with Peychauds Bitters and aromatic maraschino concluded with a flourish of Prosecco? We’ll have both, please.

hotel cafe royal givenchy cocktails

Sometimes it’s hard to remember where the scent begins and the cocktails ends as the two really are so similar that senses are almost instantly muddled. We didn’t manage to work our way through all ten, but suffice to say that – in the name of good journalism – we’ve road-tested enough to assure that whatever your usual scent of choice, there’s a cocktail you’ll love here. And sometimes the perfumes that you definitely wouldn’t choose to wear, actually result in the most delicious cocktails.

givenchy cocktails hotel cafe royal

The velvety, sensual, smoke-tinged Oud Flamboyant, for example, is a delicious mélange of Coconut Noir iced tea, whiskey, honey, flash-flamed cinnamon and kumquat. Not a scent you might ever opt for – and certainly a curious blend of ingredients, but a complex, extremely moreish cocktail. There’s ten of them to try – and you’ve got until the end of September to enjoy the experience. Whether you love perfume, cocktails – or just want to do something new and different, this is an unmissable treat.

For more information and to book, please contact the team directly on +44 (0)207 406 3310 or via email You can also find out more on the Hotel Café Royal’s website.