There’s something a little counter-intuitive when it comes to facial oil. For women, who like me, are challenged by volatile and sensitive skin, facial oils tend to be a bit of an anathema. Luckily, it seems that Pai may just have solved that issue. Not only are all of the brand’s products developed for sensitive and problem skin-types, Pai is certified organic, deriving all ingredients from the cleanest plant sources available. pai
Pai’s Echium and Amaranth Age Confidence Oil is the perfect addition to any beauty routine – especially for sensitive skin that’s still young but beginning to mature. Applied with massaging strokes following cleansing and before moisturising, its luscious blend of ten plant extracts revive, nourish and smooth skin, slowing down the appearance of ageing and protecting against further deterioration. As close to a vitamin shot as your skin will get, Omega oil-rich echium boosts skin cell regeneration which takes care of the appearance of fine lines, while its anti-inflammatory qualities soothe and clear less robust skin types. Amaranth extract isn’t just a quick fix moisture drench, enhancing skin’s elasticity and acting as a moisture lock-in; its anti-oxidant properties protect skin against free radical damage, which lead to classic signs of ageing. Not forgetting vitamin-rich macadamia, plus oils of kukui, argan and sea buckthorn. All in all, a hearty hit of goodness for your face.Pai Age Confidence Oil
Instantly evident from first application that rehydration is the name of the game, there’s no need to apply as much moisturiser as normal when using Pai’s facial oil two or three times a week. Light in consistency, skin quickly absorbs the oil; no need for elbow grease and no beacon-like shine at the end of it – just youthful radiance and bright, healthy looking skin. It’s completely un-perfumed, and what faint scent there is occurs naturally from the oil’s plant extracts. Where skin health begins with the quality and pureness of what you eat and put into your body, why not apply the same rule to externally applied products? Pai is as close to a slap-up meal as your skin will get.