There’s a new club in town. And it’s not one where you can expect stuffy rooms full of jolly old chaps in smoking jackets and slippers. It’s not one of those if-your-name’s-not-down establishments either. But it is most certainly too-cool-for-school. The Other Club is London’s first ever club for professional women, offering a packed program of inspiring events as well as a lively workspace and ample opportunity to network with some of the city’s brightest career women.

the other club

Open until the end of November, The Other Club is the creation of two journalists – of course! Joy Lo Dico and Katie Glass describe their venture as ‘A Club For Women Who Do’. “We felt there was a lot of ‘feminism’ around at the moment that seemed focused on what women shouldn’t do (No More Page 3, Lose The Lads Mags). The Other Club has a more positive or pro-active attitude, we’re not about telling women what they shouldn’t do, we’re excited about what they are doing, in work and life,” say the pair. It’s a space for modern women – and ones that don’t necessarily feel a need to affirm themselves as feminists – or not. And The Other Club most certainly doesn’t exclude men either – boys are welcome, provided they’re appropriately accompanied.

So aside from the female-positive outlook, what can you expect at The Other Club? Events aplenty! There are comedy nights, supper clubs for all varieties of professional women (lawyers, architects, city girls and scientists), talks from high profile speakers such as Rosie Boycott, Liz Jones and Mary Beard, and even a debate between Playboy Bunnies and feminists. Bring. It. On!

other club

And while there’s food for your mind, there’s also “eating, drinking and bonhomie, or rather bonnefemie” every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with wine, beer and supper available.  “Girls are now outperforming men at school, women go to university and into the workplaces they want. We celebrate women’s achievements and we’re a sort of mini-monument or focal point for women’s interests; an alternative to Topshop,” say Lo Dico and Glass. Considering The Other Club’s location just off Carnaby Street, there’s no reason that you can’t multi-task, and browse Toppers before networking with a glass of wine or three…

For more information, see The Other Club’s Website. You can also follow on Twitter @the_other_club.