With natural products becoming increasingly hi-tech, and science-based skincare upping its green credentials, the previously polar opposites of the beauty world are now closer than ever to being happy bedfellows. So it follows that wasn’t going to be long before a savvy beauty brand popped up to cater for urbanites who want to tackle the toll that an overload of grime, pollution and stress have on the face and body without reaching for industrial strength formulas that are more OTT than TLC. Enter Orico, a pure and largely organic line-up that caters for skin using ultra-effective but blissfully gentle formulas.

orico london store

Created by beauty expert and naturals pioneer Shirin Valipour, Orico – an acronym for Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics & Oils – uses the latest in botanical anti-ageing ingredients, swings an Ecocert organic certificate and is packed with all the vitamins, antioxidants and superfoods that stressed-out skin needs to get its glow back. Think rich, nourishing ingredients from argan oil to sweet almond that fill the skin zapped by heating and air-con with essential moisture; purifying moringa seed extract to de-pollute as well as tackle dark circles; and a blend of powerful antioxidants to offer protection against ageing free radicals.

Heroes from the 16 product-strong range include Superico Vitamin Rich Face Oil, packed with plant oils including rosehip, jojoba and tamanu, which leaves skin plumped, nourished and satiny soft, but is light enough to use in the morning without inducing shine. Rush Hour Vibrant Dry Body Oil sinks in swiftly making it ideal for speed moisturising or post-workout (the lemon, mandarin and rosemary scent is a perfect pick-me-up too). And Hi Rise Rejuvenating Eye Elixir has rhodiola extract from the hardy Siberian plant to boost radiance and see off puffiness. With such high quality and efficient ingredients, you’d expect the price tag to swing at a premium, but nothing passes the £30 mark.


Not content with simply making your skin happy, Orico’s products are packed with aromatherapeutic oils blended to boost your mood, giving a whole new meaning to the look good, feel good diktat. Now that’s what I call bliss in a bottle…

For more information or to shop the collection, see the Orico website.