Haircare is serious business. Long gone are the days when a certain shampoo (which shall remain nameless) was said to be made up of the same formulation as a well-known brand of washing up liquid. These days, if you eat organic and use only organic skincare products, you obviously care about what you put into and on your body. jasmine-high-glossSo it follows that you want haircare products that are not only free of parabens, silicone and other nasty petrochemicals, but also organic if possible. As the skin is the body’s largest organ and it’s porous, it’s amazing to think that when you shower, your body can absorb almost as much water as when you drink a glass of water! Not only does using organic products reduce your exposure to toxins, a recent CHEM Trust study revealed that everyday substances such as shampoo, cosmetics and non-organic food can lead to an increase in reproductive problems such as birth defects, testicular cancer and falling sperm counts.

A great place to start is the range from The Organic Pharmacy with their glorious hair care range – choose from either the Rose range for dry, damaged hair or the Jasmine High Gloss range for all hair types – for fabulous smelling hair that is cared for with only organic and natural ingredients, conditioning plant extracts and shea butter and green tea to protect from damage and pollution.

Beautiful healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so the hair care specialist Paul Penders’ range focuses on treating dry, itchy, or oily scalps with certified organic herbs to deliver truly healthy shiny and manageable hair without the chemicals in so many high street brands. The Scalp Cleansing Treatment and Intensive Hair Repair Therapy both work wonders on damaged hair. Do remember that organic shampoos will foam up less, as they do not use the chemical foaming agents such as SLS, but that doesn’t mean you need to use more of it than you would your normal shampoo.

saafFor an overnight scalp treatment, try Saaf’s Organic Enriching Hair Oil. Formulated with Mustard Seed, Sesame, Neem and Vitamin E, this can be used on all hair types to enrich the hair and the scalp and will leave hair with a healthy, lustrous look.

Organic styling products can be hard to come by, so check out the Aubrey Organics range including the Mandarin Magic Ginkgo Leaf & Ginseng Root Hair Moisturising Jelly to add body and shine, and the Natural Missst Super Hold Herbal Hairspray, which will keep those hard-to-tame wisps under control all day.

For a bit of organic self-pampering, head to The London Organic Hair Salon in Beckenham where everything is organic, right from the handwash in the loos, to the tea and coffee and even the Green & Black chocolate, should you feel a little peckish! Even the permanent colouring is organic and 74 percent soya based, and should you wish to go a little blonder for the summer months without the harsh chemicals, there’s even the seaweed lightening treatment that uses “fruity boosters” that act as oxidants. Perfect for pregnant women and people recovering from cancer treatments.


The London Organic Hair Salon; who said ethical beauty meant slumming it?